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    Harrogate, UK
  • Interests
    Cores, The more cores the better. oh and also RAM, RAM is good too
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    CGI/VFX and 3D Environment artist. (I do more CGI work tho)


  • CPU
    2x Intel Xeon E5 2670
  • Motherboard
    supermicro X9DRL-if
  • RAM
  • GPU
    GTX 980 & 960
  • Case
    BeQuite silent Base 800
  • Storage
    OCZ 100GB LE. 4 x 2TB WD Greens in RAID 10
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850W G2
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 1440p 27-Inch, HP 1080p 23 Inch and custom 18.5 Inch display
  • Cooling
    2x 212 EVOs
  • Keyboard
    Custom made keyboard with cherry MX clears
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Performance
  • Sound
    Sony 210w amp with Mordaunt-short floor standing spekers, panasoinc 5.1 surounder sound, sennheiser momentum on-ear
  • Operating System
    Windows 10,

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  1. I have been looking around for an new case as a mod took a turn for the worse when removing the 5.25 inch bays from my silent base 800. I still maybe able to work with it but I'm not sure I have seen the define XL R2 but it seems too plane and would be my last resort. Dream case would be Corsair Obsidian 900D, I have had no luck in finding one In the UK tho If anyone has any recommendations on a case that support the SSI EEB form Factor, rack mount or Tower, available in the UK and around £150 would be a massive help Thanks P.s I know the 900d would be way more then £150 but I would be willing to pay a premium for that case lol
  2. if you can get Ethernet to a few rooms, getting some ubiquiti unifi APs would seem like a good idea.
  3. Hey, since your profile pic is the spinning old default pic, can you send me a image of the old default pic?

  4. also most render engines you can select which GPU you want it to use In Blender you can select which GPU(s) you want to render off, so you could have your Vega rendering wist having all your monitors plug in to your 1080it with out getting a perf hit at all on the 1080 ti
  5. rendering engines don't use SLI or crossfire they just use whats available to them. you could have a titan Xp with a 680 with 2 RX 580 and the render engine would (try) use all of them at once
  6. no man, it was a joke. the magic trackpad is like the worst for everything
  7. Apple Magic Trackpad...great for FPS...
  8. TheDev

    Login loop

    With out them installed I have no display at all with the gpu in if I use the drivers that come with Ubuntu then only on board graphics work but for the on board graphics to work I have to remove my dgpu
  9. TheDev

    Login loop

    Can I install them with out the card in?
  10. TheDev

    Login loop

    That's how I installed them, it was the only way cos it wouldn't show the screen if I had the gpu in so I had to take it out and use on board graphics, and yeah I have tried other distros but none have come up trumps
  11. TheDev

    Login loop

    I tried that before, and it still is happening. Don't think I have ever had this much trouble with Ubuntu before
  12. So I have been using Ubuntu on and off for a while now but with the recent upgrade to dual Xeons I have now decided to use Ubuntu as my main OS, but I have had problems from the start. It would install but only boot into the shell. Reformatted the drive and installed again but this time it would show 1 line of text saying something missing. (Can't remember what was missing) And a few other things but now I'm here with this: Spec Duel xeon E5 2670 Supermicro x9drl-if mobo Gtx 980 Nvidia 367 drivers (there old but was desperately trying to get this to run) 16gb ram If anyone can help get this running it would be a great help Thanks, TheDev
  13. i don't think so, start, calendar and notification aren't apart of explorer.exe there a separate thing i think (but talking about explorer.exe, full screening chrome or youtube vids doesn't minimize the taskbar. that can get annoying sometimes)
  14. yeah i have lol, its been like this for about 3 months now, just never got round to getting it fix