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    Nardos reacted to IanDrexP in Who's your favorite player?   
    Him and Clement Ivanov a.k.a. Puppey... BEST captain, support, drafter all in ONE package  :lol:
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    Nardos reacted to RazeG3SG1 in Where is Dota 2 headed?   
    I just went back to Dota 2 after 1 year of hiatus, glimmer cape and solar crest are items that you will never go wrong as support! 
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    Nardos reacted to Foxxer in Who's your favorite player?   
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    Nardos reacted to nfank in Dota 2   
    Thats lovely. I hear 4k teams are good /s
    Honestly no judgement, grats on "very good" brah
    I didnt even know casual had an MMR
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    Nardos reacted to Atmos in Dota 2   
    That ">" makes a huge difference. The way unranked match making works is once you get to the very high skill level you are capable of playing against anyone from 4.2k roughly, to 7k or max theoretical Mmr. There are only a handful of skill ranks in unranked, which is why you can see such a wide array of skill. I'm not particularly high in the very high skill rank, but I'm high enough to play against tier 4 teams on a less than regular basis.
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    Nardos reacted to nfank in Dota 2   
    well that's cute
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    Nardos reacted to etze in Dota 2   
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    Nardos reacted to etze in Dota 2   
    mainly playing hard carry, duoing with a friend who's jungling or supporting me most times. whenever we get the positions we want, we win ~80-90% of our games
    climbed from 1800 to 2700 mmr in ~3 weeks
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    Nardos reacted to Atmos in Dota 2   
    2.7K hours, 51% win rat
    Unofficial MMR at >4.2K (Very High Skill Level) [Reborn has ruined it for me, playing in it ressets your unranked skill level to default (3k) then makes you work your way back up]
    When I play competitive with my team I'm usually the mid or jungler depending on what our drafter pulls for me. I prefer jungle though, much calmer and easier on the nerves.

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    Nardos reacted to Dec_Shaw in Dota 2   
    Hi there. To me Dota 2 is the perfect game. It takes skill, team work, communication, and the play style is great. 
    I have played Dota 2 for 2-3 years now. Dota is a game where I cannot get bored of. Every year I have noticed I take 1 month off the game, then go straight back to it.
    This might be as a new game has come out, or I have personal stuff the sort out. 
    My Role in Dota is support. Helping out the team win the game does it for me. 
    But, overall Dota 2 is my favorite game of all time.
    Why do you like Dota?
    How long have you played Dota?
    What's your main role in the game?
    If you haven't played Dota, how does the game look for you?
    Does it look good? Would you be interested in playing it?

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    Nardos reacted to slifer in Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY   
    WAIT HOLD UP. WE DONT WANT LINUS'S PERSONAL PC. The case has a lot of meaning to him guys. It was a gift from his wife. I believe it was the first gift from her too.
    EDIT: Thanks for all the likes guys! Hopefully Linus or someone from LMG will read this and this will make Linus keep his build. Even if the goal of 100k is made we should convince Linus to do another build maybe, with signatures from the whole LMG family and maybe even his wife. This would let Linus keep the build he has with the special case his wife gave him. Besides, his personal PC would be more special to him than us.
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    Nardos reacted to STRMfrmXMN in Corsair rgb or razer chroma mechanical keyboard?   
    I said GG cuz I was proven wrong - you managed to find them when I said it would be hard to find one
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    Nardos reacted to Lolzious in Corsair rgb or razer chroma mechanical keyboard?   
    Better build quality.
    Better, classier design.
    Nice big wrist wrest.
    IF you are willing to only use MX Reds.
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    Nardos reacted to XTankSlayerX in Corsair rgb or razer chroma mechanical keyboard?   
    Corsair RGB
    Razer's quality is terrible.
    I've had both a Blackwidow and a K70 currently.
    K70 is ages beyond the Blackwidow