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  1. ...Becuase you knowing what goes into PC is important for automotive industry. Sorry, but they are looking for electronics engineer and software engineers. It requires more than such general knowledge you already have.

    If you want to mention it in hobby category, I say I'm into computers. Nothing more.


    Oh, wow, Mr. Super Stalker. Please, since you apparently know me, please tell me all about my experience. (Hint, it's further down this post.)


    And thanks for your help with the actual question I asked in the post!  :rolleyes:



    Take this test 



    Keep in mind its a bit harder then just GPU goes into PCI slot but its still not super difficult. Check out professor messer he has a free video study guide. its a good starting point 


    I've already got my A+, CCNA, and MCSA. Majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering, minor in Computer Science. But thanks.



    I was literally just looking for someone who's good with words. But it's all good. Had a coworker help me out.


    Here is a copy of my CV. It should give you some general ideas on how to structure your CV as you being to move from one career into another. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them.




    Thank you. I'll look it over. 

  2. So I'm updating my resume, and trying to get the hell out of the automotive industry. Automotive was my fall-back growing up, and a part-time gig through college. I got roped into a dealership...... blah blah blah. I want out. 


    So. My question:


    How the heck would I say (in a super-awesome buzzword-y way) that I have excellent knowledge of and I closely follow the computer hardware industry?


    My brain is fried from dealing with these braindead BMW customers all day.  <_<


    (apologies to BMW owners on this board)

  3. I've had a MSI 970 GAMING and I quit trying above 1450mhz clock, and got the memory to 3703mhz.


    I since traded with a friend for an EVGA ACX card, and now I run 1475mhz, and same on the memory.


    I'm pretty sure I could get 1500, just because it's an even number, but eh. 

  4. Backstory: I work at a BMW dealership.


    Friend asks me what I think of a 525it. 

    I say it's garbage--don't do it unless you want a project.

    He brings it in for a pre-purchase inspection.

    Find NUMEROUS things wrong with car, and there's ZERO service history.

    Car is worth 3500, with everything fixed, because 200,000+ miles.

    Seller is asking 6500.

    Friend buys car anyway. For $6000, still far more than it's worth.

    Then winter comes along, heater fan dies. Power windows stop working. Constant battery drain--battery dead after 3 days of sitting. 2 of the 4 aftermarket wheels (that we said were bent in the PPI) are leaking.


    Says it's all my fault.


    Friend then buys a 2005 Mini Cooper for his wife. 

    Clutch hydraulics fail on that. After fixing hydraulics, find out it needs a clutch anyway.

  5. To answer your questions, the S-series Noctua fans are the airflow optimized fans. They're only good for very open, non-restricted airflow. The F-series fan is better in 90% of situations. Any dust filter, HDD cages, radiators.... you'll definitely want an F-series fan.


    NF-S12A - case/airflow optimized.

    NF-F12A - static pressure optimized.


    As stated, though, the Industrial line (VERY worth the money, IMO) is the way to go, and there is no S-series fan in that line.


    That's because the static pressure optimized fans are better.  :P

  6. It seems that you are not understanding the question. OP wants to remove the boot SSD from the computer, clone it's contents to the HDD to be able to boot from the the HDD and not loose any of the data on the HDD.

    I apologize. I was under the impression OP was trying to do the opposite--from HDD to SSD.

  7. If you really wanted to get creative, you could pull the tach wire from your fans hooked up to the controller, and plug it into the tach sense portion of the header on the mobo. 


    That's probably more work/uglier than you want, though.