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  1. You can't even get a quality pump and reservoir for that money. If you want to spend around 100-200, you're looking at an AIO setup. NZXT, Corsair... something like that.
  2. Pump speed is running at max (4900 rpm) even though temps are identical when running at 3000rpm. Running Mayhems Aurora 2 Tharsis Red. (ricer, I know, but dammit it's pretty)
  3. The ports on the block are in the correct order. I tightened the hold-downs on the board with a pliers. Still getting 27 degree idle, and spiking to 70-75 the instant I start Aida64's FPU load. Temps are around 60 when I do the full suite of CPU, FPU, and Cache. The second I stop either test, the temps instantly drop down to 28-30c again.
  4. You have a Haswell refresh, though. I'm worried that with a 1ghz overclock that I'm hitting the limits of the TIM under the heat spreader. Have you ever delidded your processor?
  5. Jumps to 70 and stays there. The instant I stop the test, it drops down to 23 again. I've played with the pump running it at max and 3300RPM and less, nothing made a difference in cooling. Leaving it at 3300RPM now since it's the quietest with good flow.
  6. 98% certain. Same method I've always used. And the idle temps (2 degrees above ambient) tell me that it's good. But I may be wrong. It's happened before.
  7. So I have a question. I've got a 4670K Overclocked to 4.7ghz at 1.3 vcore. I just setup a custom watercooling loop - EKWB EVO block (with EK's recommended 1150 plate and jet) and I have a 140mm hardware labs black ice radiator, and a 280mm rad of the same. So PLENTY of cooling. D5 pump/res combo. Now for my question - When I start AIDA my temp explodes from 23 idle to 70 under load. (FPU only - maximum heat generation) I don't have any data to confirm this, but my old Corsair H90 didn't make it spike like that that I can remember. Is the heatspreader lid THAT shitty on these? Is delidding worth it?
  8. This is going to sound really mean, and I don't mean it as such, but are you sure you're twisting it the correct direction? I've never had a pump be that difficult to take apart.
  9. From dealing with oil-coated parts in an automotive application, I'd recommend picking up Circuit Board cleaner. It's in an aerosol can. Hang your parts to let it "dry," then hit it with some of the aerosol. Let dry again. Repeat until clean. http://smile.amazon.com/CRC-5103-Quick-Electronic-Cleaner/dp/B000BXOGNI
  10. Status update: COMPLETE - SHIPPED. My excitement builds. Planning on putting the 280 in the front pulling in, and the 140 in the back where the AIO currently is. Still not sure what coolant to go with... Gonna be getting rid of the HDD cages, the two fans on the bottom, and obviously the AIO cooler.
  11. Hahaha, I'll be adding my graphics card to it eventually. My main goal is to have no fan spinning above 800 RPM. This should accomplish that pretty easily. And yes, I'm checking the status quite often. SICK OF SEEING "PENDING"
  12. Today, I ordered the start of my water cooling setup. EK XRES 140 Revo D5 Vario pump/res combo EK Supremacy EVO Nickel-plated block Black Ice Nemesis 140 and 280 radiators Plenty of EK HDC fittings and Bitspower PETG 12mm tubing All the other misc stuff to stuff this in my R5. Still haven't decided on a coolant yet. Just going distilled and PTNuke until I decide. Yeah, it's going to be CPU only for now, and I know this is overkill, but I'll really be able to push my overclock! haha Ordered it all from Performance-PCs this afternoon and I can't wait to get it, and couldn't wait to share.
  13. I'm very happy with Astrill.
  14. I know on my old 8900GT, if I'd have multiple monitors on it, it would ramp up the core clock for some reason. Take it down to single monitor, and see if the core clock will idle down to where it should be. What driver are you using?
  15. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/cryorig-a40-and-a80-series-hybrid-liquid-cooler.html It's definitely an Asetek, so it'll be the exact same radiator and block as the H110, and Kraken X61 which are both Asetek, too. I'd say go for it.
  16. OP, it may be worth taking your cooler off your card, cleaning it well, and re-applying new good thermal compound.
  17. Looks to be quality to me. Seems to use an Asetek pump. I'd rock it.
  18. It completely depends on the circumstances, but I understand. My daily beater is mostly short trips. It's a POS Chevy Blazer but I change the oil on it usually around 1500 miles. I get funny looks, but hey - the truck is picky, apparently. I get a little bit of piston slap when the oil gets past 1500 miles.
  19. I got this mouse for the same price on Black Friday from Best Buy. It's a great mouse, but a little smaller than I'd like.
  20. I know my current motherboard has no issues running the on-board GPU and a dedicated GPU at the same time. AS Rock Z87 Extreme 6
  21. I'd skip both of those. Much better fans out there than these. I have the Corsairs--I got a 2-pack for $20 shipped on Amazon. They're alright, but definitely not as good as I'd like. At 50% or lower, they're decently quiet. Anywhere above that and they're definitely noisy. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V36V6187 A friend ran these and was pretty happy. I'd just ditch the LED fans, and put LED accent lights if you really need the red lighting. It's pretty difficult to get actually good fans that light up pretty colors.
  22. Yeah, you're more than a few months late. Also they were never on Amazon.
  23. I'm really not a fan of the "thin fan THICK fan" look of the Cryorig. That being said, I don't like the look of the 212, or most air coolers, honestly.
  24. Do you have to worry about the AIO cooler freezing? Just curious what they use for fluid in those.