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  1. Yup. Definitely a D5 pump in my system. DDCs get too hot, imo. And I might try the second gen Aurora fluid, but I'd have to get the white and then dye it to get orange. I'm worried I'd just end up throwing money away when I can't get the color I want. haha Eh, it's just money anyway. Nobody builds a pretty loop because it's cheaper!
  2. I wish I'd done a bit more research when I bought my Aurora Orange fluid in my build initially. I didn't keep the PC running constantly. It settled. Took longer than I'd like to admit to flush all that stuff out of my radiators. I'm running Mayhems Pastel Orange, now. I much like @LinusTech LOVE orange and black. (even my car, ffs. lol)
  3. Loop order really doesn't matter, but which way the coolant flows through the blocks.... probably not a big deal. That being said, if it were me I'd fix the loop next time I drained it.
  4. I'd think if they were PWM fans you'd be able to do something with an Arduino or something similar. Not sure it'd be worth it in my opinion, but hey, if you got the time and talent - go nuts.
  5. I run my pump pretty slow, because I want it to spend more time in my rear radiator before running to the front. Not sure if there's any science to that, but hey, it makes sense to me. haha
  6. You could always go with Fractal Venturi fans. I've heard great things about them. That being said, I'm using Noctuas. I got the LLT Special Editions and I'm also using the iPPC.
  7. Yeah, I was ready for the "OMG UPGRADE YOUR HARDWARE BEFORE COOLING WITH WATER!!!1!1one" OP, I just did my first watercooling loop, and I used PETG. It was definitely a learning curve, for SURE. I grossly underestimated the amount of tubing I'd need. I also recommend picking up a couple 90 degree fittings, because inevitably there will be something you can't do properly. It happens. (That being said, I have a kinda dumb layout in my admittedly smallish case that made things quite difficult) Allow for a few days of practice, bending does NOT come easily, (insert Avatar joke here) but damn is it worth it when you're finally done. Then you forget all about the $20+ you wasted of PETG. lol
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure where someone would get that the motherboard would roast with a front-mounted radiator. A tower-style CPU cooler vents the heat in the case. So do most 3rd-party video cards (EVGA ACX, MSI Frozr... etc) and they don't kill motherboards.
  9. My oh my how things have changed. lol When I was getting into linux, ATI cards were the ONLY things that had decent drivers available in Linux/Unix.
  10. I have the Define R5, and you won't be able to get a 360 on the top + a 120 in the back elegantly, you may be able to squeeze them in if you're using 25-30mm rads and slim fans. Put a 280 in the front and the 360 on the top. Then you're set. EDIT: spaced that you're against a front mount. In that case, you could put the 120 on the bottom as an intake? Eh. a 360 rad would be enough for what you're planning on cooling.
  11. Yes, I, too, am very happy with this monitor. My friend has the Asus ROG whatever monitor and he swears it's the exact same thing. VERY worth the money. 144hz master race. lol
  12. Shame. There was quite a few items on sale last week, better than 20% off. Now everything's back to full price.
  13. Just keep in mind, with less rad, you'll have to run a higher fan speed which means more noise. That being said, a 280 rad should be just fine for both of those, especially if you're not overclocking.
  14. Wouldn't care if it were $10. Thermalfake isn't getting another penny from me.
  15. From my experience, SOME airports are okay with the "Checkpoint Safe" bags. Some are not. At my local airport MSP, it's about 50/50 whether they'll let me leave it in the bag or no. I'd plan on having to take the laptop out of your bag. No big deal, really. And no, you're not going to be able to set that behemoth on the tray, nor are there power outlets on a plane.
  16. Was on a similar deal a while ago. I snagged it. Really happy with it. The range on the 5ghz band is meh at best, but 2.4ghz band is really good for not having a crazy antenna setup.
  17. And the air-cooler people are in here already. Ignore them, I've never heard the pump on my Corsair H90. I'd recommend picking up an Asetek-model AIO (round pump) H55 or H75 should be just fine. EDIT: Most/all of the round pumps like the H90 H55 H75 are made by Asetek, and rebraned by Corsair/NZXT/Thermaltake.
  18. I know this thread is 2 years old, but I have to throw down for ppcs, too. Several orders, nothing but good things from them. I bought a heatgun from them (was in a pinch) and it failed. They sent a replacement with my next order, no questions asked. Great group of people.
  19. I have a Corsair H90 that's older than that, but still works fine. You've got problems with your unit. Yeah, check the thermal paste, but your pump may be dying, too.
  20. Last I played Minecraft, it was more CPU-intensive than GPU.
  21. I just see you having problems bleeding the system. I only have 2 radiators and it took 3 weeks before my reservoir finally leveled off. I'm not saying it's not doable, but it'll definitely be more work. Maybe you could run an external reservoir (temporary with soft lines) for a while, then button it up once everything has settled properly.
  22. Except I already have the 2 970s, so selling them and buying a Fury would be silly at this point. But thanks for sharing your opinion as fact.
  23. That's FreeSync, not G-Sync. That won't work with my pair of 970s. Nice try, though.