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  1. I posted about this a while ago (snatched mine up in April) and this monitor is GREAT. Yeah, it's not IPS. Whoopee. Great monitor, multiple inputs, and fast as hell. Definitely worth the money.
  2. I'm sorry, I just re-read your original post. You're talking about reference board cards only. We could easily expand this to more cards using the copper heated block method I posted. Then we could even compare between iterations of certain brands of cards. (TwinFrozr 4 vs 5 vs 6)
  3. Yes, but then there's MSI who (imo) has some of the best coolers, but use some absolutely ridiculously designed board that's 5 feet tall or some BS.
  4. In all honesty, they could even take the card itself out of the question (because BrandA's custom PCB might not allow BrandB's cooler to mount properly) and just use a simulated die made out of copper. Load that block/die with sensors and heaters, strap it to the cooler, and then measure its performance. Linus's neighbor has a mill, he could make this easily.
  5. On my board, I plugged the pump into the PWR_FAN which would shut down the computer if it detected a failure, and always ran at 100%. I then plugged the fans into the CPU_FAN header and set them up with a custom fan curve of my choosing.
  6. Nothing wrong with that, just that you may get more dust in your case, as even when the computer isn't on, dust can fall in. Just clean your case more often.
  7. I just picked up a Trion 150 and ran it against my Evo 850 with Crystal Disk Mark. The Trion was about 30% cheaper. It was also almost exactly 30% slower. If speed is your priority, go with the Samsung.
  8. shibbs

    What HDD?

    Nothing special. Your memory is more important for long uptimes than your storage.
  9. TUMBLR is the WORST community by far and large. Everyone hates everyone, EVERYTHING gets turned into discrimination one way or another. You can post that you like cheese and suddenly you're getting death threats because of the mistreatment of cows in Bangladesh or some bullshit. Then they'll find out you're a straight white male and your inbox will flood with hate mail and even more death threats.
  10. It's not just straight compressed air, it's actually a refrigerant---and it's got a bitterant in it to prevent people from huffing the stuff and killing themselves.
  11. I just bought a Trion 150 drive because it was cheap. After running it for a while and running some benchmarks, I can see why it was about 30% cheaper than the Samsung Evo 850. Because the performance numbers are about 30% lower. That being said - it's still worlds faster than a platter drive. If you can afford the Samsung Evo, do it.
  12. If this is your first hardline build, I hope you got about 5 meters of tubing to allow for your inevitable screwups. haha I needed an entire day to get my run set up, but I have 2 separate radiators, one in the back and one up front.
  13. My first computer was all at once. From then on, it's been one piece at a time, or CPU/MOBO/RAM combo.
  14. shibbs

    ASRock is a meme

    I have the Z87 Extreme6 and it's been really good for me the last 3+ years.
  15. OP, PLEASE don't listen to these goofballs telling you to get 120mm fans. Your X61 needs 140mm fans. If you want quiet, I have the Noctua NF-A 140 in my case, but in the LTT Special Edition. They're pretty good, but there has to be better out there. The next fan I'm trying is going to be the Fractal Design HP-14.
  16. I just built my first water cooling loop in my computer. I used Bitspower PETG, Hardware Labs radiators, EKWB pump, reservoir, blocks and fittings, but also threw in some 90 degree Bitspower fittings, too. IMO the Bitspower fittings are a little bit better than the EKWB---they seemed to fit a bit tighter, but I've had no leaks from any of my tubing and I'd DEFINITELY recommend anything I used to the next person. This forum was TONS of help when it came to selecting quality components.
  17. At one time, people thought water cooling a PC was silly, though. "You want WATER---INSIDE a computer???"
  18. You're wanting to go push-pull? Is twice the noise worth 1 degree?
  19. Yeah, Linus has even given a shoutout to Monstercat in a few of his videos. A lot of their music is from the Monstercat releases.
  20. http://www.newegg.ca/Water-Liquid-Cooling/SubCategory/ID-575?Tid=8007&Order=PRICE
  21. First off, most people prefer POSITIVE pressure inside the case to cut down on dust. (More airflow into the case than out) Depending on the layout of your case, either intake or exhaust through the AIO is just fine. Intake will get you slightly better CPU temps, exhaust will get you slightly cooler case temperatures. I personally would have the 3 loose fans as intake, and then your dual-fan AIO as exhaust on the back.
  22. While I do agree with you to a point, the fact still remains that a higher TDP card has to output more heat, which can be a factor to some people--especially in a smaller form factor build.
  23. If you're really set on either a R9 280/380 or a GTX 970, I'd recommend the 970. They'll overclock better than the R9 cards. Most games end up being "biased" to NVIDIA cards anyway, so you'll get better performance, too. Also less power requirements, and therefore less heat.
  24. If you want good temps, just run an open test bench, since that's pretty much what you're doing if you're taking panels off and shoving a box fan in it.
  25. I've seen a post where someone tried this. They had a problem getting enough water to flow through the heat pipes for it to do anything properly. I think the main issue is that the inside of the heat pipes are NOT at all smooth, and almost completely close off on the bends. It's much easier getting a gas to move through them than water.