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  1. RTG will soon belong to Intel. AMD will be a CPU only company. Which is good, because Intel will actually challenge NVidia. How cool would it be to have an Intel branded dGPU in your rig?
  2. Man that red one is beautiful. I hope they use those type of FE coolers on the Volta series.
  3. I’m looking for a new WiFi card for my laptop. I want an AC card. Please recommend the best. Also, desktop WiFi cards won’t fit laptops right? Just wondering. Thanks!
  4. Apple will patch this in iOS 11.1 releasing soon.
  5. Do it at 1080p though, so you can put the stress on the cpu more so than the gpu. Do it at stock then OC.
  6. I see it’s able to utilize AVX2 and AVX512. Will definitely give Intel CPU’s a clear advantage. @done12many2 @TahoeDust Just a a heads up since I know you guys love benchmarking too.
  7. I lurk there almost daily but quickly learned it’d be best if I didn’t sign up because I’d be guaranteed an instaban in no time haha. Those mods have absolutely no objectivity whatsoever. It’s pathetic really. Might as well name it r/ayymd.
  8. Still waiting for the day I can charge my iPhone wirelessly throughout the entire house without having to place it on a mat. To me, that’s the definition of wireless.
  9. 8700K for Adobe and games. Put a noice OC on that K and watch ‘er fly. Ryzen has no chance.
  10. There’s one on eBay if anyone wants an 8700K.
  11. I had to wait 2 months after launch to get my 6700K. Even then I had to pay almost $400 to get it due to supply and demand. This is nothing new...
  12. 8700K and put a nice OC on it. Best all-around chip IMO.
  13. It was the Wraith cooler. They automatically stop working on anything over 4GHz.
  14. So they can bitch about cpu socket support that they’ll never use anyway.
  15. Sexy beast. If I had 2 grand to plop down I’d buy it just to make my e-penis grow a foot.
  16. I think I'll go with the 7s to replace my 6s. The 8 looks intriguing, but I think I want to keep my "S" cycle intact.
  17. So this means that AMD fanboys shouldn't buy Vega since they're causing AMD to lose money then.
  18. Good choice. You'll be happy! I'm happy with my 7820X as are many others. The performance is unparalleled core for core. I'm going to see reviews of the Apex and might join onboard pending reviews go well. The MSI Carbon is good but I've always eyed the Apex. ?