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  1. AF and SP series have detachable rings that come in 3 different colors which a lot of people just sand them down and spraypaint.
  2. You're right, going to order the same parts I was going to for the pink/blue build, if it looks bad I will just make it white/grey. Save me a lot of time making custom cabling and spray painting my af/sp120's https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4RE7ZW9019&ignorebbr=1
  3. Tinted just looks silly with this color combo. I'll look more into fractal, but at least what is listed on newegg is none.
  4. Yeah I noticed quite a few "lower" end ones had a few clear options. The white doesn't look like it's clear and I don't want a black case otherwise my 750D would be perfect. About to see if I can somehow replace the glass on an enthoo evolve.
  5. What happened to clear glass? I want to do a cotton candy build but the tint they put on these tempered glass cases would ruin the pastel colors. Anyone got any suggestions as far as cases for this build? I even emailed Phanteks and they literally said every case they have has tinted glass.
  6. Beautiful time for my Fury X to die.
  7. Just gave it another go, lasted a whole 5 minutes before the gpu just shut off while under no stress. Mayne it's over heating so I took it apart, the last screw is way too tight and glued in, naturally strip it so I can't get it off kudos to AMD for that. Actually it was under no load, I was in safe mode trying to run a gpu uninstaller to get rid of nvidia. Time to take out a loan for a new GPU.....
  8. >Playing a game >>computer shuts down without warning, all peripherals turn off, motherboard lights still on >Restarts computer >>Same thing happens >Repeat 5x >For some reason I remember GPU mentioned something about an update >install update >>computer craps out during install, this time everything turns off >manage to uninstall gpu driver completely >>gpu is now turning off during boot rest of computer staying on >Swap out Fury X for old 770 >>So far running alright Looks like I solved it right? I know I still need to run a few more tests but not really looking like it's not in old X's favor.. tell me someone has some wisdom I'm overlooking as to what the issue could be. I don't even understand why a gpu would be causing these issues..
  9. I've had 3 good pairs oh headphones (k7xx, ATH-AD1000, TH-X00) and I've loved the sound of all 3 but I never feel like I'm getting the most out of them. I've watched a lot of reviews and it seems other people enjoy them more than I do. Specifically the soundstage and bass, I've never been impressed by either. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Using SMSL M6 and onboard sound. How do I figure out what sample rate to use and all that?
  10. I'm confused as to how it would know it was me? As multiple people can connect to a single VPN server.
  11. Still just repeating info over and over. My concern is how do I use a VPN on a game server? How do I allow it to take incoming connections?
  12. That wouldn't tell me if it's being throttled. I thought you just explained they throttle based connections?
  13. Is there a way to tell if a single port is being throttled? I understand how it works I just don't see how to implement it.
  14. Nevermind PureVPN is quite expensive, need to figure out how to use a proxy. Wait if I used the Proxy as a redirect would that encrypt the incoming and outgoing data?