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  1. Yeah, it's weird, but, at least it works and that's all it matters for me.
  2. That would be perfect, but unfortunately, the world is not perfect. Tbh, I like Windows 10, just those privacy controversies that came with it were bad. And still are.
  3. Yes, I understand you completely mate. Luckily, I did not have any issues with it by far so I'm good. We all miss Windows 7.
  4. I'm using REVO with CCleaner, and I found it that after I do an uninstall of the app and delete everything with REVO, I find some registry files of the app and some files with CCleaner.
  5. I'm using CCleaner for a few years now, and for me it's great. I have it scheduled to clean every week, so I don't even need to worry about it. Unfortunately, this option is only in the paid version, but it's pretty cheap at £13.45/year.
  6. Sorry, was not on my laptop before. Just checked it and it is on UEFI mode.
  7. It's working! Booting into the SSD without a problem now! Thank you very much!
  8. Well the OS on the HDD was Win10 so I thought that it was setup correctly. Then when I plugged in the SSD I had the issue. The HDD was set up as AHCI, and I'm sure that when I was setting up the SSD on the PC it was AHCI as well. Either way, plugged in the USB with the OS installation, and now it's installing windows on the SSD. Let's see if it will boot from the SSD! I have the option in the BIOS, but can't access it. I don't know why.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a problem with a laptop that I got as a gift, it had a HDD in it already (1TB 5400rpm) and I wanted to put my SSD that I had on the side just to make it a bit better for office, yt and stuff. I installed the SSD, and as I turn it on, it goes immediately into BIOS. I check it the SSD is recognised an it is. Try to see if I can setup the boot configuration but it's disabled. Okay, let's try saving the settings and reboot, but I again get force boot into BIOS. I don't even see the POST screen, nor I can see the display where it says press F2 to enter BIOS. Tried clearing the CMOS, formatting the SSD (already had the OS on the SSD, formatted the SSD on my PC) but have the same problem. Tried putting the original HDD in to the laptop an it works just fine. I don't know what else to do with the SSD, do you guys have any info please? The laptop is Asus X550C with the Pentium 2117U cpu and 4GB DDR3. Thank you very much!
  10. Hello everyone, So, I'm a noob here obviously, so I'm editing my post. 1. Budget & Location Jersey, Channel Islands (UK), £1500-£2000 2. Aim Programming, some games 3. Monitors For now 1 but gonna upgrade to 2 down the road (if i could fit 2 in the budget, even better), ultrawide 27" 4. Peripherals Yes, mechanical keyboard, already know for the mouse and the mousepad, don't need speakers but would like some nice headphones. 5. Why are you upgrading? iMac struggling to compile code. Currently, I have an iMac (mid2014, i5, 8gb ram) that I'm gonna give to my brother when I get myself a PC, but I'm mostly doing programming, so nothing too intensive (ok, for the iMac it is when is compiling a butt ton of code ) Also, would like to play a few games then and there, but I'm also not a big gamer. BUT, where the problem is, i want a mini ITX build, but can't find some case that suits my needs. That's why I'm posting here, in hope that someone will give me some advice. Currently, I was thinking of Ryzen 7 3800x, 32gb 3200MHz ram, m.2 ssd, etc, but can't find a suitable mobo and a case. I'm not too big into OC but would like to play with that. I was looking at everything on Amazon, but don't want to post any links cause I don't want to break any rules. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I want a keyboard because my Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid is done.
  12. My favorite thing about the G3 is the screen and the back side buttons, these buttons are just amazing, I always press side buttons on my phone...
  13. Well, for me, Intel is not as fun as AMD. But, I didn't mean to write that I don't like it, I failed. If I had money, I would surely build an Intel based rig.
  14. Yeah, I was reading about that modded kernels, so, I have to buy the Intel hardware i don't like.
  15. Hello guys. I have a question for you, I saw a video of Linus that he reviewed Hackintosh, and I would like to install it on my system. This is what I have: AMD A6-5400k currenty at 4.2 GHz 6GB DDR3 ECS A55F2-M3 AMD HD7540D Can I install it on my machine? I'm sorry if I failed with something, correct me! And, thanks for answers, if there will be any. :shy:
  16. Following this, something might come in handy.
  17. Counter Strike 1.6! Love this game! And, sometimes, a game that isn't that old, AC.
  18. Well, I need some help too with deciding what to use. I'm thinking of building some home server that will act like a host, I would keep all my movies and music on it, and when I want to, I would connect to it via network, and watch movies from my laptop, HTPC, etc. It won't be connected to any screen, it will stay in some dark space. I'm a fan of Linux, even though I'm still new to it. OP please don't mind.
  19. That I don't have an SSD, only 2.5" 500GB 5400RPM HDD. I want a new cooler for my CPU, and a new MOBO so I can get 5GHz!!! And, for the end, DELL U2412M. Well, this isn't a part of my rig, but, I need a new desk!
  20. It's better to save the money for the new PC, even if it is your secondary PC. It's not worth upgrading that.
  21. I know that Windows 8 supports Win8, my mbo supports it too, but the problem is (like you said) that my gpu doesn't support UEFI. I have a GTX470 SOC. Well, I just installed Windows 8.1 on my pc, and lol, everything is working fine. Idk how.... I spammed that the first time, but no help. Thanks for that info! I'll try that if I get some problems again.
  22. I like Windows 8, but I want that flex for the apps, I want more than 2 apps at the same screen, and that is why I like W8.1 very much. (I installed w7 just because I didn't have w8 disc at that time. ) Thanks for that, I will try that and tell you the result!
  23. Hello guys! I have a little problem that bothers me. I have a ECS A55F2-M3 v1.0 and I have a problem with Windows 8.1 (Not Win 8), the problem is that on booting, the bios screen is not showing, nor the POST screen, so I can't enter the BIOS. There is a black screen for like 5 sec, and then I get the W8 boot logo. I updated my bios to the newest version, but that didn't help. I'm now using Win7 x64, but I have a copy of Win 8 and Win 8.1 too, so it's not a problem. Any suggestions?
  24. Dual boot Win7 x64 and Debian 7.3 on my pc, and legit Win8 on my laptop.