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  1. I was cleaning my computer yesterday and I accidentally dropped my CPU ~3 feet on a tile floor. I also bent some pins in the socket while cleaning around the socket. I fixed the pins so visibly they're okay looking. Upon start up, Windows would not boot and the Intel motherboard sent out three beeps. I understood this as a memory issues so I reseated everything and tried one stick. The one stick solution worked. Now I am on my computer with one of the RAM sticks not in the system. Once I booted the PC, my hard drive was not being detected by Windows. It would appear in BIOS, but not in Devices or Disk Management. I solved this by enabling hot plug capability and plugging in the hard drive after OS boot. Now, my computer is crashing games and just crashing in general. I have ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and it shows no issues. Here is my computer build. What on earth have I done to my PC?
  2. Alright. Thanks, man! I'll consider it.
  3. How much latency are we talking about? I usually play League of Legends and use Discord to talk to friends so it's not a huge deal.
  4. I recently picked up some Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II Black and they were great. I got them used for $170 and they have treated me well at the gym and home and commute and everywhere. I still use my regular headphones for PC, however. Now those are great but I am wondering if I can use my BT headphones for PC gaming. The top search result is actually this LTT forum post. There was a lot of skepticism as well as most results reference headphones specifically designed for PC gaming. If I were to pick up a BT dongle such as this one would I experience a lot of delay? Any better dongle recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  5. I will tear apart my PS3 tonight or tomorrow. Edit: nvm post didnt update for some reason.
  6. Alright. I'll weigh it all up. Thanks for all the good info!
  7. Could I step it down to a high end i5? I just not sure VR is too demanding on the CPU and i7s are $$$ besides what I am already spending on the Vive itself.
  8. Will the Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO work? I forgot to mention that's currently installed.
  9. I never thought about the IO. Maybe there's a front 5.25 bay VR insert. My front panel has no HDMI cables ATM.
  10. Anything on the cheaper side? Do you think I'd be fine with a 4790. I have no intentions of overclocking.
  11. I'm watching that on Ebay now, thanks! Any cooler recommendations?
  12. I'm upgrading my PC to be VR ready because I'm ready to drop some money on a Vive. I currently have 12GB of RAM, a i3-4130 and a GTX 1060 6GB by Zotac. I'm already picking up 4GB more of RAM. What processor should I upgrade to? I plan on using Ebay or Craigslist since the LGA1150 platform is older. Any suggestions? Any other generic VR Gaming tips that would help? Thanks!
  13. I reinstalled Windows and the problem is no more.
  14. Okay. That makes sense. I'll get to it.
  15. Okay. I'll try these but all of my other games work well. It's only PUBG and MW2.
  16. I haven't touched the GPU settings at all.
  17. Used DDU and reinstalled latest. The problem persists.
  18. I'm reinstalling the most current driver from Nvidia right now. (388.71). I'll keep you updated. Thanks so far!
  19. I updated my Nvidia drivers to 388.71 a couple of days ago prior to experiencing the PUBG launch. I go to play PUBG, the game says, "Running..." for a couple of seconds and then acts like I never clicked play to start with. I would place this thread on a PUBG related forum, but I also have issues with other games now. When I try to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I see the main menu for a second and then my screen goes black but the game is still running and controllable. I also tried to play Battlefield 4 last night but was unable to connect to any servers due to Punkbuster kicking me the second I get into any games. I've rolled back to 388.59 and the problem still persists. I've also tried reinstalling PUBG, reinstalling Microsoft C++ files and looking up game specific no launch fixes. None of these work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. My brother just picked up a 1060 6GB from Zotac. My only worry though is that my PSU is not good enough to handle the power draw from it. With the new GPU installed, it will draw 259W under load according to CM PSU Calculator. My PSU is 700W so it should be fine however, I bought it when I was young and dumb and it's from Raidmax. Here it is. http://a.co/fmjDFxQ. It's enough wattage but I'm worried that the qualitiy isn't high enough. When I posted the build on PCPartPicker someone replied,
  21. So my friend needs to upgrade his PC from a GT 730 and 6GB of RAM. I could pick up a GTX 750 TI + 2x4GB DDR3 for $100 on my local craiglist or just get a 1050/460 for $110. Do you think it's worth it to get the extra RAM but less GPU performance? Are the GPUs still similar in performance?
  22. So I went through the program, did everything. Followed a guide. I booted from the new SSD and it gets a windows error and windows forces a restart. Then, when I try to boot from the old drive, everything works. Its like nothing happened. Not sure what happened.
  23. Okay. Thank you. I'll let you know when everything is done.