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    Intel Core i5-3330
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    Asus B75M-A
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    Team 8GB DDR3
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    Sapphire Tri-X Nitro R9-390
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    Dazumba D-Vito 988
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    1TB WD Black, 1 TB WD Blue, 60gb Corsair Force LS
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    Thermaltake Toughpower 750W 80+ Gold
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    Samsung S20D300
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    Deepcool Gammaxx 400
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    Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja Blue Switch
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    Logitech G102
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    iSK MDH9000, Radius NEF-31, TFZ Exclusive 1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Those looks playable, mine does it as well, the problem here is, out of nowhere, the FPS just drop to 2-10fps, and it doesn't have to be in the most demanding area, in the middle of a sky in a game that is able to be played in your phones.
  2. if those two(or three) are what you're looking to buy then I suppose the Asus one is a good one comparatively. There's nothing wrong with good specs but "...boring, plain, and cheap-ass... " build, it is fine as long as you don't abuse it, I'm not sure how@otherworldlynob broken his laptop to pieces, it's quite a rarity unless its thrown or dropped, it's an aspect that is dependant on the user and you should consider it by your own experience because even the toughest laptop can be broken if you throw it to a wall or something.
  3. I have, and there's nothing other than the normal background processes by windows itself. Normal stuff really. This is not limited to windows only, I used ubuntu from the beginning I have this laptop, then I go full windows expecting for the problems to go away and letting me to play more games on it. But no, the FPS drops are still there and perhaps even worse.
  4. Hello, the title says what my issue is, and good day to you. Below is the specification of my laptop Brand : HP (model is... Gibberish, not one of those famous ones, those budget plasticy ones) CPU : Intel i5-6200U RAM : 8GB GPU : Intel HD520 & AMD Radeon R5 M330 I'm unsure as to what's wrong with my laptop, when I first have it it works just fine with games, giving respectable and playable fps in CSGO. But that's not the case anymore, even in lighter games like SimplePlanes(yes, with minimum settings even) it occasionally drops to 2-10fps then rise back up again to 60+, then it repeats. So basically this applies to all games, there isn't anything fishy about the thermal either, 70-80°C in the hot days (tropical climate).
  5. other than what the others have said, would it be possible to see this work-in-progress of yours?
  6. I see, very well then. I suppose I'll try getting alcantera and/or velour if given the chance
  7. I see, between the two (alcantera and velour), which of them in your opinion is the better one comfort wise and do they give out a different audio characteristics?
  8. I see. I have mostly used leatherette pads and I can say that they get pretty hot after some time, I've heard about velour pads and would like to give it a try, have you ever had the experience on both pads?
  9. Hmm I see, that seems stunning. I did not expect your expect is also Kaga, I can agree with you that it is larger and hairier, may I know from what show it is from? Interchangeable pads seems to be a must for me since I expect to use cans in the long run and I do not intend to have plenty of them, thankfully there are plenty of interchangeable pads for them although I'd like to know too, whether it is possible to use pads designed for M50s on it?
  10. Some interesting games right there! Thank you for the suggestion, some (that we can run on our laptop) seem appealing
  11. Ah, someone recognized my avatar, that sounds interesting that you name your truck after it, what truck is it sir? I can agree with you on that one, performance wise I can't really tell for I have no wide comparison to give a reliable say about it, but price wise I can highly agree on it. Regarding the 7506, that's been in my wish list for a while already, but unfortunately it cost more than an M50X from where I live. The SRH440 seems interesting, wish I knew it earlier, it seems to be a good one in terms of portability (foldable) and from having a detachable cable (always prefer it this way, although its possible to repair cables in cans). For the HE4XX, I can get them second-hand but the after sale for it is not really preferable so I suppose this ones a pass, it's good though (from what I've heard and read).
  12. I see, thank you for the replies. I suppose for the time being the two of us will be expanding our gameplay in Stardew with mods. Thank you for taking the time to reply and converse @RadiatingLight@Nalgasp3ludas@Soag
  13. That's pretty much what I've heard, and the comparison by other people in head-fi.org (comparing iSK MDH9000 and others like Takstar and iSK products) had said that those cheaper cans are better than the M50X. I felt that way too whilst comparing the two back then in the store, but I don't think anyone else would know said headphone so the M50 was set as a reference point. Perhaps I'd go with the K92, since the creative and blon from where I live pretty much doesn't exist.
  14. I see. How is it after 1 year? How long does yours last? I can agree on the cable part, I'm trying to get something that has removable cable myself, at this price point however, there aren't that many options.