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  1. Ahh thank you! I'll give it a try, may end up just using motion detection. Facial detection should just be a bonus. I'm thinking that frame rate should be enough really. If not I could always try use the 4 as the doorbell and stream to my laptop instead. (Just for the purposes of the project)
  2. Hi all! So i'm going to upgrade a laptop from HDD to SSD but I'm a cheap skate and I don't wanna buy one of those SATA to USB cables. I was thinking of just plugging both drives in my desktop PC and transferring the OS that way. However I haven't seen a software that allows you to chose the specific drive you want to migrate FROM rather than just the drive you want to migrate to. Anyone have any ideas how to do it or what software will let me do that? Thanks, Lewis!
  3. Hi guys, So I have a project I must go for my A-Level Computer science course. For my project I'm going to create a video doorbell, with live video streaming, motion detection, face detection, video recording and it'll all be hosted online. My plan in terms of hardware is to use a raspberry pie zero and a ZeroCam as the actual doorbell which will stream a live feed to either a raspberry pi 3 or 4. The 3 or 4 will then handle all the video processing, including the facial detection and motion as well as the web server. Do you think the raspberry pi will be powerful enough for this? I'm going to code in python as that's what I know! Many thanks, Lewis :))))))
  4. Hey guys in the end I just left it out in the sun for the day and then risked it on the plane and they were all good :)
  5. So long story short I'm on holiday in Portugal and left my sennheiser cx400 in my short pockets when I jumped in the pool, I swam for a bit but not too long before getting on an inflatable for most of the time. I realised when I got out and left the headphones out in the sun (25-30°c) for the whole day. Do you think they'll be ok to use now? I have my flight soon but I'm reluctant to plug the headphones in. Thank youuuuuuu!!!
  6. Yeah tbf I'm really familiar to the Panasonic system too (probably more so than sony) its just that case of the lenses. What's the low light capability of the Black magic, is it not similar to that of the GH5s? Just wondering why you wouldn't consider the Panasonic also?
  7. Hello all! Right, so I have quite the decision right now. I have about £3600 to spend on upgrading all my kit, my original plan was to keep my current Sony a6300 and buy an a7III however I'm now having second thoughts. I create promotional videos, event videos and hoping to get into wedding videos. I love the low light capabilities and beautiful bokeh the A7 III can create out the box without the need for speed boosters and that's my main reason for wanting it. I have had bad experiences with my old G7, viltrox ef-m2 and sigma 18-35mm with it just being an incredibly annoying set up with the weight and major sharpness and focus issues. A friend of mine has the GH5s, metabones XL and canon glass and his works a dream and even works with his DJI follow focus wheel on the ronin-s but I'm reluctant to go back to that smaller sensor with adapters due to that bad experience. Obviously, the GH5(s) has some insane specs so it's hard not to consider it. I'll devise a list of what I like and what I'm worried about with each camera and hopefully some of you will have experience with the cameras and can tell me what you think! Sony A7 III I like: Low light capabilities - I don't have to worru about lighting conditions for weddings and events "Full frame look" - Deep DoF achieved easily and great lens selection (easy to get wide angles) Great AF - Although not extremely important as I can live without (have been doing for a while now) it would be nice to have and would be great if I'm filming trackside or just telephoto at all A lot of great sony glass and can be adapted to canon fairly easily if really needed Works great with a6300 - Can share glass and colours will be similar Worried about: Slow mo and 1080p isn't as nice as GH5(s) Only 8bit colour - although my post-processing doesn't tend to be too intense atm but I'm currently working on improving it If that insane lowlight is really needed - Will GH5 be good enough? HDMI issues - Doesn't show settings on the monitor and the screen turns off if recording 4k etc... Possible rolling shutter issues? GH5 I like: 4k 60fps Amazing slow-mo and 1080p 10 bit colour depth Stabilisation on the GH5 is insane Extra FoV with the GH5s Menu system Works well with monitor (full hdmi :D) Works well with Ronin-S Worried about: Low light capabilities good enough? Don't particularly like native lenses Worried about using adapters and they're extra cost GH5 or GH5s? Autofocus isn't great Doesn't work well with A6300 - Would have to sell it and replace with another camera (what camera to get then?) BMPCC 4k I like: Even crazier specs Like insane specs! HOLY SHIT THEM SPECS!!! Worried about: God awful battery life Awful autofocus Need for adapters Needs to be rigged up to work well - more cost! Unsure about its capabilities for run and gun kind of shooting ^ As you can tell I'm not sold on the BMPCC 4k but it's there as an option so I can't ignore it If you can think of any other advantages/disadvantages to any of the cameras please let me know. Hopefully, some of you have experiences with these cameras nut even if you don't please let me know what you think is best! Thanks so much! Lewis :))))
  8. Ah ok, what's the best wireless Sennheiser or Shure mic to go for on more of a budget? I know that the Rhode shotgun mics aren't all that impressive but I've heard some great things about the new Rhode Wireless GO because of its size, price and convenience.
  9. Shit I completely forgot to mention the fact that I was gonna get a ronin-s essentials kit (when they come back in stock lmao) P.S. If anyone is looking at getting an essentials kit or any DJI product, DJI offer a 20% student discount so it's well worth finding one from a friend or family if you don't already have one!!!
  10. Hello all! I'm an intermediate filmmaker and photographer. I run my own little business (www.240films.co.uk) alongside being a full-time student (UK college). I'm currently using a sony a6300 and I've just sold my 18-35mm f1.8, adapter and still selling my Zhiyun Crane Plus as I would like to upgrade my kit so I'm confident that I can shoot in any situation needed. I would like to get more into wedding videos so I really need 2 cameras to be able to shoot them reliably. I was thinking of keeping my a6300 and buy a sony A7 III because of the good low light, amazing autofocus and great specs in general. Then for lenses I was thinking of the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and Sigma 16mm f1.4 (using aps-c crop mode on the A7 III) to start with and just rent what I need until I can get a good telephoto and then primes etc... I was also thinking of getting the Rode Wireless GO Mic too. Obviously, a few accessories will be needed such as batteries and a few 128gb cards etc. What are your thoughts anything you would change or recommend? BTW my budget is around £3500 Thanks, Lewis
  11. Ah, thank you very much! The shakiness on the clip of the skater is from when I stop my board, I thought it might make a bit of a dramatic effect but I think you're right. Thank you very much for your feedback!
  12. Hi, I recently released my new showreel and I want to hear your guys feedback on it, especially if you have experience in the field!
  13. You could manually move the layers slightly for each frame but that really depends on how long you want that effect to go on for as I can imagine that could get tedious. You could repeat the frames multiple times as well if you weren't bothered by it being completely random. Sorry feel like this probably wasn't much help as I don't know an exact way but thought I might as well try
  14. Err it's a fairly basic hotel (railway hotel) I'm doing both photo and video. Parts of the hotel look fairly modern and others are quite traditional so a mix of everything