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    Intel Core i7-3930K
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    ASUS Sabertooth X79
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance CL9@1600
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    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 3GB OC
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    Cooler Master HAF XB Evo
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    480GB Kingston HyperX 3K SSD
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    XFX PRO 850W Black Edition
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    Dell UltraSharp U2715H
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    Max Keyboard Blackbird (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Logitech G600 MMO Mouse
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    Creative SoundBlaster E3, Philips Fidelio X2
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ariolander

    Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

    Where do you think ifixit is getting those steel bits from? They certainly aren't being made in the USA. Being China made isn't why they are garbage. The low cost is the reason. If you're that worried about the quality of the steel just search for a Precision Kit with S2 steel from Amazon.
  2. Ariolander


    Thanks, I hate it Linus. Loved the deadpan delivery tho.
  3. When I had an Alienware M11x R2 Dell had me do some basic diagnostics over the phone, overnighted parts (a new motherboard) to a local service technician, and they fixed it on my dining room table 2 days later. It took a while to diagnose but I appreciated not having to ship and be without my PC for long. I always view depot service as something to be avoided if possible because it always means being without the machine for potentially weeks and additional things breaking in transit.
  4. So there are a lot of deals for smartwatches this holiday and I am interested in a Samsung one because I am already in the Samsung ecosystem, with my Samsung phone, already using Samsung Pay, etc. That being said I can't find many honest comparisons between the S3 Frontier and the Galaxy Watch that really highlight the differences beyond low effort "this one is newer, buy it" on SEO-optimized blogspam sites. Besides the Galaxy Watch not supporting MST Samsung Pay and having superior battery life what are the main differences between the two? I know the Galaxy Watch has a faster processor but what does that mean in practical terms? I never have seen anyone complain the S3 Frontier is slow, so in real life terms, I never have seen anyone tell me the differences beyond reading off a tech spec sheet and honestly I am doubting if a few extra mhz is a noticeable upgrade. Some more in-depth reviewers note that the Galaxy Watch uses a newer version of the Tizen OS, but almost no one goes in depth the differences and changes made beyond a version number change. If anyone has any experience with these two devices, or point me to a comparative review that may help me make my decision I appreciate your feedback and insight. With the S3 Frontier set to go on deep deep sale this Black Friday ($190 at Costco, $199 at Target/BestBuy) do you think the Galaxy Watch is worth almost 70% more?
  5. Does this kind of permissions shenanigans also affect G-Suite's Paid Email? Do you think Exchange Online / Office 365 Business Essentials would be a better option? I use Outlook for work email both on my desktop and my phone. Do you think using Microsoft's paid email service would be good for personal use as well?
  6. Ariolander

    Paid Hosted Email With Custom Domain

    I am trying to move away from Google so migrating to G Suite / Gmail for Business might be a bit counterproductive. I was researching further and I like the idea of something open source. Am thinking of a cloud-hosted Open-Xchange provider.
  7. Ariolander

    Paid Hosted Email With Custom Domain

    Just for me. I use Office365 for my .EDU email and its user experience was just OK. It might have been just how my college set up the emails but Office365 it didn't play nice with my mobile apps at all and I am still not used to their web client. Finally, does Office365 support custom domains on personal email? I thought that was a business-only feature and required an annual, upfront purchase.
  8. Does anyone use a paid email service that supports custom domains? How was your experience? How much does it cost? Why do you use this paid service? Would you recommend it over free services like Gmail or Outlook.com? Thinking about migrating away from Gmail and having emails on my own domain. I read its bad to use Cpanel's built-in mail server due to reliability issues, and not being able to receive client emails about your server being down... because that same server is also your email server... which is why I am thinking about a hosted service Thanks in advance! Email is a big part of my life and this will be a big move for me, which is why I am interested in other people's input.
  9. Ariolander

    DIY WiFi Cam Tutorial

    Part of the appeal of projects like this is because it can be fun to DIY and Kitbash these things. Honestly, I find playing around with Pis to be both fun and educational. Likewise, some people may like open source solutions versus the software that comes with their China-cams. I already use a bunch of $25 Yi Home Cameras in custom enclosures, but that's acknowledging that due to the nature of the software, I am probably consenting on being spied on. I already got a Pi3W, and at least 2 Pi Zero Ws and a Camera Module. I think I might do this just as a "fun" weekend project. May or may not keep it, maybe give it to a friend, but I do look forward to at least giving it a try.
  10. Ariolander

    Upgrading Optiplex 990's GPU & PSU

    I upgraded the default PSU with a Thermaltake TR2 600W. I am using the 16x slot as the double width card wouldn't have fit in the other PCI slot due to the case size. I am unsure about how to disable the integrated graphics as the BIOS seems pretty stripped down and doesn't have any graphics options I could see. I read its supposed to be automatic. I tried reseating the card and all the power connectors. I tried re-installing the drivers using DDU to remove the old ones. I haven't tried testing another GPU yet but I am gonna borrow one from a friend to try that if all else fails.
  11. So, I bought an Optiplex 990 Mini Tower with the intention of popping in my Radeon HD 7970 and a PSU I'd been using in an ExpressCard adapter for my laptop. I removed the HDD caddy and the card fits fine. However, with the card installed the computer doesn't boot properly. Everything spins up, but I display there is no display output from the 7970's HDMI port and I am unsure if it is POST-ing. I tried poking around in the BIOS but I didn't see any GPU related settings on the Dell Mobo. The computer boots fine on integrated graphics and I know the 7970 is still good because it works on my laptop. Any troubleshooting help appreciated.
  12. Ariolander

    Rudoph the RGB Ryzen Xmas Build

    For the case I chose the BitFenix Prodigy M. I have always panted to build in on since the original ITX Prodigy came out and with an mATX mobo I wanted to use the smallest mATX case I could that still used a ATX power supply. I found that SFX PSUs tend to be load and expensive compared to their ATX counterparts. Bonus parts is the window is wide allowing me to show off all my soon to be RGB internals and the case has handles making it quite portable if it needs to be. I wish I took photos of the inside, it was amazing. As I am near Los Angeles I opted for NewEgg where not only could I use the giftcard I received but I could opt for Will Call so I could save on shipping (no free shipping on this case) and get the parts in my hand same-day if you order early enough. Plus it was an excuse to visit the Mecca of PC Gaming, the NewEgg.com Hybrid Center, their store, showroom, and willcall pickup warehouse. This place changed much since I was last here 2 years ago, much more tempered glass, much more hard tubed water cooling. There were PCs everywhere on the floors, on the walls, I think the only thing missing was a ceiling mounted PC. It seems this PSU was just destined for this build. The PSU I ended up getting was the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w. I didn't intend to buy an RGB PSU but I wasn't going to say 'no' when itwas the cheapest PSU listed on PCPartPicker that was fully modular, at least gold certified, and was rated for at least 500w. Not only was it on sale, it had a $25 rebate, was sold by NewEgg, and was eligible for Will Call so I could pick it up at the same time I did the case. It seems this PSU was just destined for this build. With my NewEgg gift card now blown along with some additional contributions out of my pocket to cover the remainder I now have $200 of Amazon GCs to spend on RAM, the only core component missing at this point. With this kind of budget, I can either get 8GB and some RGB strips or splurge on 16GB, hopefully, something with high speed that Ryzen loves so much. I will have to do some research and reference RyMem to see if they have a kit that is both priced right and has same-day or one-day shipping options. Apparently, my AsRock mobo's RGB header can work with most Asus Aurasync RGB strips with a proper adapter. Something further to research. Updated Current Parts List Ryzen 7 1700 w/ Wraith Spire RGB Cooler (Xmas Gift) AsRock AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX Motherboard (Xmas Gift) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming [Blower Style] (Xmas Used Hand-Me-Down) Samsung 850 EVO M.2 2280 500GB SSD (Xmas Gift) BitFenix Prodigy M Midnight Black, Windowed ($72, Newegg) Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w ($60, Newegg)
  13. So this Xmas I got a Ryzen 7 1700 & AsRock AB350M Pro4 mobo combo, $200 in Amazon Gift Cards, $100 in NewEgg Gift Cards, and $27.52 in BestBuy Gift Cards after exchanging a gift reciept for store credit. Upon seeing my new CPU and mobo my brother is giving me his old reference EVGA GTX 1070 (he has since upgraded to a 1080ti) and my boss at work donated a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo M.2 SSD from his parts drawer. So with these parts, a budget of $327.52 in gift cards, and a little personal investment I am going to chronicle my RGB Ryzen 7 Xmas Build with my first RGB component being the Wraith Spire RGB cooler that came with the R7 1700! Current Parts List Ryzen 7 1700 w/ Wraith Spire RGB Cooler (Xmas Gift) AsRock AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX Motherboard (Xmas Gift) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming [Blower Style] (Xmas Used Hand-Me-Down) Samsung 850 EVO M.2 2280 500GB SSD (Xmas Gift) So with many of the core components out of the way I know, I will be needing DDR4 RAM (ouch), a PSU, a mATX Case, and if budget allows as much RGB as possible because it would be a shame for that Wraith Spire to RGB alone. I am pretty sure my AsRock mobo has an RGB header, I will need to do a little research on what parts might compliment it. Anyone have any recommendations? This is a build-in-progress and I will be updating this thread as I go.
  14. Ariolander

    Is the Mod Mic 5 Worth It?

    If your headphones have a removable 3.5mm cable I am a fan of the V-moda Boom Pro. Not only is it cheaper than a ModMic and have a comparable audio quality I like the much cleaner 1-cable design.
  15. Ariolander

    Automated Backup Software for Windows 10?

    Does the file backups work outside of the Windows 10 ecosystem? I am not interested in keeping a history of my files but a mirror of all my local files as a scheduled task. Like could if my main system took a dump and I plugged my USB HDD into my laptop would my laptop be able to browse all the files in the backup? I was under the impression that File History was only really useful for the host OS and wasn't a real backup solution.