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  1. I don't thik that it is becuas Insider Preview becuas I was like 5 uppdates behind every one else becuas of some bug they did have so they didn't release any uppdate for my system after the main relese
  2. I think that I do get >10fps but it's not crashing and it do preform equaly horribel in other programs that do run in desktop windows All drive was reported as good from S.M.A.R.T.
  3. I don't know when it started but for some reason explorer do preform like shit more or less always and my GPU is at <1% and CPU 10-20% DxDiag.txt
  4. My phone do keep disconnecting while I'm transferring files to my computer. I have two movies that I whon't be able to copy because they are to large so the phone disconnected before they are done copying.
  5. Any one knows if there is a good game pad that do dubel as a power bank
  6. I did have a similar problem in falout 4 so I suspect that it is a problem in the engine. I have instalde an ENB
  7. How do I get rid of this graphic glitches
  8. Cities skyline did stop laginng after I replaced the broken HDD with the SSD so problem solved
  9. Stuff starts to crach then like cities skyline that uses more than 32 gig
  10. I have plans on bying a Optane and dubel my ram
  11. I might have spoted the isue. The disk activity on the bad HDD did peek before a freze so it might be that windows use it for page files
  12. @fasauceome I have two 16Gb RAM and two CPUs and I have run windows memory test and they have ECC and have a max at 2133hz
  13. You can probebly not se that. I have one RAM per CPU
  14. I do get random frezes in eg. firefox regulary and I don't think that my hardwear is to slow to brows wikipedia on. (I did poste screen shots on it) I will replace that 250Gb Samsung HDD to a SSD when I get around to do it.
  15. It is super demanding to convert surround to a binaural recording and Dolby don't have a program for that but they do have stuff to make a virtual surround recording, it is a RELAY BIG DIFFERENT between the three things. Virtual surround is a way to APPROXIMATE surround. (Can be implemented in games) Binaural recording is a way to RECORD stereo as we hear it. (Need special equipment) "Emulated" surround is a AUDIO EFFECT that try to amplify audio clues that we listens for to hear direction. (It don't work on anything that isn't a recording)