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    MODZERO JABBA I've been working on this since I started ASHEN. I've been drip feeding my INSTA and FB with pictures mainly of the EK RTX2080 block (MSI AERO RTX2070!), But here is a sneak peek. ... ... ... I'm gonna post a build log on SFF and Bit-Tech as I did a couple of things differently this time around and I think it's better for it. It's roughly about 40mm longer than ASHEN but it's rocking an EK-CoolStream WE180mm RAD up front. J.


    Hi folks, ASHEN has been nominated for MOD OF THE MONTH over at Bit-Tech.net, if you're active over on their forums swing by and show me the love. haha https://www.bit-tech.net/features/modding/mod-of-the-month/mod-of-the-month-march-2019-in-association-with-corsair/1/ also... J.


    UPDATE 5.0 - IT'S FINISHED! SPECS: CASE: PARVUM X3.0 CUSTOM ITX CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X RAM: AORUS RGB DDR4 3200MHZ 16GB MOBO: GIGABYTE AORUS PRO B450i ITX GPU: GIGABYTE GAMING OC RTX 2070 8GB PSU: SILVERSTONE SX650-G SFX 650 WATT SSD: SAMSUNG 970 EVO 512GB & 860 EVO 500GB COOLING EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB EK-Velocity D-RGB - AMD Nickel + Plexi EK-CoolStream SE 120 (Slim Single) EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - Red EK-DDC 3.2 PWM (12V PWM pump) EK-DDC Heatsink Housing - Black EK-CryoFuel Clear (Premix 1000mL) It's finished! yay! and I love it! It's been a while since I've had a WC rig and rocking a Parvum build again feels great (see MODZERO FOUR). Since the last update, I replaced the single length of loop from the CPU out. So glad I did, I'm really happy with the loop now. I pulled out my studio gear and spent the day shooting it, but it wasn't my day, I just couldn't get the shots I wanted. I tried a white backdrop with the system off, black backdrop with the system running, two different RGB configs and shot again on black with the build turned off. Must have taken hundreds of shots, only to edit them down to about 16. My phone (pixel 2 xl) simply takes better photos than my Sony Alpha 58 (kit lens) and so I'm just not happy when my SLR shots don't look as sharp. Either that or I just suck.. haha. Think it's time for a new camera. These are the Pixel 2 XL efforts I've been posting to social media. Hope you like em. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'll post the SLR shots over the next few days. So please come back and check em out. Huge thank you for the support from my sponsors! Gigabyte has taken good care of me and I continue to love their hardware back in the day their huge copper chipset coolers pulled me away from the Asus, ABIT and DFI boards. Having them onboard all these years later is great! AMDs support has meant so much. I'm not going back to Intel now, feels too good over here on the red (cough* GREEN cough*) team again. yeah, green I said it! It used to be AMD green vs Intel Blue right? or am I remembering this wrong? I guess its Red for ATI and the CPU division adopted it after the Geforce raise to dominance. Having EKWB onboard has been amazing! the first CPU block I bought was the D-Tek Fuzion V2, that also happened to be the last block I bought that wasn't made by EKWB. As they've widened their product range I narrowed my manufacturer choice.. It used to be, EK CPU/GPU, MIPS for the chipset, Bitspower for fittings and res with Thermochill (then Alphacool) for Rads with Scythe for fans. Now it's just EKWB all day long (you wait and see their latest fittings... rip BP). I'll be back with the MODZERO JABBA build in a week or two, then it's perhaps something a little bigger... I'm being sent the LIAN LI PC-O11 DYNAMIC RAZER EDITION. I rather like the idea of going back to basics. I'd like to do a monster spec, super clean build. Few/zero mods, just a great loop with even better cables. focus on pure aesthetic finish but deliver great performance. Threadripper 3 maybe? Thanks for sticking with me, thanks for reading all this, hope you enjoyed it. Peace. J.


    Thanks buddy! I wanna do a HUGE loop next.. I've never worked in anything larger than a midi (Hex Gear R40).. but to be honest it's looking like I'll be doing a Lian Li 011 D Razer build. sweeeeet There you go. hopefully, I'll replace the CPU tube this weekend and maybe even pull out the photography gear. I'm just having too much fun rocking maxed out PUBG @ 1440p with 90+fps. J.


    UPDATE 4.0 'LOOP 2 - LOOP HARDER' I'd admit it, this second loop was a mistake. The first loop was fine, but it wasn't quite ticking all the boxes for me. It looked to me like the loop had elbows! haha, the top and bottom runs were further forward than the centre CPU ones and so from every angle other than square on... it looked off. so out it came.. ... That lower length of pipe continues to be the hardest to get right. ... So while it was drained I thought I'd have another crack at some of the cables. A few of the 24pin wires were either slightly too long or just too short which pinched at the others or were too long and thus looked too baggy. I pulled those few out and redid them. I also took this chance to repair the damage I'd done to the RGB lighting. I had to replace both EK RGB LED strips due to my own stupidity. Doing so meant I'd now be using two headers on the board rather than just the one (one is 5 pin RGB goodness, the other is 5v dLED). That meant more cables, two extensions (one from each board header), each with a two-way splitter (had been using a single 4x splitter), then hook up to the LEDs. RBG connectors don't click and hold in place, I'm not a big fan.. and, as you really can't shorten or make your own cables, it meant a lot cable length needed to be strapped up and tidied away (psst, don't look behind the SSD). ... So there is it, it looked much better in my head. The idea was simple, lose the elbows... bend the runs back in line with the CPU runs and add another pair of double female EK 90s. Have all four of those fitting inline and have the four runs parallel and sitting pretty. Only, there isn't the clearance from the in/outlet on the res/mount to get a bend in and still keep the level with the CPU runs. So I ran with it and dropped the outer two runs deeper into the case, which looked okay. But those four fittings inline did not. it blocked the view of the velocity blocked and made the loop look necessarily busy. ... Oh hey JUICE! ... Looked alright from some angles.. plus, I liked this shot for the pump/res. Which by the way, will fit any Parvum X2.0. Get in touch with the parvum boys if you want one. So a couple of days go by... ... LOOP 3 - RETURN OF THE LOOP The perfect loop was obvious, it was simply the original loop intention... just take all four runs from the pass-through, bring them out inline with the RES in/outlets take four matching clean bends and cut in for the CPU. so... ... Four runs, four matching lengths, four matching bends. ... Cut the CPU lengths and added their slight bends to rotate the in/out on the CPU block inline with the other two runs. ... Flushed and filled with this wonderful stuff. ... Bleed the loop and let the bubbles do what they do. ... Immediately looks better! (can you spot it) I'm pretty happy with that, yeah... looks good (hmmm, but you've...) cool, I'll leave it and smash out a build log update (er, you not gonna fix tha...). ... ... Nope, gonna have to redo that. J. ps - the bend in the downward CPU tube is a couple of degrees too far, which is pulling that third run down. It's not parallel and thus is dead to me. haha. So, I've not done that yet... but I will, then it'll be time to get the big camera out and do some final shots. Thanks for checking it out guys.


    UPDATE 3.0 The loop, take one! yup... It's a taken a few weeks to get another update posted and at the end of it, I drained the loop and started over... kinda... so where to begin. ... I use 12/10mm acrylic tubing, always have. PETG is for, er, those who prefer it I guess... I'm an acrylic guy. When I put together the case, I knew these bends were gonna be tight.. and tbh I'd no idea which way I'd do it. all I knew was the top and bottom with the in-out from the pump/res. with the middle two feeding the CPU and I had to get it through the rad between em. I did a test bend and got pretty close.. it was gonna be tough. ... ... If at first, you don't succeed, bitch and moan, swear, sack it off and come back to the next day... hahaha after a *couple attempts I got the two tight bends I needed without any warping or misshaped tube. glory! so that got the CPU out to the RAD and the RAD to the RES return. ... ... Couple more short throw 90's for the RES in, to the CPU in. ... It's just not a Parvum build until it's tasted your blood! ... ... Yeah, happy with that... (the loop at is). The wiring is okay. the EPS was a little too short and I just didn't want to redo it.. (MDPC sleeve isn't cheap and I was running low) but it'll serve. and between us, since this photo was taken, I pulled em out replaced a few wires that were either too short and clipped a few more that were too long. it's looking nicer. ... The front! This is where I began to fall out with my loop. In my mind, it was simple. The passthrough lined up with the pump/res, so top and bottom were sorted. two runs with clean simple, single 90's. ... ... It was the cpu that did me in. The EK Velocity is such a nioce block.. no way were I rotating it. lit up it's a true thing of beauty! But I needed to retain that spacing from the four pass-through points. I'd put those outer two runs in and they looked huge! So I decided to bring the centre two out as far as the edge of the rad, then bend inwards. But the problem was turning them inward to the correct in/out on the Velocity block. ... So the penny dropped..(granted it's really not that hard to work out... but please remember, I'm living on feck all sleep, stealing 20-30mins when I can, children.. such a blessing, ha!) bring the CPU out to meet the centre two runs. simple right? yeah.. only the bottom third run is just a few mm off being inline with that third hole. So both CPU tubes that came out to the centre two runs had to have an angle. ... So I flush and think, yeah, I like that... ... ... Until two days later when I decided I didn't. Next update I'll try and bang out tomorrow. Loop 'Take Two'! The shit sequel! (yeah, it's not good.. hahaha). But don't worry, 'Take Three' is epic! and now it looks the balls! But before I go, a couple thoughts on RGB. the wiring is horrid! thick splitters are all you can buy, you can't custom cut length and as I found out... it's important to read the warnings.. I blew both my EK RGB strips plugging them into the 12v header on the board.. not the 5v header the packaging, insert instructions, product page, website page ALL tried to warn me about. haha Thanks for checking it out. J.


    UPDATE 2.0 I've been hacking away at this with every spare 15-20mins I get (and with a 16 months old boy... that ain't often). It's coming along nicely. So I wanna bring you up to speed. Cables and distro plate are up first. ... I went with MDPCX sleeve with this one, if you're in the UK go check out Pexon PCs they sell the full MDPCX lineup. I pulled the colours from the ashen keycaps. MDPC-X Haze Grey MDPC-X Titanium Grey MK2 MDPC-X Diamond Red Small ... I approached the wiring differently this time around. With all my previous builds I'd take a length of wire, rough measure, cut, crimp both ends and repeat for all wires.. THEN sleeve. This time I listened to a master and did as instructed. Check out p0pes guide to perfect cables.. it's the only video you'll ever need. ... I've gone off combs tbh but these are really low profile and seeing as the mid-wall panel is cut for each wire they made sense at least for the GPU. ... When you only have 10 minutes here and a half hour there, wiring takes an age! haha, slowly I got them all done. ... Next up (well, before I guess) I tackled my distro-plate/ ddc pump mount/res. I'm not too great with a soldering iron and replacing the factory wires on the DDC pump is the best way if you after a super clean look. ... Instead, I stripped it back, put some tight shrink wrap on each cable, fitted the new EK housing and sleeved the wires directly into a 6-pin on the PSU. ... This scared the shit out of me. It's taken a while to get all the parts together for this project and I couldn't help thinking if I made a mess of the plate I'd be in for another delay. It came pretty rough cut from the Parvum boys and after a quick chat with MADS.ONE I knew I was in for some arm ache! 250 grit 500 grit 700 grit 1000 grit 1200 grit 1500 grit 1700 grit 2000 grit 2500 grit 3000 grit 5000 grit 7000 grit ... All by hand, it's far from perfect.. annoyingly I just couldn't get into some of the spaces with my fat fingers but overall, it's not too shabby. ... I ordered some 18mm M4 bolts for the pump mount as the supplied ones are designed for a pump top and would have cracked the plate (too long). rigged up a quick bend and leak tested. I made a mistake here.. I left it running for a while... and lets just say, it got a bit hot! oops. ... I'm so excited to be back on an AMD CPU. It's been too long. Must admit, a part of me wants THREADRIPPER! ... That EK VELOCITY block looks great! Normally I've planned the loop out well in advance... but with the build, once I'd decided to pass-through the mid panel I thought the rest would just fall in place. I was wrong... Next update will be the loop (version 1). ... ... ... ... It's gonna be goooooood, thanks for checking this out. J.
  8. Wow, the last year has flown by! I finished the MODZERO JUICE build logs back in December 2017 and then went dark... I'm still running my S4 Mini daily, I love it! and it's been great at LAN events. Though I'll be retiring it when ASHEN is complete, fear not, it won't be boxed and stored. JUICE will be back later in the year as a fully (internal only) water-cooled S4 Mini (MODZERO JUICED). MODZERO JABBA was meant to be next, and it will be, after this one. ASHEN came about whilst talking to the Parvum Systems guys over the JABBA design (Custom X2.0). I'd recently bought a Filco TKL (MX Blacks) and bought these keycaps, SA ASHEN FROM MAXKEY (here). They look awesome! but didn't really suit the aesthetic of my S4 mini... so... yeah.. I'm building my keyboard a matching computer. Shaun at Parvum talked me into it when he showed me just how close their acrylics (stone grey, dark grey) would match. JABBA is an X2.0 but I knew Parvum had been working on the X3.0 (see JR23 Chocolate box)! I'm a huge fan of JRs work and thought this a good little project to work with a design of his (mostly). So Shaun did his Parvum magic, pulled up the X3.0 design and went about making the changes I'd need and even adapted the custom pump mount/res you'll be seeing again in JABBA. ... ... ... As the build progresses you'll get a clearer picture of how the X3.0 differs to the X2.0 (If you're into it). But, in a nutshell, the HDD mount panel is gone, the SFX PSU is now up at the top (2x 2.5" drive mounts on the bottom panel), new front panel design (I opted for a three-panel variant), New top panel design (grill over the rear chamber, window over the GPU) and possibly a new GPU mount (it's certainly different from my old Veer but that's old old). So the plan is simple enough, I had a custom mid-wall panel designed for a really clean finish. the integrated DDC mount/res is stunning! and frees up so much room! so I'll put a CPU loop in that takes the loop into the rear chamber and hooks up with the RAD. I'm hoping to archive some really clean lines. I went with MDPC-X sleeve this time around, props to my man James at PexonPCs check him out for all your MDPC-X cable supply needs. This is my first build with support from EKWB! I'm super excited to have these guys on board! they have always been my number one choice for blocks and with the great looking EKWB - Velocity D RGB AMD going in this build, I can't wait to do them proud. ... I've plenty of product shots up on my Instagram and will post more in the logs are things progress. It's an absolute pleasure after years of building to have support from some of the biggest players. This isn't a carrier path for me and has always been a labour of love. I'll maybe build one PC a year (if I'm lucky), I'm a hobbyist at best. But when I had confirmation that AMD would support ASHEN, I lost my s**t!. ... The first custom PC I built for myself out of my own pocket ran an AMD Athlon XP1500+. I was maybe 18 years old, I had a buddy in Florida that was able to pick the chips from a stock bin and we'd get the ones known for their stepping. Overclock the life out of them and they'd post as an XP2100+. AMD made a product I could afford, which enabled me to build a PC and become a part of the PCMR, the quest for higher performance from my purchase led to aftermarket coolers, better fans, case designs, water-cooling and thus ultimately it had its part in MODZERO. I'll try and find a photo of that machine... I'm sure I have one, for the time it was badass! ... Gigabyte UK has had my back since MODZERO OCTO, I got in touch about this project and they showed me the love. RTX ON. Really enjoying how the mobo, ram and GPU all share the same design elements. ... Free time is hard to find at the moment and this build is taking it all and then some. I really wanna get this one turned around fast. It's taken a long time to put all the pieces on the table. I'll be posting build log updates weekly (fewer studio shots and more process ones) until it's finished. I can't wait to show you more. Thanks for checking this out. J.
  9. Hi Folks, It was great to have been included in this year's Bit-Tech.net Mod of the year awards! Great to have received not only a nomination but an honourable mention in the final results too. Thanks for the votes chaps. I'll be back with two new builds this year (at least). Starting mayhaps with my MODZERO JABBA (custom Parvum System X2.0) build. J.
  10. You can see it in the last photo, it's like any other PC power cable, it leaves the chassis, goes under my desk and disappears into the land of forgotten shits. Haha.. J.
  11. UPDATE 7.0 - FINAL SHOTS Hi folks, well it's time to wrap this project up. JUICE came from a strong desire to build a LAN rig in the NFC Systems S4 mini chassis, to running it 24/7 as my daily driver. I'd have never thought I'd get so much performance from a 250 watt PSU. I've some plans to move to an i7 and GTX1080 using the HD-PLEX 300 Watt PSU and my current 330 DELL brick. But for now, it's finished and I'm delighted with it. I want to extend a huge thank you to Josh from NFC Systems, the team at E22, my boys at Gigabyte UK and my eleventh-hour hero Victor at Open Box Studios. Without your help and support, it would never have happened. So, SPECS: NFC SYSTEMS S4 MINI CUSTOM CHASSIS INTEL CORE i5 - 6600K CPU GIGABYTE GA-Z170N GAMING 5 MOBO GIGABYTE GTX 1060 ITX OC 6G GPU HYPERX FURY DDR4 2400MHZ 16GB (2X8GB) RAM HYPERX 3K 240GB SSD X2 SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2-2280 250GB NVMe SSD HDPLEX Hi-Fi 250W DC-ATX PSU NOCTUA NH-L9i COOLER ... ... ... ... ... I'll be back in the new year with two projects, MODZERO JABBA and MODZERO 42. The later being my sequel to MODZERO FORTY. I've some exciting and originals plans underway for the HEX GEAR R40 chassis and can't wait to show you guys. Around the same time, I'll be doing another buddy build, MODZERO JABBA has been over two years in the making down at Parvum Systems and stands to be quite the eye turner when complete. Thanks for following along. J.
  12. Thanks, Hoping to get the final shots up tomorrow. Gigabyte UK just shared them on Facebook. J.
  13. UPDATE 6.5 I'm back folks, quick build update before the final shots go live on Monday. JUICE had always planned to have a tempered glass side panel. Josh over at NFC kindly hooked me up with a couple extra panels to aid my development a way to mount the glass.. which was easy enough. The vented portion of the panel was to be cut out leaving a frame (as the side panel makes up part of the chassis structural strength it had to be the basis for the tempered glass mod) to mount the glass. Which, was to be attached using six standoffs to provide enough clearance for ventilation. Easy right? Well, yeah... finding somewhere that could make the glass turned out to be far more expensive then I'd hoped. it's a small piece that needed to be tinted, tempered and have six mounting holes. When each of my quotes came back in the hundreds I decided to put a pin in it. As I'm using the Noctua NF B9 REDUX, the fan sits just a few mm too high for the stock side panel to fit. This wasn't to be an issue with the tempered glass approach, so instead, I opted for a simple side panel cut out. ... Using one of the powder coated panels Josh sent ( I still have a beautiful BMW estoril blue side panel which I may give away to another S4 mini owner) I masked it off and marked out how I'd like it to look. The centre-left hole meant a clean, straight square frame wasn't an option. But that would have been boring anyway. So I left the vented section above that hole in place and kept a single vent down at the bottom right (a little nod to my love of Parvum Systems chassis). ... It was the first time using my oscillating tool and wow, for cutting at least, I've retired my dremel. ... I re-masked it and used some small hand files to clean up the lines. ... Then it was a couple primer coats (grey) and a couple more in a satin black automotive paint (It was all I had in my shed, left over from my old FT03 3D printed Matrix Orb mount, who remembers that?). ... Removed the tape and job done. you can see where the satin finish is still reflecting some light... I'd use matt black if I were to do it again. ... Really happy with how it turned out. With the panel in place the whole chassis is rock solid, zero flex. So that's it. The final shots go up on Monday once Gigabyte shares them, soon after I'll do the final build log update. I'll post all the photos and talk a bit more about the Matrix Orb display. Thanks for checking it out. J.
  14. UPDATE 6.1 Hi, Things have been quiet on the build front for some time now. I've been crazy busy. I'm now a married man and 8 weeks away from welcoming my first child into this world. I've continued to use JUICE as my daily driver and boy does it continue to impress. A couple months back I uploaded a quick snap showing a quick side panel mod I'd done in time for Insomnia 61 gaming festival. Having the side panel fitted makes the chassis as a whole much more stable. ... LAN was awesome (it always is), providing 5 days of freedom from the rest of daily life stresses. Shortly after I came back, I received a message from a dude called Victor. He'd seen my fabricator had fallen through and kindly offered up his time to help me out (what a guy!). I sent him my CAD design for the Matrix Orb display bracket and he's run with it, correcting the mistakes I'd made and bashing out a prototype. ... Designed to attach to the 120mm fan mount on the S4 mini, Victor has opted to laser cut the design from acrylic. Then mill out where required and tap the holes. ... First attempt cut and ready for the mill. Victor lives in the US and operates OPEN BOX STUDIOS I recommend you get in touch with him if you're looking for some design/fabrication work to be carried out. I'll be back with another update once the parts arrive. J.

    Chocolate Box - ITX Parvum

    It looks even better IRL. Great work JR. J.