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    Intel i7 5820k
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    EVGA FTW X99
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    Corsair 8GB DDR4 2133
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    ASUS Strix GTX 980
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    Corsair 750D
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    Samsung EVO 250GB SSD, 1TB WD Black HDD
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    Corsair RM750
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    Samsung 28" UHD 4k
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70 Vengence
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    Corsair M65
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    Windows 7 Enterprise

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  1. TheFlyingTraut

    This TV worth buying?

    That seems pretty high for that model Samsung. Prices may be a lot different over there, but that tv is going for under $520 It's not a bad tv, just maybe not at $500. I'd look into the TCL's at that price point, or spend a little more and get an 8000. Check out the TCL 5 and 6 series.
  2. TheFlyingTraut

    Avoiding 4K Upscaling

    That's an awesome tv at an awesome price. You can just hook it directly into tv. You will lose ARC volume control if you have that currently, but optical from HDMI shouldn't sound too much different, if at all. As long as you're happy with volume control having a separate remote, then just go direct into tv. You can get into new 4k receivers for very low cost this time in the season. I've been finding a lot of Pioneer Elite 103's, 303's open box for under $300. You can catch crazy deals right now. But honestly, I would play with it on the receiver and the tv and see if you notice a difference. Be happy with your purchase man! Great budget tv. Amazing actually.
  3. TheFlyingTraut

    43" Samsung or 49" Panasonic or 49" LG???

    What is it going to be used for honestly? The LG is good for the price normally, nothing too fancy with technology, just a edge lit panel, that does 4k. I would look into TCL personally, if they are available around you. If you're wanting to stick to budget. IMO they out perform the Samsung or the LG. I can't speak for Panasonic because they are not in many retailers in the US. However, Panasonic makes arguably the best OLED on the market currently, so I do envy you for that.
  4. TheFlyingTraut

    Will we ever see sub 55-inch OLED TVs?

    They have existed for about 20 years. Just not at the consumer level. Sony has used these in film production for a very long time, costing tens of thousands for sub 24" monitors. As far as the consumer market, still a half decade away. There isn't a huge benefit with going smaller just yet. QLED is a decent technology sub 55" but only in the 49" variant.
  5. I’d look into the TCL series. You can get into their 5 or 6 series for that price on holidays. Best selling TVs under $600 IMO. Don’t buy a spectre. Please.
  6. TheFlyingTraut

    What speakers to choose for home theater speaker setup?

    Your wattage is fine. Wattage is the most overused term in audio.
  7. TheFlyingTraut

    Samsung Smart Signage TV

    I don't think there is a way to do that on those tv's. Not to my knowledge. They are meant to run that OS because it is meant to be ran 24/7 with dedicated footage and not be messed with. I'd just do a chromecast man.
  8. "enclosure" is the word you're looking for. How "loud" do you want this system to be? Do you want clarity? Do you listen to a lot of music with instrumentals? Vocals?
  9. TheFlyingTraut

    Proper Settings

    You have a setting running amok somewhere if it's all coming from the center. Is there a setting for like "voice" or "clear" that is turned way up? You may just need to re-calibrate it.
  10. TheFlyingTraut

    What speakers to choose for home theater speaker setup?

    Can I make a better recommendation? If you already have a receiver. Def Tech 5.1 system. They are almost always on sale around that $500 point, but for that price in a small space, they do extremely well, and are small. PS- Please don't buy the Sony. That system just isn't worth it. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/definitive-technology-procinema-600-5-1-channel-home-theater-speaker-system-black/8206201.p?skuId=8206201
  11. TheFlyingTraut

    Brand New TV Video Playback Deteriorating

    As above mentioned, swap cables, also update your gpu. That's first option. Second option, see below. Take it back, never buy a Westinghouse again.
  12. TheFlyingTraut

    Proper Settings

    Are they the same model/family of speakers? Or just same brand?
  13. TheFlyingTraut

    What speakers to choose for home theater speaker setup?

    Why are you mixing brands for center and left/right? Going to have different tonalities between them and will sound weird. Sound is very subjective. I agree with circ said above, you should listen to them. Right now Polk has their speakers on sale for their lower line, you can get a bookshelf pair for $50 and towers for $100 each, center I think is $75. Don't mix brands....
  14. TheFlyingTraut

    Screen Mirroring

    What are you trying to accomplish with this?