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    Intel i7 5820k
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    EVGA FTW X99
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    Corsair 8GB DDR4 2133
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    ASUS Strix GTX 980
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    Corsair 750D
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    Samsung EVO 250GB SSD, 1TB WD Black HDD
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  1. TheFlyingTraut

    Samsung home theater no sound

    What model television. And what model sound system? Model numbers not brand.
  2. TheFlyingTraut

    Samsung home theater no sound

    What model tv, and what model HT? How old is equipment? Something isn't adding up here.
  3. TheFlyingTraut

    Samsung home theater no sound

    Have to set audio out to hdmi (arc)
  4. Stop leaving unnecessary stuff turned on. Invest in led bulbs. Smart home control can save you money when setup properly as mentioned above. All relative too though. Even if I’m only saving pennies. The value of my time and piece of mind that I have those things and use them to my benefit are part of the cost or cost savings as well. Can’t just look at the straight monetary value here.
  5. TheFlyingTraut

    Conect subwoofer to tv with no 3.5 mm jack

    Just rca cable and digital optical cable
  6. TheFlyingTraut

    Conect subwoofer to tv with no 3.5 mm jack

    those speakers should have a rca connection on the back of the subwoofer where everything connects. Use a digital optical to rca converter for like $12 on amazon and go from speakers rca to the adapter then digital optical from adapter to tv.
  7. TheFlyingTraut

    Best way to connect Composite (GC, PS2) to a Smart TV?

    They make rca to hdmi converters. Like $15 on Amazon.
  8. TheFlyingTraut

    Is insight a legit 4k projector brand?

    I know this thread is dead, but since you pulled it back with a new account, I wanted to ask a question. How much was your screen, and what brand?
  9. TheFlyingTraut

    THIS should definitely have a video!!!

    Things like that have a very specific use case. And no you don’t have to have something wrong with you to need or want to 13 channel. It’s a hobby. Sorry it’s not part of the LTT demographic, not the point of that receiver. I know it looks scary on the back, but in reality, you’ll only use half of those ports, maybe, if that. All depends on your use case and what you need it for. You can most definitely tell a difference between 5.1 and something like this. It’s a completely different experience watching the correct content. what is it that you want to know about a receiver like this compared to just a standard 7.2 atmos receiver?
  10. TheFlyingTraut

    Speaker help/Poll

    I can only speak on the Klipsch speakers as I’ve owned them. They are very well rounded speakers with decent mids and good highs. Still pack some lows. They are very well rounded and priced very well when on sale. I recommend them.
  11. TheFlyingTraut

    What tv to choose?

    Check out this thread here. We talked about it in quite a few posts. 55” is a good size and price point for the premium TVs. If you can afford it. I thoroughly enjoy my oled. Depends on your specific use case.
  12. What size as well? almost every tv is 4k now, hard to even find 1080 unless it's a small tv. You're still getting a crisper/cleaner picture with anything you're watching. For just a bedroom TV I have a 50" insiginia tv that I use, and I have an LG C7 OLED in my living room for my 4k stuff. You don't have to buy high end for casual use. Just snag a 50" LG or Samsung for like $300-350.
  13. TheFlyingTraut

    Best Home Theater Setup

    Just use the hdmi. It offers more formats and simplifies the controls by using your tv remote for sound. It’s just easier tbh
  14. TheFlyingTraut

    Best and biggest TV for Less then 1K

    Those both are very basic 4k TVs. The vizio is their lowest end 4k. Not worth the $ at all. The LG is again the lowest 4k model but the size makes up for the price I guess. However that being said it’s still an entry level 4k panel. I’d still go with a smaller 65” tv that’s better. But if you want size, which I wouldn’t focus on, then the LG out of the two with the Vizio.
  15. TheFlyingTraut

    Best and biggest TV for Less then 1K

    If you're looking at the TCL route, look into the 6 series. You can still catch them on sale right now. ~$740 for 65". As for a sound system. Please don't buy a "home theater in a box" I don't care who owns them or what they say about them, they are absolute trash. You're better off buying a $200 receiver, and a pair of bookshelves and a center channel that are proper speakers for around the same cost. MUCH better experience overall. There's a reason they cost so little and seem to "get soooooo much!! GOOD DEAL!!!". No, it's not. Sound is just as important to the experience as the video. Plus with that size room, the "in a box" solution, will have you running wires all over the place for the rears, and honestly not giving you much out of them.