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  1. Why do you care what brand your rear speakers are? They do not have to brand match. LCR is your most important for brand/model match.
  2. Where is the tv going in relation to everything else? Are you going to be doing everything at the desk or sitting back on like a couch or something for the tv watching? I like 1440p monitors. I believe they are the sweet spot currently in the industry for price to performance. 4k panels don't really look that much nicer in the same price range, and also the refresh rates are often inferior. I am currently using the Samsung curved 32" QLED 1440p 144hz HDR monitor. I came from a 27" Dell Gsync 1440p 144hz panel. I didn't really enjoy the color profile of the Dell, given it was a few years old and not an updated model, so the colors on my new qled panel do pop more, but it has terrible TERRIBLE edge light bleeding only after 2 months of use, although it does go away in full color scenes. I like the 144hz for gaming with anything, including league.
  3. Yeah something isn't right. Replace old cables. Or theres a setting wrong.
  4. What do you mean "it doesn't work"?
  5. You probably wont be impressed with just the stock tv doing the processing. I wouldn't get my hopes up on that. I own a nVidia shield and Apple TV that I've played some random games on. Its okay on those platforms but I don't see the experience being anything great just from a tv.
  6. Some of these comments just hurt my brain. Yes you're fine at that distance. The C8 is a good tv. Buy it and you'll be happy. Enjoy gaming and watching tv on your 55 non eye burning tv.
  7. Rtings is decent for their ratings but they still include sound quality in their overall scores which in today's space is a little ridiculous. The sony x1 processor is just superior. The a9 gen 2 on the LG is very good, just not as good as the sony with their own processing. The sony delivers more natural color tones and better motion handling in their processors. If you want the more vibrant colors go LG. The TCL 6 series he is referring to is a very good tv for what it is. But what you're looking it is something completely out of the ballpark for comparison to that tv. It's a great budget option but if you want the best you're looking in the right space. You can't go wrong with either panel honestly.
  8. Your research would be correct. In my opinion those are the best tvs out. I have a C7. If you want superior motion processing and have the money go sony. The C9 is still an amazing tv. Burn in is one of the most fear mongering things I've seen in tech in the last few years. Treat your device like normal and not on 24 7 you have no issues. I've had mine on for 10 plu hour gaming sessions a few times and have never had any issues.
  9. Check out Z Reviews on youtube. I believe he has a review on each of those you are looking at.
  10. Refer to my above questions lol. So I can help give a full solution. And you don't need rears actually behind you, beside you gives a decent effect.
  11. How do you have them both connected? Hdmi?
  12. Have you messed with both ends of the sensor?