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  1. Soundbar VS Surround Speakers

    The Samsung destroys that LG for starters. The 7700 is an ips panel this year. So $2500 is a decent budget. Let me get back to you from what you’ve picked out. I’m out of country for another day. I’ll build you something to fit the budget. Are you buying online? Retail store?
  2. 2018 TV buying guide?

    If it wasn’t rtings, it should be. It’s the only source worth while lol
  3. Soundbar VS Surround Speakers

    Before going any further, how much do you want to or not want to spend? I can recommend a multitude of systems, but need a budget. If you are talking about the HW-K850, that is a good soundbar. Also, how big is the room, and how tall are the ceilings? I still work for Best Buy in a magnolia store, so I deal with these questions daily and can do any budget.
  4. TCL TV Won't Recognize HDMI 2.0 Signal from PC

    Hey hey, glad to know it was a simple fix. Be happy with that TV man, TCL makes the best sub $600 tv's for 55", period.
  5. But TV now, or wait for Black Friday?

    Work for Best Buy, can confirm the above. That's why you don't buy black friday tv's. If it is a "current" model and is just on sale for black friday, sure, get it, but not these off model # weird tv's. Those are the customers we see once a year, on black friday, buying another tv because the last one broke in 3 months.
  6. TCL TV Won't Recognize HDMI 2.0 Signal from PC

    TCL does have all 3 HDMI ports running 2.0 and the ARC port runs 2.2. TCL makes very good budget televisions. They have been around for about 25 years now, just not in the American market. I do not consider them an "off-brand". We sold a lot of those with very good success and customer satisfaction. Rtings even rates it the best budget tv. You made a good purchase. Also go into the tv settings and make sure the ports are set to display the 4k/60. I had to even change my HDMI control settings on my Sony XBR850D tv. Could just be a little issue like that. Update graphics card drivers, and also try different ports?
  7. LG SK10Y not detecting ATMOS from 4K Blu-Ray

    We fixed the issue. Cables didn't support ethernet.
  8. LG 43UJ634V vs Sony KD-43XF7596

    Read my response in your other thread. I buy the best value in the lower end tv's, no point in buying the Sony even if it is better. Too much more $.
  9. Sell LG 27UK650 monitor to buy LG TV 43UJ634V

    You will have some noticeable input lag with the tv. I guarantee you, that input lag is not 12 ms on that tv, at 4k. I ran into this quite a few times with customers. That will give you a lower input lag, in game mode, in like 720p. My LG OLED doesn't even have that low of input lag. I would not go for a tv instead of a monitor for gaming, especially for shooters, or anything not single player.
  10. Corrupt photos?

    That's extremely odd.
  11. You're going to hear a lot of confusing audio. If I'm watching a movie, I do have a tv above my monitor, but I just remove one side of the headphones from one ear and just listen to the tv. It will work, just be a lot going on.
  12. 4K Blu Ray

    Get external. It's simple, and no fuss. You can find them on sale for under or right around $100. Don't buy the "upscaling" ones, they don't play native 4k discs, and just buy a name brand for that price, no Magnavox please. You can get a LG UP875 for ~$90 usually.
  13. Corrupt photos?

    Try a different memory card, you may have a sensor issue in the camera.
  14. HTPC black screening

    You need at least hdmi 2.0, and if it requires ethernet make sure the cable supports that. HDMI cables are NOT all the same though. HDMI 1.4 is probably what you are running currently, and is very outdated for current tech, especially anything in 4k.
  15. Get a little HDMI switch to switch between sources. You're not going to be able to get dual sound (with any sort of functionality) to do both at once, that is a whole jumble of mixed signals. Acquire some small desktop speakers for your second source.