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  1. TurtleOnSteroids

    How the hell can you afford car insurance?

    Meanwhile over in Australia. 19yr old Male, Full Comprehensive Cover from Suncorp, $460AUD annually.
  2. Is it bad that the thing I like most in this setup is the chair? I've wanted a HM Aeron for ages, but simply haven't been willing to fork out the money necessary.
  3. TurtleOnSteroids

    [WIP] *****Snef Devil's Eye (Build for CES)********

    Always hyped for a Snef build log. Subbed.
  4. TurtleOnSteroids

    Parvum Build: Chocolate Orange!

    Looks good, just make sure you don't overdo the orange. If you do it'll look tacky as.
  5. TurtleOnSteroids

    Buying a new Laptop

    I'm looking for a relatively cheap laptop to buy at the moment, mostly for productivity but with some non intensive games mixed in such as Runescape and League of Legends. I'm currently looking at the: Asus P550LAV-XX893G and the Asus P550LAV-XX1009G. I haven't been able to find any reviews online for these two, and was hoping someone in the LTT community owned one or could point me in the direction of a good review. So I can find out what I'm getting into if I buy either of these. If you can suggest a better laptop in the AU$600-$750 range I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. TurtleOnSteroids

    Australia Smoking Event Racist?

    This would be racist is this was started by white Australians, however, the Aboriginals were the ones to start this, and if they want to apply such terms to themselves, well I suppose that's their own right
  7. TurtleOnSteroids

    Post Computer Building

    I suppose it could be, was just a thought though. Hope I gave you some good ideas
  8. TurtleOnSteroids

    Post Computer Building

    What about getting backplates for the graphics cards? Or making up some acrylic ones so you can customise them, its not particularly difficult
  9. TurtleOnSteroids

    Post Computer Building

    Glad to help, Would you be able to post a picture of your pc? I find it easier to find things to improve upon when I can see what I'm working with I might also just be wanting to geek out over a nice pc
  10. TurtleOnSteroids

    Post Computer Building

    How about adding some custom LEDs? you could also paint the H100i Rad (Mask the fins and paint the exterior) to add a bit of life to it. Custom cables? Sleeve them yourself or buy a kit online. Just a few ideas to spice up your pc
  11. TurtleOnSteroids

    Thoughts on my build?

    http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/Pzn9Q7 Was just curious to see what you make of this build I'm planning
  12. TurtleOnSteroids

    Cheapest place to by pc parts in AUS?

    Just out of curiosity - why is this Off Topic? Off Topic is for non tech related discussions, as this is pertaining to the purchasing of tech, I would of thought this comes under the heading of General Discussion.
  13. TurtleOnSteroids

    Cheapest place to by pc parts in AUS?

    Yes, I've been looking at Pccasegear for a while, I was just wondering if there were any other retailers like that that might have cheaper pricing is all. Components just seem to cost so much more in Australia >.<
  14. Hello all. I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the direction of the cheapest pc parts store in Australia or that ships to Australia (Factoring in the shipping of course.) Thanks