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  1. Hey there guys, So I am working on building a train model in blender 2.79, and right now I am trying to get the smoke to render properly in cycles. The issues that I am having is that the adaptive domain that I am using appears as a large black box in the rendered view. I am not using nodes to create the smoke. I have a cube that is set as the smoke domain, and a torus that is set as the smoke flow object. I have looked around but can't seem to find a solution. Pls help
  2. Right, so I recently (a couple months ago) got a lenovo flex 3 and love it. That said, recently when I power it on the enter, space and other non-letter keys will simply not function for a few minutes. I have no idea why. Could it be drivers?
  3. Right, so I am very new to the whole blender scene, and this is my first project. I'm trying to put a brick texture on a cube. Simple enough, right? Well, when the texture is applied, it shoots down the cube at an angle (pictured below) on all six sides. However, the preview does not show this. How might I go about fixing it.
  4. I find that it is often the windows processes that use the most. they use ~30 - 35% on idle alone.
  5. I have done this, i just used minecraft as an example. This happens with most programs on my computer.
  6. Right, so my system has 8GB of DDR3 RAM installed. In theory, this should be fine, but when the computer is on idle, and only running google chrome with 4 tabs open and the steam client, 50% of my memory is in use. Earlier, I had just chrome (4 tabs) open in the background while running minecraft, and I received warning that my system was almost out of memory. I have had the computer for just over a year, and have never had this issue. P.S the rest of my system is as follows: Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.2GHz GTX 960 SSC 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333MHz
  7. I had to change the default program for .JAR files.
  8. It worked! I told you it would be something stupidly simple.
  9. Unfortunately I have tried this, but it still will not work.
  10. Right, so I recently installed optifine on my PC to help boost minecraft performance. it was fairly simple. I downloaded the .JAR, clicked open, and selected install. However, when I try to do this on my laptop from the exact same download link it will not run and yes, my laptop has Java. I even tried reinstalling it. Here are some key differences I noticed. 1. On my pc the downloaded file had a java style thumbnail, while the thumbnail on the laptop was just a piece of paper with the corner bent. 2. When I hit open on my pc it showed the install menu for optifine, while on my laptop it just flashed the command prompt for a split second. I feel like the solution will be stupidly simple, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Any ideas?
  11. Right guys, so my girlfriend's mother loves to snoop around. Journals, facebook, etc. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to tell when she is on my girlfriend's facebook so that I can mess with her. We caught her once, while my GF and I were on skype, and I just sent "Hi Amy" to my GF's facebook. The reaction on her mother's face was priceless. I'd like to be able to do it more, but its hard to catch.
  12. So Im looking to transfer windows to a usb from my pc, but no other files. Im not connected to the internet so I cant use other software. I am in windows 7. Help