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    Michigan, USA
  • Interests
    Gaming,Math,Piano,Computer Hardware,80's and 90's music.
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  • CPU
    calculator chip(i5 3570k)
  • Motherboard
    board with wires attached(MSI GD65)
  • RAM
    flash drive(8GB Corsair 1333mhz)
  • GPU
    2 calculator chips(2xGTX660)
  • Case
    cardboard box(Cooler Master 430)
  • Storage
    another flash drive(1tb WD blue, and 120GB Evo)
  • PSU
    9V battery(Corsair GS600)
  • Display(s)
    2 calculator displays(VIZIO 32, Samsung 19)
  • Cooling
    none(Intel liquid thermal solution)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    I make the sound effects(graphics card sound)
  1. M305809, the black refrence coolers are soooo sexy on the GTX Titan X's https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  2. You guys crushed my hopes and dreams. LOL : ) I want to make a custom plate to not only cool the gpu but also the v-modules that is why i dont want to settle for a NZXT bracket. The NZXT bracket only blows air over the v-modules and besides, I have some time off so it'll be fun!
  3. You could do that but i dont know if that would feel too good. lol
  4. I'm making a custom water cooling braket for my asetek cooler and my gigabtye 780 to get a quieter over clock. I plan on making a plate either made of copper or alluminum to cover the gpu and the VRAM just like the stock heatsink does and then fix the Asetek cooler onto the plate. I'm thinking copper would be a better way of transfering the heat from the VRAM and gpu to the cooler waterblock because its better at transfering heat right? Stop me if I'm wrong. The plate will be custom bent to the demensions of the stock cooler so don't worry about it shorting out : ) I'll post pictures and temps when I'm done.
  5. I would probably just use samsung's data migration tool and use that to clone your hard drive to the ssd. If you don't have space to do that you can delete things you can download again and just transfer over what would fit. Then after you verify that the OS in working fine on the 850 format the hard drive and download your old stuff again. Or do what Arty said, its a lot cleaner that way but if you dont have a copy of windows then use samsungs data migration tool. http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/SSD/global/html/support/downloads.html
  6. The way i get rid of static is by going over to my grounded light switch and touching the screws with both hands after that I touch my power supply every so often.
  7. I feel like this generation of tech was dominated by the red color scheme and the last generation by blue. I think stealth black will always be the coolest.
  8. My favorite part of the phone is the high resolution display. Viewing content is such a big part of a phone right? Or is resolution just a number? : )
  9. I'm planning on purchasing an external hard drive but am new to the this realm of the world. I need something fast and not to thick for my pocket, under $100. Have any suggestions?
  10. Hello awesome people of the hackintosh world! I saw linus's video on the hackintosh and I wanted to set one up myself. This is what I want to do: I want to take my pc that is currently utilizing one of the two harddrives in my rig and I want to install OS X on the second "blank" drive and be able to switch from windows to OS X(Keeping those drives and information completly seperate) So in short, one computer, two harddrives in that one computer, one with Windows 7 and the other with OS X, and be able to boot to one drive restart the computer then boot to the other. Is this possible? Will installing OS X on my other harddrive disrupt anything in the bios so that I wont be able to boot back to Windows? Thanks in advance : )
  11. So there is or there isn't another slot for a second sata drive? : /
  12. I have always wanted to build a wooden pc case.
  13. Hello, I'm planning on purchasing this laptop because it will be perfect for what I will be doing with this(light gaming, school work, web). But the only thing I don't like is that it has a 1tb harddrive that runs at only 5400 rpm. So, if any of you know if it is possible to add a second drive(ssd), I would appreciate it if you could let me know because I can not find the answer anywhere. Thanks in advance if I have to make you tear apart your laptop.
  14. Im not a total noob, i rush a lot and usulay get 50 kills and about 40 deaths on TDM, im a good gunner on hillicopter. Looking for a good pilot, and two other people who like to blow stuff up and get kills and get killed in the process. If you like these things add me on Origin the gamer tag is M305809, try to have a mic ready. Ps. When im online i would like to call you by your actual name, it feels less akward. PPS. If you like having fun and not obsessed with winning add me if not, then don't.
  15. could i have a sli set up and just conect say, one dvi or hdmi?