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  1. 2FA when possible and increase your password characters.
  2. It not really better, it just goes to Microsoft which they also sell ads data.
  3. It insecure, it store on local computer with essentially no encryption (store in plain text). It fine if you device have full disk encryption but why wouldn't you use extra layer of security which essentially have access to pretty much you own digital life/account.
  4. KeePass with any cloud service providers or self hosted server. Bitwarden is also free and open sourced. You can also hosted your own server if want.
  5. EMC

    Just spilled soup on the keyboard!!!!

    A expensive lesson learnt.
  6. Kernel and rom test builds. I had clear around 1GB kernels deleted last week.
  7. EMC

    Saving a friends economics grade

    If the school find out, you could get expelled but if you're international student you're fine. I don't think it wise for anyone on forums to help on your assignment, you never going to learn unless you do/try it yourself first. The best we could do check script for mistakes etc.
  8. EMC

    ok so time to retire my old setup

    IMO no, it probably can last longer depending on your use case. It really up to you, you could sell your setup for more but I usually retire my current setup for server duties lmao or if it lower spec system clean system out and sell/give to family members and put in new ssd.
  9. It depends on your threat model. If you stay away from downloading questionable shit window defenders with a good adblocker(Uorigin) is enough.
  10. EMC

    The Truth About "Studio" Headphones

    This is true also his video get off topic alot of the time and he rambles on and on lmao. I mostly based off my buying from actual trying the product(I don't mind paying more from retailer that has hassle free returns as I can always return to buy from cheaper source if physical store testing isn't available). To be real, everyone hearing is different so personally I only tell people the comfort of headphones/earbuds. If you something sounds greats but the comfort is shit is no no.
  11. EMC

    The Truth About "Studio" Headphones

    Check z review out if you going to grab a headphones. I havne't really gone wrong with his recommendation yet.
  12. Water cooling is result in same hair clogging up the system. Is 2.5k combine total budget or individual setup? You can consider upgrading to a SSD boot drive and run linux if all software will needed supports linux. I know most management system now days can run be run in web browsers such as client information etc. You can look at Intel NUC and install them on back of monitor. Some are fanless which is great for you hair problem. Never go water-cooling for business/enterprise unless you need to cool high end hardware. Basic office machine don't need watercooling and it just headache down the road.
  13. Considering you don't have SSD for your OS in 2019 is kinda sad. It also really low spec and sometimes windows love to do shit in background, I would consider running a light linux distro for if just using it to take notes in class.
  14. You can skip it, you probably your VPN. I did most of these account before they implement the sms verification thing so but I did make a some ones after and I never had to provide my number. It not hard or cost much to get a sim ... I mean you need phone which you can grab free from second hand recycling place.