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  1. Government changed. They figure it would be better to spend money on second class system that will need to upgrade down the line again. It big, but not whole of Australia was going to be covered by FTTP anyways. Majority of population is in ubran areas which was quite feasible .... instead we get FTTN and buying(spend more money) existing shitty telstra copper. Pretty much paying more money to one to a isp which has highest costing plans and highest peering bandwidth cost. I mean telstra spends alot of keep government to their pockets so is not wonder why.
  2. It really depends what online game you talking about, for most games at least 10mpbs to account for other traffic in your network. You should be looking at latency(ping) in any competitive online shooters but usually is not speed issues.
  3. IMO, you don't need to spend above 400-500USD for a decent phone these days. The sad part, most phone need a battery replacement 2-3 years into their cycle.
  4. In the future, turn off phone straight away and make sure phone is dry before turning it back on. If you have existing messages, you might able to rebuild your contact list.
  5. If you never test it, you will never know. You could set your SSID to same name but, usually doesn't work well if AP doesn't have kick function. For a mesh network, in simple term is able to kick device off wifi allowing device to refind stronger signal from another AP.
  6. I mean, Intel already have know backdoor/spyware (Intel Management Engine). IMO, any backdoor access are bad and shouldn't be created in first place.
  7. Maybe talk to her. Yes. Asking internet for dating advise is just digging a hole for yourself.
  8. If that is case, you might have buy from online stores. Do you trust google more? IMO, I don't trust either, so custom rom without google services.
  9. It "free", a few month ago. Facebook messenger was sending file directory and file name to FB. Getting an iPhone but still using spyware doesn't make iPhone any safer or privacy friendly if you don't continue to use app that harvest your data.
  10. Well rip, big corporation have already been collecting both our face/voice data for years.
  11. Or rise the work time per day. I mean if you already working from 9-5 a extra 1-2 hours per day isn't that much difference.
  12. If a IOT device cannot operate without internet access after initial setup then it automated no for me. You can create your own security camera system with automated backup to encrypted locally and sent to the cloud. It not impossible, you just would have setup VLANs/routing rules to block internet access to these devices. Mainstream devices = no.
  13. Fresh install is probably the easiest and quickest method. Just rememeber to backup stuff you need in your C drive, you can do that by using a linux USB boot and mount drive and backup.