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  1. desertcomputer

    best air cooler for Ryzen 5 2nd gen?

    Marking it solved by OP doesn't mean people cant add more suggestions ...
  2. desertcomputer

    best air cooler for Ryzen 5 2nd gen?

    What are heatsyncs? Do you mean heatsinks? Water cooling is more expensive.
  3. desertcomputer

    want to make a server to run Minecraft need help

    Do you need to upgrade? Server having issues? What is current specs of 6305.
  4. desertcomputer

    best air cooler for Ryzen 5 2nd gen?

    beQuiet Dark Rock 3 4 or Notcua NH-D15
  5. desertcomputer

    How to uninstall Chromium?

    What? Since when. Are you mistaken chromeos which is completely different to chromium which is a browser?
  6. desertcomputer

    Cherry Reds or Browns?

    Personal preference. Go test one in a store or buy from a retailer that accept no question returns and buy both and keep the one you like.
  7. No, unless you want to sell a damaged and broken product.
  8. Is more like anti repairs which can views as anti consumer as not everyone want to fix their issues by buying a new product. They are the one who said opening a phone could kill someone. Meanwhile rose is hitting a battery with a hammer.
  9. desertcomputer

    10Gb a Standard

    If only they start to offer gigabit CVC pricing which isn't crazy.
  10. desertcomputer

    Walmart in your fridge...

    When your Walmart delivery driver found your wife/husband is cheating.
  11. desertcomputer

    Mozilla Firefox soon to go freemium

    Trackers doesn't prevent logins. Maybe JavaScript. "Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure. It’s our top priority." Whitelisting facebook/twitter whitelist facebook javascript which is known already to track people on sites. https://brave.com/script-blocking-exceptions-update/ Also the fact, even cookie if it not stored doesn't mean it can't track you. Running the JavaScript is able to collect enough information to be tracked. If you are using facebook login, what is point of using privacy browser. https://browserleaks.com/ https://panopticlick.eff.org/ Firefox is still a way better option unless you have use to a service which doesn't work well for firefox. If that is the case, probs should just use chrome for that use case.
  12. desertcomputer

    Mozilla Firefox soon to go freemium

    https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/facebook-twitter-trackers-whitelisted-by-brave-browser/ Brave is hardly a safe browser imo. Yeah, I don't need extra 40 bucks a month to sell my data. Even if it anonymized, how do we know it truly is? Just like google 'anonymized' our data but we can view it nicely sorted in our account information/activities. There is still a browser called firefox which is much better after setting it up.
  13. Any component depending how used is that product. It all depends on the age of the product and what the product is.
  14. desertcomputer

    Performance discrepancy

    Do you see the FPS with your own eyes or he told you? Many factors, do you have any program in background? Driver version differences? Temperature differences? Please compare with same exact setting and come back.
  15. desertcomputer

    Bluetooth Audio Latency issue with Bose qc35 II

    Bose is not designed for gaming. There is only way to fix the syncing issues by increase the delay on the screen but this usually isn't helpful for gaming. Grab a headphones for gaming ... Hyper Cloud is a good start around 100 dollars.