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  1. Maybe talk to her. Yes. Asking internet for dating advise is just digging a hole for yourself.
  2. If that is case, you might have buy from online stores. Do you trust google more? IMO, I don't trust either, so custom rom without google services.
  3. It "free", a few month ago. Facebook messenger was sending file directory and file name to FB. Getting an iPhone but still using spyware doesn't make iPhone any safer or privacy friendly if you don't continue to use app that harvest your data.
  4. Well rip, big corporation have already been collecting both our face/voice data for years.
  5. Or rise the work time per day. I mean if you already working from 9-5 a extra 1-2 hours per day isn't that much difference.
  6. If a IOT device cannot operate without internet access after initial setup then it automated no for me. You can create your own security camera system with automated backup to encrypted locally and sent to the cloud. It not impossible, you just would have setup VLANs/routing rules to block internet access to these devices. Mainstream devices = no.
  7. Fresh install is probably the easiest and quickest method. Just rememeber to backup stuff you need in your C drive, you can do that by using a linux USB boot and mount drive and backup.
  8. VPN is great keep ISP out of your traffic but do you trust your VPN provider more than your ISP?
  9. A really bold statement to claim for all ASUS or AMD devices. Maybe just don't buy GA502DU until ASUS address/fix the issue. Why don't you take it back to retailer for a refund? I have friends with AMD builds and old Asus laptop from 13 years ago and still working...
  10. It not the server issues for me but privacy, mumble/ts doesn't require much bandwidth to host and I have spare cpu usage/bandwidth on my VPS to just host it there. Plus have option set to keep no logs so no/little impact on storage, which is privacy plus. I see no advantages switching to discord where mumble server had no issues for more than a couples of years.
  11. You would have pre-order these from your store if you really want to buy one. These usually sold out on day one if you don't pre-order/hold it. It not actually a bad deal for the specs and actual hardware is not too bad like power supply.
  12. Do you have another machine on your local network to perform a IPERF test to rules out local hardware issues?