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    Melbourne, Australia, Earth.
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    3D designer. Prop maker. Cheese monger


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    5960x @ 4.5ghz
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    Sabertooth X99
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    64gb 2400 g.skill
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    Titan Xm + 1080 TI
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    Corsair shit/600t but terrible new version
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    Intel 730, samsung 850pro, kingston 120gb, and a bunch of spinny drives
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    Corsair AX1200I
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    samsung S34E790C, sammy 40" tv and a 24" acer
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    EK Predator 360
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    corsair k95
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    corsair scimitar pro
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  1. Gods she's great. Almost cacked myself laughing the first time I went through her shitty robot builds. Truly beautiful content.
  2. Serin

    This is the PC killer (Haha JK) - The Xbox Scarlett

    Yeah first time watching I thought it was SSD and SSD. But s'not. SOC and solid state drive. The captions confirm it, not that they couldn't be edited after the fact. But the guy is clearly saying SOC. Damn, no memes.
  3. Serin

    So the LG 34WK95U-W has epic burn-in issues

    Ok. Pics taken. This was probably 15-20 mins worth of on time with just the background showing, and taken about 20 after that. Still there now, hours later. You can clearly see the brightest streak of nebula there.
  4. Serin

    So the LG 34WK95U-W has epic burn-in issues

    I can, or at least I could, clearly see my GPU's temp after I left the monitor up for 15 minutes yesterday - despite said monitor being minimised. Not to mention the brightest parts of my background. If not burn-in, then serious image retention. Being even more careful with it today, and will take some shots later tonight when the suns buggered off.
  5. Serin

    So the LG 34WK95U-W has epic burn-in issues

    Scorptec in South Melb. I'm on my second now, so I mean... chances are if there was something stuffed about this particular batch, it'll be there on the other one they had in stock.
  6. Serin

    So the LG 34WK95U-W has epic burn-in issues

    Yeah, wasn't planning on going OLED. Fairly sure there just ain't options there in the ultrawide variety. This LG's an IPS panel - read that maybe this epic burn-in issue was related to the nano-ips coating, but am unsure as to sauce on that.
  7. And I now have 2K AUD burning a hole in my pocket. What the hell is out there that's comparable, but doesn't suffer from the same issues? Rtings had claimed that the panel had precisely zero burn-in issues, so I'm a bit iffy about trusting them now. My use case is pretty much just production, specifically 3D art suites. I'm now on my second 34WK95U-W, after returning the first one over the weekend(purchased last Thursday the 9th). Didn't realise the first one was a burn-n issue as it was only burning in one some nebula-like shapes from my background. Had originally thought the weird greyish streak was some kind of lamination issue. Today I left the new one on with some monitoring going and well... its still on the screen 2 hours later as if some kind of ghost. Bleh! Its so pretty!
  8. Piles, but not with like... big gaping holes in em. Just files that've not been booled into one lump. Was a while ago though since I uploaded anything so lazily. And gods know SW has gotten a lot less helpful lately.
  9. Kinda depends on what you're printing with. Different software will let you get away with different levels of f*ckery. Shapeways's print software for instance is pretty happy to deal with non-manifold models, I think because part of their workflow is to put everything through some version of netfabb before sending it off to print. Most of the cheaper home-based FDM slicers generally less so. Its best practice to take the game model and ensure its good to go, rather than just trying to throw it through a slicer. Just a note on my use of 'topology' - unno if you're in the field, but something to note is that in this case, topology refers to the flow of verts, edges and faces on a model, not the overall shape of the model itself. Its underlying, I guess. A good example to google is facial topology - just take a look at the differing flows of lines that are possible, and sometimes necessary, on the same shape. This is where it gets a little complex. You could have two visually identical models with vastly different topology. Wat Do with that from an IP perspective? Who knows. I certainly don't. There are a bunch of ways to bake the same cake, I guess.
  10. Interesting! Way back when, Cryptic(studio behind Star Trek Online) was pretty DMCA happy, but only to a point. It seemed that once a model had been renamed and the edgeflow/general topo of the model was changed, they wouldn't nuke it. Of course none of that matters now that they've partnered with a stable print manufacturer for their ships. 343i and Microsoft, on the other hand, have been fantastic about the various game-model-based Halo props floating around open source land, and even those reproductions by prop makers. In any case, if you're doing this: Making the model manifold is just the last step. Subdiv that shit. kids. Learn about edge creasing(or software equiv) and clean then smooth out your parts before thinking about bool'ing everything together.
  11. Imagine thinking that trying to stamp out content from a terrorist who murdered 50 innocent people and injured 50 more as 'virtue signalling'. Jesus F**king christ. Maybe we should be worried about these people. They seem to be utterly incapable of putting something bigger than their need to furiously masturbate to murder first. There are places for people like that which also start with A, but not here.
  12. The Cardassian neck trick! That... is brilliant! If you're on FB, I'd ask that you join and post it to Star Trek Shitposting group. If not, may I thieve it and do so?
  13. For the three Discovery watchers... *drops latest microfusion generator during live holo-stream*
  14. I think would be very happy with a 60hz microLED 3440x1440 ultrawide. The wait... it continues.
  15. LinusNothingButPhoneTips?