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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a good mesh networking solution for my house and was wondering what good options there are out there, noticed the google WiFi and that lot but just wanted to know if anyone has used them and what they would recommend. btw i live in a bungalow which is fairly large so may need a few ac points if that helps. Thanks =P
  2. ill have a look at the gigabyte 14 but i feel the form factor and aesthetic of the msi just isn't good enough i just feel razer have the cleanest look and im not bothered about heat/acoustics too much ill happily trade those off for size. although customer support is a biggy.
  3. Hey guys, Im looking to get a Razer blade 14, seems like the ideal laptop that i want to go for but i was just wondering if there are some possible alternatives to it? i was looking to get the latest but a refurshed manufactor one as i get £100/$100 off so i though thats better value. The price of the current is my rough budget, and i also want it in a clean small package with good build quality. Other must haves: - about a GTX 1060 - not too much of a gamer look. (im just not a big fan) - 16GB ram - dont care if its i5 or i7 just want it to be quad core. - reasonably good battery life (i know it wont be amazing) if you guys could just drop some suggestions then that would be cool and i'll take a look at them. ty
  4. Yeah used, do you know how much they go for?
  5. Can someone with developer console experiences help me out, I have 2 PS4 Developer Kits (DUH-D1000AA) Does anyone know there worth and what value they hold, I’m from UK and I couldn’t find any on eBay, can anyone help me out? thanks
  6. Hello, I'm really enthusiastic about computer hardware, understanding the mechanics of how they work and learning about new technologies and how they're developed etc. But I'm stuck at what to do at university and which computer related Degree is most suitable for me. can anyone help? My choices of degree I think should be; Computer Science BSc, Computing BSc or Computer Systems Engineering. Which of these do you feel would be most viable and best relatable?? Thanks
  7. yeah sorry i meant the k92, these any better or the same?
  8. what about something like akg k92? are these really bad, i know theyre cheaper was just wondering.
  9. i was thinking that but i have a desktop mic and dont need the mic on the headset and i though for goof quality you should always avoid gaming and combined headsets??
  10. i got a 4k monitor for casual games then play faster paced fps at 1440p
  11. No theyre £150 here in the uk... otherwise i would get them
  12. Is it worth getting another rx 480 as i have one (8gb) or should i sell and get a new equvilent for performance if so, what??
  13. Just wondering what quality headphones i can get for around £100 or less (best bang for the buck really) using them on a desktop
  14. Thanks for all the advice! I'm taking it into consideration, I understand that almost anything i choose will include maths and I do enjoy it. Didn't realise I'd get many replies regarding to this but turns out it's probably been the most helpful resource so far, thanks!