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    Saucin' on you

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  • CPU
    i7 3770
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8Z77M
  • RAM
    16gb Hyperx fury 1600mhz ( 8GBx2)
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 970 Strix ( 3.5 gb # nvidaXSPOSED)
  • Case
    Corsair 350D
  • Storage
    240gb Kingston 3k ssd, 1tb seagate
  • PSU
    Corsair AX 760
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    x2 Asus V248QE
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    Corsair H60 watercooler
  • Keyboard
    corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502 RGB
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    DAC: Fiio E10K Headphone: Audio technica ATH- M50
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    Windows 10

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  1. ScootsMcgoots

    Car throttling issue

    By no means am I car person, so please bear with me; I've noticed this winter that my car behaves oddly when left out in the cold. Whenever the car is exposed to temps below 28F (-2C) while I am in lecture and work (about 8 hours each day) it will rev itself for the first few minutes of driving. Letting it sit and idle for a few minutes doesn't help. Is the car just trying to warm up the engine by revving it? Is it trying to maintain a certain idle but it can't? Last winter the car did not behave like this, I don't think this winter was that much more harsh than last year's. Keep in mind here it can get as low as -35 F with windchill, replies are appreciated.
  2. ScootsMcgoots

    Am I causing failure?

    If someone is participating in a certain activity and it repeatedly fails in spectacular fashion, is it safe to assume the person is the one causing this activity to fail repeatedly? Keep in mind it's pretty much the same activity with the same goal each time, just with a different party participating with them.
  3. ScootsMcgoots

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    Photography, but because of college much of my time is consumed by class, studying and work. When I'm not doing any of that stuff I like to watch movies, play video games, hangout with friends and as mentioned previously take photos. I try to squeeze as much "fun" out of my weekends as possible so I just go and party, ending up feeling like shit. Good times.
  4. Just as a preface, please be patient I am very new to all of these tools and web development in general; I've been working with Drupal and Acquia dev desktop to work on a website. With the help of someone else I cloned the site and the appropriate databases from the site's phpMyAdmin interface. Before all of this I installed Drupal console and composer to the workstation, globally I believe. We had to disable the simple SAML module on the site as it wouldn't function properly on my local copy, not allowing me to access the Drupal interface. To do this we utilized Drupal console, which worked fine. Each time the site gave us a new error we would figure out which module was causing it and we would proceed to uninstall it through the console. At one point, the console starting behaving erratically; simply trying to run drupal in cmd would cause it to say drupal isn't a program or a recognized command. sometimes it would launch, but then certain commands would be recognized. By that I mean I would try to generate a module using the console (I made sure the syntax was correct) and it would say "module" wasn't a recognized command. With the same amount of "randomness" composer wouldn't work, the cmd would say "cannot open composer.phar". Running any of the aforementioned things in Powershell fails significantly less , but still fails intermittently. We've tried reinstalling Acquia, uninstall composer and drupal console and even trying a slightly older version of the site. It works fine on my coworker's workstation (they're basically identical machines) and worked fine for the people who previously used the same machine (same install of windows just different users). Replies are appreciated!
  5. ScootsMcgoots

    Cities: Skylines help - with city

    Yea, the pathfinding of the ai cars seems pretty shitty; I saw a delivery truck take the longest possible path to its destination instead of taking a left right after it exited the offramp.
  6. ScootsMcgoots

    Cities: Skylines help - with city

    This is my first time playing this game, please be nice. I have massive traffic issues, as you can see by the heat map. All the traffic gets congested on the off ramp from the highway, to make matters even worse 90% of the city is comprised of 2 lane roads. Is there any decent way to recover from this? The congestion is so bad my coal power plants on an island across the river are not receiving the fuel they require quick enough. A large portion of the traffic appears to be industry related, all trying to deliver things to the top half of the city, that's where all the industrial buildings are located. Honestly I didn't take this game seriously at all when I first installed it, which resulted in this mess. Now I actually want to play it properly; some tips for the game would be appreciated, just some basics to keep in mind next time I'm building a city.
  7. ScootsMcgoots

    Java int to double

    I was wondering, how would I take an integer and shorten it to a double? What I'm looking for is what allot of social media sites do to shorten the view count stat; on YouTube it will say 2.5 million views on the main page, if you click on the video the more detailed number will say 2,500,000 views. Could I just use the Integer class's method doubleValue then round it to my liking? Something like Math.floor(doubleValue(myInt)); I feel I might be overthinking this one but replies are appreciated.
  8. I've been thinking about upgrading my gpu, I've told myself for the past 3 years "I'll upgrade my GPU next year it's fine". I've reached a point that I figure my motherboard's chipset is so old that there's no point in keeping it when I want to upgrade, I might as well build a whole new system. When I build this new system (probably in 3 to 4 years when I graduate from college) would it ok to re use my PSU in this future build? My PSU is the Corsair AX 760, I've had it since 2014 and it's given me absolutely no problems. I know nothing about electrical engineering or anything of that sort in general, is this PSU's design pretty sound?
  9. ScootsMcgoots

    Everyone Was Right About Tesla

    I know nothing about business and economics, but Tesla claims they're a tech company not a car company. From what I understand tech companies like Amazon purposely operate on very thin margins and spend allot of their capital.
  10. ScootsMcgoots

    Dating a cheater is an awful idea?

    I'm not crazy lol, I just have a unique personality. I'm coherent correct?
  11. ScootsMcgoots

    Dating a cheater is an awful idea?

    I mean, I felt the girl wanted them to be. I would just fuck it up in some sort of way whether it be losing interest or saying something she didn't like. As a result there are many girl on campus who hate me with a burning passion.
  12. ScootsMcgoots

    Dating a cheater is an awful idea?

    Yes my mind doesn't work very logically. Personally I don't fear death, I fear a painful death. If she did do something like cheat on me, I'd be incredibly angry. I'm not sure what I'd do but it wouldn't be very positive. It might be similar to when a friend annoys me I might think about killing them for a bit of time, like how'd I would do so etc. Of course I wouldn't carry out my thoughts.
  13. ScootsMcgoots

    Dating a cheater is an awful idea?

    From the way she described it, it was lying by omission; she cheated awhile ago and he found out like a month or so ago. He asked her and she was honest and said yes, she cheated.
  14. ScootsMcgoots

    Dating a cheater is an awful idea?

    I feel I could be a bit of a man ho too (a girl called me that but she has her own problems so I'll take it with a grain of salt) judging by my past relationships. Like I mentioned, I burn through relationships in a matter of weeks. I truly feel I like a girl yet after a few weeks I'm bored and feels quite disappointed with myself. While the other person is quite upset I feel a little sad for a day then get over it. This causes girls to dislike me very much, the breakups are never good. I'm not surprised my relationships always fail, I'm awful at empathizing etc. Empathizing or trying to consider others has always been difficult for me. When I reflect upon myself, when family or friends die I never really feel sad. For me it's akin to when your phone breaks; I feel disappointed for a day, like I lost something I liked. The aforementioned personality traits make establishing meaningful relationships difficult imo.