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  1. Explain the difference to me between off topic and post anything?
  2. Yeah but this is the off topic section so it doesn't have to pertain to tech. And my posts didn't violate any code of conduct so they shouldn't have been removed. Why was I singled out?
  3. I mean honestly it's so dumb. I have never been disrespectful of this forum yet I have countless deleted threads and warning points because people get butthurt over spilt milk.
  4. I just don't want to be locked out of playing games at 1080p because if interpolation and distortion.
  5. I mean there is nothing wrong with it but imho the EVGA and Gigabyte cards both look better as well as offer equal if not better performance. Slightly cooler, slightly higher clock speeds.
  6. Don't get MSI. I would get the EVGA or I would also look at Gigabyte.
  7. Yes, ever since 3.0 came out it has been so strange. Every time I pet my mouse her hair feels so mich different. It probably has something to do with me changing her shampoo though and less to do with my conputer.
  8. Yeah i understand this but what about the distortion. How bad would it be? And also if I lowered the setting how many fps? Would it be playable?
  9. Ok so basically I could run Tanks at 3k at like 60+ fps. But what happens if I want to play DayZ, or the witcher 3 or something like that. I would obviously have to lower to 1080p. How bad would the distortion be?
  10. So for example if I maxxed out all their setting at 3k would I be getting 60+ fps on all those titles you think???
  11. There is a new need for speed most wanted game that came out in 2012. I don't know if it is as good as the 2005 one though. But I guess you knew that...
  12. I've been seeing a lot of 3k screens on laptops recently... Even a few 4k screens. Specifically i've been looking at Aorus and MSI. I'm sure that when not gaming browsing the internet at 3k is awesome. However, are these resolutions sustainable when gaming. I know that can't be when playing very high intensity games. But what about less intensive games such as LoL or World of Tanks. I play those games sometimes and was wondering if I could play them on high settings at 3k. Also, how does switching resolutions work when going from web browsing to gaming? Can you make the adjustment quickly or is it a slow process? Also, if you were to lower the resolution to 1080p on a 3k laptop screen, wouldn't the picture be duistorted because of not using the max resolution possible?
  13. I don't call her my wife because we never had a wedding or got married. I also never plan to considering she is a terrible mom and I don't care about her. She's just my gf.