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  1. Yea, and why they would store this all unencryped is beyond me. They were also storing unsalted MD5 passwords and even some plaintext passwords! Did they just decide to throw this mess of a system together themselves one weekend and decide it was good to go?
  2. Huh, both of you are also in the UK from your profile? Wonder if its geo-related.
  3. Yea, that. Even stranger is if I click open link in new tab in the context menu then it takes me to that page. It just wont expand to show it.
  4. When I search for something on Google Images the images show up, but don't expand when I click on them. I figured it was nothing and would go away with a restart, but my friend messaged me with the exact same thing. I tried it in Chrome and Edge and neither work, so I'm guessing someone at Google done goofed?
  5. Interesting is the price difference between i5-8400 ($203 USD) and i3-8350K ($199 USD). More cores vs Higher freq in a very similar price rage.
  6. I was tempted by Oculus' $400 deal... but I'm still waiting for a v2 of the vive with better pixel density and the knuckles controllers. (and maybe a slightly lower price )
  7. Looking at at, Linus did a video on one... it did cost $4000 though...
  8. If you go into the Nvidia Control Panel you can manually enable Fast-Sync, which is much better and lower latency than V-Sync and doesn't cap FPS but still eliminates tearing.
  9. You would need a server rack case with a server motherboard to hold 8 gpus. What do you even want 8 gpus for?
  10. Just saying: graffiti on signs could also confuse humans, not in this specific way, but they can be altered or obscured anyways... Then someone comes along and cleans it.
  11. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Long live night theme! つ ◕_◕ ༽つ