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  1. Had these thoughts before but you guys hammered the nail, making me force to accept the truth that it can shift a lot Thanks anyway!
  2. Hello! I'm going to sell my computer and I want to get the right value for it, could I get some tips on what I can expect? When I did a fast counting the parts was worth around 12 500 SEK, which is 1280 USD, 1700 CAD and 1180 Euro. Should I expect to sell it for that, more or less? Looking at a new complete computer purchased at a store with around the same performance but a rtx card (2070 super) it starts at 17 000 SEK and builds averaging around 20 000 SEK, which is 1750/2050 USD, 2300/2700 CAD and 1600/1900 Euro. Parts: Graphics: MSI Gaming X 1080 TI Processor: i7-7700K RAM: 32 GB(4x8) Think 2666MHz Motherboard: Strix Z270F Gaming Chassi: Phanteks Eclipse P400 Tempered glass CPU cooler: Coolermaster 212 evo PSU: 650W 80+ (gold or plat) that's modular Thanks for helping! Best regards, Mr. Swede
  3. When doing so I get 10 ms to 11 ms with a few spikes at 14 ms. Here is a picture of how bad connection I have to youtube. It's not the disk, same problem when installing to my SSD(samsung 850 evo 250 GB)
  4. Didn't really understand you there but with the speed from speedtest it is expected to get around 25-30 MB/s downloading speed.
  5. It's not only steam, its youtube and everything else
  6. I could understand that if everything else was working fine but, I am not so sure Youtube have had problems the past week and only problems for my computer (not phone/TV).
  7. Hello! I am having some trouble and have been having this for a few days. I'm paying for 250/100 Mbit/s and using cable. My downloading speed is bad or not working, can't look youtube 1080p or download a game from steam with a constant downloading speed. My friend that I live with have great speeds but even when his internet cable is pulled out I get these bad results. Have checked for all the latest updates in Device manger > Network and it seems fine. I have no idea what the problem might be, appreciate any assistance!
  8. Ok so uninstalling GPU Tweak II did nothing but when I uninstalled AI suite 3 it now works. Although.... That AI suite program was quite nice to have, easy overclock easy fan monitoring. I now see that my CPU is clocked at 4.6 GHz, is that something to worry or is a temperature of ~75 degrees alright?
  9. Not really sure but I think Axial fans? It looks like this
  10. Hello! I have just now with my new build come to the conclusion that my graphics card is too loud to be acceptable. Below are pictures after I just start my computer. First picture, bottom left is fan speed for GPU . This is the exact model I am using: https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/GTX970DC2OC4GD5BLACK/ When I change in GPU Tweak the fan speed to User define and makes it so that it should run at 30% speed up until 70 Degrees(C) it still runs at 50-55%. I have tried to change settings but what ever I do I can not get below 1500 RPM. While gaming it runs 100% at 3000 RPM, I run open headphones and it's getting annoying to game. Could anyone explain to me what settings to do or what to fix physically fix with the Graphics card? Thanks for your assistance! EDIT: When I change mode on GPU Tweak II then it lowers the fan to 30% but then springs back to 50% by some reason. Maybe that can help.
  11. Would get most of my equipment from Massdrop if I only lived in USA or Canada, I have to pay shipping + 14$ + 25% of the price I bought the product for and all this to have a harder time with warranty. I am currently using the Philips Fidelio X2 as I'm writing this review, first time I listen to open headphones and it was a nice experience! I started to think on how it was different from closed headphones and closed headphones feel like the sound is inside your head. Comparing this to open it feels like the music is in the room, exactly how many other explain it, just hard to imagine the difference without testing it out. My biggest problem is the weight, 380g, with all the fancy metal it is heavy on the head. Will use them for a few more days before I can say if this is my cup of tea or not.
  12. I did take a glance at the HE400i/s before your post but since they both cost ~400$ it's quite above my budget and twice as high as my "happy" 200$ mark. Don't want all my fun-money going into one pair of headphones when I've never used real headphones When you say that the AKG are not comfortable at all, do you mean the earcups, headband or the weight of them on the top of your head? I can see that the HE400i are 60% heavier but maybe their solution on the headband are better, please comment on that. Not sure if most countries have this but in Sweden we have the possibility to buy and test the product at home for up to 14 days (written law) and most have 30 days. Since I don't want to be the douche that orders every pair that I can think of and then returning all but one, I've so far only ordered the Philips Fidelio X2 for 200$ and will order AKG712 if I can get the for 214$, they raised to 300$ today I will try out the Fidelio X2 tomorrow and will probably go with them (if they are as comfy as I've heard) if the AKG712 doesn't get down to 214$. Would like to try out the HD599/600 but no store within 2 hour drive and don't wish to purchase when I got so much doubt for them (now I'm sure they are excellent as music headphones but from several reviews I've seen that you could get basicly the same sound/comfy but for less $ if your focus is on gaming).
  13. The Logitech G430 are not my cup of tea, that was when I compared to other gaming headsets. Made this thread because I know too little of real headphones that are comfortable and sound good, compared to gaming headsets.