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  1. Hello, got a Ryzen 1600 recently with slow RAM and 8GB capacity. It is 2x4 GB sticks which I will replace. I am looking to upgrade to 16 GB, and wanted to know if you have any recommendations in regards to brands, speeds and timings.
  2. Hello, I have a weird problem with one of my laptops, when the laptop booting while connected to the dock it says plugged in not charging. Then i have to take it out the dock and back in or sometimes restart the laptop to get it charging again in the dock. I have tried updating and resetting the bios, but it still happens. This happens everytime the laptop is connected to the dock, but only when booting while in dock. Any ideas?
  3. Okay, did a fresh reboot closed all background applications and scored 557. I think some of the background applications were using a little too much cpu usage. Thanks for your quick responses as always
  4. The clock speed stayed around 3700 Mhz, its not a fresh install. Running Win10 with lates update.
  5. Hello, I was curious as to how my i5 4690 was holding up and ran the Cinebench benchmark, however it only scored 434 is that normal? My cpu temp was hitting 80 at max.
  6. I havent looked into Windows Defender in a long time, how is it now?
  7. I am using the free version of Bitdefender and SUPERAntiSpyware, I like the simplicity of Bitdefender and the low impact on performance it has, as for SUPERAntiSpyware I use it because its rated as one of the best. I have also tried MalwareBytes, but I find that SUPERAntiSpyware scans my PC more thoroughly. Would love to hear what you use and why, also if you have any recommendations.
  8. Yes it's overclocked to around 4.2-4.3.
  9. Okay forgot to mention i would get the board also.
  10. Hi there, My little brother currently have an fx 6300 in his system and I might be able to get a i5-2400 for free. So will the i5-2400 perfom any better in games than the fx 6300?
  11. If anything I can try to see what fps I get with the 4690k and if it's not enough I can save some more and get the i7
  12. I currently got a i5 4690k and a 390x and i'm planning on upgrading to a gtx 1070 and a 144hz display. My question is can my i5 4690k supply the 1070 with enough frames that a 144hz display is worth it?
  13. Oh ok ty i just got a little confused when i saw that.
  14. My two Hyper X DDR3 ram blocks seem to run at 800MHz for some reason when i look CPU-Z even though i have set it to 1600MHz in the bios. Any ideas?
  15. Yeah but the thing is many games dont scale that well in sli or crossfire.