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  1. That's it guys think I am gonna get the Xbox one Thanks for all your support
  2. Wonder why Microsoft does that........
  3. What about assassin creed? Does it run at native 1080p?
  4. I play assassin creed , watchdogs , and COD
  5. So you are saying that Xbox games run at 720p?
  6. No I need to play it with a console
  7. Hey guys so I decided to buy a console, and I am very confused whether to buy an Xbox or a ps4. So please post your opinions.... (Please don't tell me to get a PC)
  8. And I have this question as well If I get a Xbox one and connect it to a 4k monitor, will I be able to run games at 1440p?
  9. What about GPU's? Is amd better or nvidia better?
  10. Thanks guys That was really quick replied.... Why are you guys not recommending amd processors?
  11. As in the title a 1000 dollar pc with performance and power I am thinking of a 4k monitor (Samsung) And I should get games running at 1440p And I am in India and if you recommend something please make sure it is available in Indian Amazon store . Thanks:)