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  1. I recommend the HP 350 G1 (K4L54UT#ABA) Notebook (Intel Core i5 4210U version) I fits what you want and is under 500 but I see deals on it sometimes so you could get it for less if you dig around. What i like about ti the most is its size / weight.
  2. see them cats man! I am telling you IT and cat's, some one should make a repair company with a cat has there mascot.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/artbynips I got that made for my video series for my websitew/online life she is awesome artists check her out if you like Comic stuff and LOL art
  4. I hear cat stuff allot. Cat's always seem to become involved when it comes to computers. Whats up with that ? lol
  5. I am sure at some point in our life we had to update update firmware or change a config setting in our network device's . Today myself i had a similar issue, when it happened i was like "shit none of these Pc's have a serial port on them" so me and my boss looked all around hoping to find a old PC's with a port. and lucky us packed away in the corner my boss whip out a old XP machines just so we could use a serial port to connect to router. Scary moment when your expensive network device become useless. Was wonder if any of you had crazy story of this happened to yourself?
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    My body is ready...I hope
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    Well i do like the "awesomely good" jokes linus makes all the time
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    (didn't find a introductions Post/ Topic so I made this) Hi to every member, I have been a Fan of the YouTube channel for years now and I never joined the forums. (What was i thinking?!?! I read allot of ti but never joined) I am now here to share my own thought as well as getting to know you all more. Self Intro: Hello all I'm Mac19pm I studied information technology / Computer Science and graduated in 2013. OI currently work for a IT company as a technician. I started playing computer games when I was vary young (I would say about 5 or 6) and since then I was hooked. The original NES and Sega were my first systems along with my PC. Playing games was my favorite pastime at a young age, even though I was absolutely terrible at most games. I would spend hours and hours playing games like Quake and Mario. I got vary into Pokemon later in my life along with mostly every Sony PlayStation title. My love for technology come mostly from games, had to do allot of upgrading in the 90's to play the latest and greatest games. From that I started doing freelance IT work and enjoyed it allot. So ya just wanted to introduce myself a bit, and hope to get to know the community more beyond the YouTube channel and comments. -Mac19pm