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  1. Make sure you turn on the Fusion Engine in the Logitech software Sounds like the fusion engine isnt on so the AM010 is just running on its max 2.7 m/s. You should never loose track on the G402 with the Fusion engine on(Max is like 12 m/s).
  2. I'm trying to record something for school but my onboard audio was giving me issues with static noise. So I bought a syba external usb adapter to remove the static noise. It did the job but also brought another issue. The modmic sounds like it has this beaming high ringing noise and I don't really know how to deal with it. I tested my cloud alpha's mic and it sounded great. I was wondering if there was a solution to this or if I got a faulty modmic? MP3 Test: http://www.mediafire.com/file/des2pt2w5v2kgsl/Hyperx_Cloud_Alpha_Mic_vs_Modmic.mp3/file I was wondering whether a ground loop noise isolator would fix this issue?
  3. I've been trying various settings to push it past 4.5ghz and it is always unstable. I even bought a new powersupply to see if that would help stablize a 4.5 ghz overclock but it never works out. I just BSOD 10 min after restarting. I've tried various voltages in my bios and I feel like I was super unlucky with the lottery or my mobo just isn't fit for oc.
  4. Currently debating on whether I should upgrade CPU or upgrade my GPU. I was eyeing the RTX 2070 super card but wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea to upgrade from an 1070. I was thinking about upgrading my 4790k to the newest ryzen gen 3 cpu or a intel 9700k. Any thoughts? Current Spec: 4790K @ 4.4 GHz (I can't overclock any higher for some reason. I lost the lottery :shrug:) EVGA 1070 OC 16 GB RAM @ 1600 MHZ 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM Asus Z97 Mobo
  5. Open Back is only good if your sound environment is quiet. I used to own the PC 37x when I was in college and the environment was quiet in the dorms. I got home from college and used it in a noisy environment (Summer Fan/Family being loud). I honestly could not hear very well at all and had trouble listening to anything in siege or cs go. Therefore, I sold my PC 37x and went back to closed backed hyperx cloud alpha. Open back soundstage and imaging is way better than closed.
  6. Optical switches on the razer huntsman are probably my favorite the clicky and tactile feel of a blue at a 45g force
  7. AuraDesru

    Sennheiser PC37X

    Anyone own this pair of headphones or have ones that are similar like the Game One? I feel like this headset is kinda quiet and I'm wondering if that's because its open back and its losing some of the sounds through the openings by the driver. Does this mean that I should buy a external DAC to drive more power and get more volume out of them? I think my Z97M Plus should drive these fine but I'm not sure.
  8. Logitech Mice are generally really durable. G400S and its generation of gaming mouse were only really bad due to the thin cord that would usually fail before anything else. Logitech has learned from its past and made it better with THICC cord or braided cord. + you have a sick ass warranty that also covers stuff so..
  9. g402 is super durable I threw it at my wall because I raged at cs go and it was perfectly fine.
  10. the temps are very different in comparison to my first zenbook This is a replacement due to dead pixels on the screen
  11. Recently replaced a Zenbook UX330 I'm getting around 39-44c on idle It's 91f in Oregon and I dont have AC Is this normal or should I ask amazon for a replacement?
  12. HDMI cant output 144hz Need DVI-D/ Displayport to get 144hz