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  1. i am upgrading to the oneplus 7 pro from an iphone se. I want a decently rugged case that will protect the screen, corners and back of the case. i have looked at al ot and notice that it seems hard to protect the sides of the screen due to its curved nature, but if this is possible I appreciate this focus. I also am interested in a rubber/pastic case and am honestly okay with a decent amount of bulk, just looking for good build quality and protection. cost is not an issue as long as it is not over $70 or so. thanks for the help. P.S. - plastic screen protectors seem to be trash generally so i would prefer less crappy plastic screen protectors, but i am not absolutely opposed. THANKS
  2. so this is the kind of guy who buys a computer uses it until it dies and buys a new one. is the cheaper pricepoint for possible upgrades worth it if he probably never will? also how big is the gap in performance between the 1600 and the 8400? if mobo costs go down which do you think is better
  3. seasonic is known to have quality and quiet psus...... but ok
  4. thanks, the only reason i wanted to get nonstock cooler was to lower sounds so yeh always could dump that and obv psu was overkill so i could easily go cheaper on that thanks.
  5. The goal for this build is to be able to play any game at decent to high settings at 1080p. the price point is around $800. I personally know he can go a little higher for something that will last a long time. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qk2zJV here is the build let me know any suggestions thx! P.S. - this build wont happen for a couple of weeks so a different mobo is likely to be used as this one is just the only one released right now.
  6. Thanks for the help, my initial thought was the Bose cause most of the time their sound is better but i probably will get whichever one I can find cheaper.
  7. I want a pair of blue tooth for both sport and everyday use. Is one better than the other, I chose these 2 because they are trusted brands and are in my price range. thanks
  8. they are not particularly ergonomic if i am honest ( i do own one and use it as my regular mouse). However it is a tall enough mouse that a user does not have to hold their fingers up as long as they have a small to medium size hand. It does support more of a claw gripstyle in general, and is in general a slightly more minimalistic deathadder 2013
  9. save up just $10 more and get a steelseries rival 100 imho
  10. for a cheap option i also really reccomend an enermax ets-t40-tb for cheap VERY quiet air cooling, i love mine
  11. it is the same reason people got z97 boards vs z87 boards during haswell and haswell refresh
  12. i personally perfer the nzxt style
  13. maybe your cpu is overheating and shutting itself off?
  14. Looks pretty nice wish i could afford it. Actually looks pretty high quality too as far as pump and reservoir goe.
  15. He legit just said don't mention Kaby lake in post @weberdarren97 your build looks ok, but imho I would just save up for a nicer rig( like an i3) if there is anyway to do so
  16. alright i understand as motherboards seem flimsy and are not rigid
  17. make sure you have the tab on the right side pushed all the way to the right, then slowly apply more and more pressure. It can take a good bit of pressure which can be scary
  18. if you arent having any issues with your current card keep it, then if you can buy a better display and gpu when you want a better resolution or refresh rate
  19. sorry its a bad habbit from befroe the automatic OP follow
  20. yes because both of them use the pcie connector gen 3