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    MSI X99A SLI Plus
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    16GB Corsair LPX DDR4
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    ASUS GTX 1080 Strix
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    Corsair 460X
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    Samsung 840 Evo 500GB
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    Corsair HX 1000i
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  1. Epic has stated they expect to slow down buying exclusives when/if Valve responds and moves away from the 30% cut. They released a roadmap of improvements last week (I think). If they keep to it the client will get a lot better over time. They released it far, far, too early.
  2. Its a bit of a stretch to say that this is due to Epic. Redesigns like this could take several months to even get to this state. There has been talk of big changes to Steam's UI since before Epic started trotting out exclusives.
  3. Kyle has “bashed” every major player in the PC hardware space at one time or another.
  4. Derangel

    Nvidia Brings DXR Raytracing to Pascal, Turing and Volta

    RTX is ray-tracing processed via the tensor cores. Both DXR and Vulkan ray-tracing can use the tensor cores. The proprietary implementation of the tech likely has more to do with the use and optimization of the tensor cores as both BFV and Metro use DXR.
  5. Derangel

    Nvidia Brings DXR Raytracing to Pascal, Turing and Volta

    RTX is built off of DXR. According to Gamers Nexus this is basically Nvidia “flipping a switch” in their drivers to enable DXR support on non-RTX cards.
  6. Why is everyone talking about buying SIM cards? Google Voice and other VOIP numbers work with Telegram.
  7. Derangel

    Nvidia is dropping 3D vision

    Yeah, it never seemed to work as well with first person titles. It wasn't outright bad, but I think the tech simply wasn't up to snuff for quicker paced first-person games. It was amazing in the first two Arkham games.
  8. Derangel

    Nvidia is dropping 3D vision

    Nvidia actively supported 3D Vision for over a decade. I wouldn't call that a "fad".
  9. Derangel

    Ryzen 3000 release date leak

    April would be perfect. I might be near a Microcenter towards the end of May so there should be more reliable stock of these by then so I'd be really tempted to grab one of the higher-end models.
  10. Derangel

    Corsair Hydro X Series - New Product Leak

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using a Chinese or Taiwanese water cooling company as the OEM for these. I haven’t seen anything like that res or the CPU blocks from any of the big wc companies. Closest would be the round blocks from Thermaltake but those look pretty different than the Corsair ones.
  11. Derangel

    Bowser is the New President of Nintendo of America

    And Reggie used to work for Procter & Gamble, a company I'd say is a lot worse than EA could ever hope to be.
  12. That will protect you from random "drive-by" level hacks, but if someone is directly targeting you anything you can easily memorize is a security hole. Social engineering and examining previous passwords exposed from various security breaches will be used to figure out your password scheme. With how often websites are hacked these days personal password schemes are a lot easier for people to figure out if they really want to target someone.
  13. No, everyone should not "just remember" passwords. It is quite literally impossible for the human brain to remember multiple long strings of random numbers and letters. If a password is not random is not secure. Having non-randomized passwords is a very bad security practice. Anyone that thinks their "unique" non-randomized password scheme is secure would be in a rude awakening if anyone really wanted to target their accounts.
  14. https://www.zdnet.com/article/critical-vulnerabilities-uncovered-in-popular-password-managers/ ZDNet reached out to the companies that were tested and they all gave responses. LastPass claims to have fixed the issue while the other companies all had various explanations that amount to someone having admin-level access to your system is likely able to bypass a lot of security measures. ISE also says that their tests aren't meant to criticize the password managers. For better or worse, password managers are still one of the best ways to handle multiple, truly unique, passwords.
  15. The term you are thinking of is Freedom of Expression. Free Speech is the legal term used by the US and any other country with free expression laws on the books. Freedom of Expression is the term coined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.