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  1. RT off looks much better to me. While its cool to see stuff like this done just with ReShade, it never really looks "good". Adding RT lighting on top of the game's pre-baked lighting tends to kind of wreck the atmosphere the developers were going for. Here it makes things look way too bright, clearly butchering the darker tone Bungie originally intended the game to have. Plus, it kind of makes it look less realistic than more. This is especially evident in the second scene, if you look off to the left you can see it clear lighting an area that was meant to stay dark. I have to give credit to the work people are doing to make this possible, however, even if I don't personally like how it makes games look. Then again, I've never been a fan of what most ReShade profiles do to a game's appearance.
  2. It's pretty clear things on their side simply weren't ready for this launch. They're having problems because they rushed to launch to try and beat their competitors. They're trying to claim this clearly still early beta product as something ready for release.
  3. Oh please. Of course they have ideas. Of course they're already looking at what they can get away with in terms of monetization. This is all just typical PR crap. Edit: And if they truly aren't sure how they want to deal with it then that means customers need to be vocal about telling them what they don't want. Getting complacent and pretending a corporation will never do anything wrong (despite evidence existing of them doing wrong in the past) is what leads to the corporation taking advantage of that rabid fanbase.
  4. 13 and up in the US. The game is rated T here. It is directly marketed at children. If a company thinks it can get away with something, they will do it. People are quick to forget about CDP "joking" about GOG being shut down, how they tried to sue pirates (which caused so much outrage that they were forced to drop the lawsuits), or them outright lying (multiple times) about Witcher 3 being downgraded. They're not this spotless, perfect, company people paint them to be. Like I said, maybe its not a good mentality to have.
  5. You have no idea what you are talking about. They ARE designed to make people addicted. They ARE intentionally designed to prey on people prone to addiction. I mean, fuck, games like Fortnite prey on children and have turned the whole concept of "default" into an insult. Companies hire psychologists to make sure these schemes are as addictive as possible. Why do you think games have obscene time requirements in order to unlock things or lock some of the most desirable items solely behind a paywall? There is no correlation between game price and microtransactions. You really need to learn to read between the lines when it comes to PR speak. Beyond that, my later point still stands: We need to treat this as if they were saying that they will add mictotransactions to the game. We shouldn't just shrug and go "oh, they would never go against their word" or anything like that. There are countless examples of supposedly "pro-consumer" companies turning against that mindset the moment they can get away with it. CDP is a publicly traded company, you and I are not their real customers nor are we their primary concern. Investors are and those are the people they need to keep happy. Maybe it's not a great mentality to have, but I can be slightly more forgiving of F2P games, depending on how they handle it.
  6. The source article, conveniently, neglected to post any images of what the subscripts were referencing. Those subscripts would have given more details on the tests. While it's crap, cherry picking benchmarks isn't false advertising. Your analogy would be false advertising.
  7. Umm...What? If marketing isn't news then press releases wouldn't be posted.
  8. "Everyone does it, that means we should never call it out. Never think or complain, just consume mindlessly."
  9. " Monetization will be intelligent and we will ensure that – how always – deliver valuable products in exchange for payment received.” From your link. They confirmed it will have monetization. Also, if people don't want this to happen we should treat it as a 100% thing and express our thoughts based on that. If enough people express anger and betrayal CDP will have to abandon MTX plans or prove themselves to just be yet another AAA publisher.
  10. People really need to stop the "only cosmetic" bullshit. It is such a shitty defense of bad practices. Cosmetic stuff used to be free in games, they were stuff that big games would have a bonuses for people to collect. They are also huge business and only further encourage shitty practices. They are always intentionally designed to be unfair to the player and designed to ensure the most people possible buy them. These companies hire psychologists to manipulate people into buying MTX. All the "only cosmetic" defense does is defend corporations. MTX should NEVER be in full priced games. I don't care what game it is, who the publisher is, they shouldn't exist. Period. CDPR is betraying their fanbase by doing this.
  11. Its not going to get development without people supporting it.
  12. So you want something with huge potential across several fields to die because you find it boring? That's rather petty.
  13. Over 2 million people have bought PSVR headsets. Its sold well enough and has enough promise that Sony will be supporting VR from the get-go on the PS5. They are even going to release an updated headset sometime after launch. HTC is banking what little future it has on VR due to the sales of the original Vive. Facebook has only continued to heavily support Oculus and their devices as time goes on. Every damn super market chain in the US has a bunch of VR stuff in their electronics sections. From cheap mobile VR crap all the way up to high-end headsets. Could you maybe use your face to talk instead of your backside from now on?
  14. Terminating a service right after the launch of another. Way to build confidence in the long-term availability of Stadia Google.
  15. According to Google the app will supposedly work on things besides the Pixel but they are incredibly vague and only say " However, purchasing games and managing your content can be done from any iOS 11+ or Android M+ device that can run the Stadia app". Though mobile gameplay can ONLY be done on Pixel phones until next year.