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  1. Do u have any ideas on things I can do to add to it. Or any ideas for next project
  2. Thanks. I might be changing the time to 4 or 5 pm central standard time tho due to the fact that I am still studying and it's all most 3am
  3. Hey guys I am modding A old 3 drawer desk thing I really don't know what it is called but I have had it for about 4 years and I would like to mount a Xbox 360 that I had found in my basement. The modding will include me repainting 3 drawer thing and putting a plexiglass window on the top of it plus allot more. I will be starting the project around 3pm central time USA on June 24 2013 I will post a picture of the drawer thing. I would like to know your guys feed back on what I'm doing. I know it's silly and for all the ps3 fanboys out there I do own a ps3 and I play it often and I will be doing a mod log on it within the next month but right now I am doing a Xbox mod due to the fact that I have a extra one
  4. It's not the exact cooland it's just an example I will be making my own mixture
  5. What so you think about these parts for the rest of the water-cooling plus modding
  6. Actually I already ordered a red t-virus and yes a 360 radiator fits tn the bottom with the hdd cage
  7. I know that the 2 8pins run behind the tray I actually have a finished Product now
  8. Ok so to clear things up because I did not mention I am getting a larger Reservoir and adding 2 GPUs to the loop I will also be buying a 480 radiator for the top and putting the 360 I have in the front of the case as well as getting a new pump and I will be adding new fans but it cost money that I don't have at the moment I am not letting the case size go to waste it's just these things cost a fair amount of money as anyone with water-cooling knows
  9. O ok but the tubbing will not fit under yet I think that I will either keep it like that or move it around by the way it is all wired up yet nor is anything fully finished
  10. He I'm Chris Ford this is my new water-cooling build in the 900D and I think I got the loop figured out but I would like to hear everyone else's feedback on now I know I'm missing 2 fans in the picture due to the fact that I didn't put the whole computer together all I wanted done was the tubbing and yes the tubbing is Routed behind the case for a cleaner look now the tubbing in the picture is from a old water-cooling loop and Needs to be replaced with identical tubbing so the little angled cuts and the weird form will not be there with the new tubbing I would to know what you guys/girls think the 3 photos I am asking are with the side panel on than off than the last one is with everything open
  11. Yes I know that I will be buying a 4x120 radiator for the top and moveing the 3x120 radiator into the front of the case.(sorry I'd I skip out on details I am extreamly tired and have no time tomarrow to work on pc so I am working on it now
  12. No I am not adding one yet but I will be adding 2 in the next 2-3 mounts but I will also be getting a new pump and Reservoir with those graphic cards. This is not my first water-cooling loop I've built I just not that sure because I actually have options on we're to put everything
  13. Um the pictures came out sideways for some reason
  14. Sorry meant to type need instead of kneed I was typing fast on this ipad and messed up
  15. Hey guys I kneed some help with how I am going to setup my new loop in the 900d hear are some images to give you a idea but I want it to look good that's the hard part
  16. the main restriction with outtake is the h80 because the air has to pass through that radiator but it does not cause a noticeable restriction so it should be fine or you can message me and i can help you in any ways that you would kneed help with your concern.
  17. i fixed it http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/ChrisKilledYou8/library/?sort=3&page=1
  18. my bad i don't really use photo bucket ill fix it now
  19. im saving up to buy 2 770 or one 780 when they come out