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  1. After taking another look at prices might as well go 9900k, cheers
  2. Still doesn't hide the fact that an i7 is better than anything AMD can do for gaming right now,
  3. Oh I will don't worry. Below is a link to my current PC that I build in 2014 on a very strict budget of £900 which i will be replacing. I want to go 1 step further with aesthetics this time so I want it to be perfect. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/b/2QvV3C
  4. I have used "the other side", until my current PC I only used AMD GPUs as they offered better value and I wasn't going for a theme, for what I want the Radeon 7 doesn't give me what I'm looking for. A possibility of custom coolers isn't really enough, aesthetically the card won't fit into my build at all. Ice Lake is due later this year so I don't know where you are getting 2021 from. Yeah I'm not a fan of Nvidia's consumer practices much either but you can't deny they make good GPUs and ultimately that is what I want.
  5. DLSS is a pretty decent feature to have and should improve frame rates, and also as i said the design on the Radeon 7 doesn't fit in with what I want & AMD have already said that there will only be one design for the card ruling it out. I also use Ansel from time to time. I'm leaving CPU til last anyway since AMD are now really competitive again so it'll be interesting how Intel responds with ice lake and my desired motherboard isn't available in the UK so I might as well wait.
  6. No reason with Brexit in particular but some GPUs for example aren't available here only NA for some reason. Yeah I should have specified a window because i'm a basic bitch but clean is probably the word that suits what I want best. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  7. The Radeon 7 is about as powerful in games as a 2080 but has less features, I wont be using a GPU for any compute applications so I might as well go team green. Also because the Radeon 7 only comes in 1 colour it sort of rules it out because I'm going for a particular look. Why not Ryzen, because in games Intel is still better, however if i was going to stream I would go AMD for sure
  8. Cheers I'll take a look. Having the most struggles finding a mobo tbh (I've posted in that forum)
  9. I quite like the Aorus Extreme so I'll take a look at that
  10. I will for sure, thanks again Any others you would recommend?
  11. Nope, according to the announcement it was late November but I can't find it anywhere so probably was never released & probably wont
  12. I asked on Twitter and they have no plans to launch in the UK at present, I blame Brexit.......
  13. I knew the N7 Z370 was lacking but for some reason I thought the Z390 had fixed all that, just took another look & yup you're right. $275 & no USB C is pretty crappy, I was a sucker because to me it's a gorgeous board
  14. Both those boards are fine with me so I'll take a look at both thank you Its motherboards like the AORUS Extreme that I don't like, too much for my liking.