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  • Birthday 1990-04-28

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  • CPU
    Intel core i7 2600k @4.6ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty professional M
  • RAM
    2x8GB Kingston hyper x fury black 1866mhz
  • GPU
    PNY GTX 1080 TI Blower edition
  • Case
    Fractal design Define R6
  • Storage
    Sandisk z410 480gb SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x 80plus GOLD
  • Display(s)
    LG 27UD58-B 4k IPS
  • Cooling
    VTG 5
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    MSI B1 gaming
  • Operating System
    windows 10 home

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  1. Tadziunia

    Which RTX 2080 TI won't die ?

    Yes i game at 4k , using 4k monitor for two years now
  2. Tadziunia

    Which RTX 2080 TI won't die ?

    as i said, i am going to buy it abroad, because there is places where you can get 2080 TI for under 1000$ , i won't have any warranty . Currently selling my 1080 TI
  3. Tadziunia

    Which RTX 2080 TI won't die ?

    i just don't know what i would get, maybe ill get one from old batch with micron instead of samsung. So yeah, i know that it's fixed by now
  4. Tadziunia

    Which RTX 2080 TI won't die ?

    Hey guys, do you know which third party gpu's don't have faulty micron memory ? planning to buy RTX 2080 TI from abroad because it's cheaper, but i won't have warranty. So i need to know which to choose.
  5. Hey guys, bought used Palit blower edition 1080 TI more than half a year ago for 450$ , it works just fine, temperature for blower is also not terrible, but it's damn loud. Can you give me links on ebay or aliexpress ,some third party heatsinks i could put instead that blower ? card seem to be reference 1080 TI like founders edition.
  6. is 3200mhz CL14 considered as low latency ? or there is specific parameter i should consider when picking "Low latency" ram kit?
  7. damn i haven't thought about it, indeed i could get good x470 + fast low latency ram and cheap 1700 and just upgrade to upcoming 3700 or whatever it will be called. Thanks for idea!
  8. Hey guys, still not sure about upgrading my good old i7 2600k @4.8. I am very hyped about upcoming ryzen cpu's , but even current ones are priced extremely good. R7 1700 can be found for 150eur new and r7 2700 can be found for 220eur. That's insanely good value. I have 1080 TI and 4k monitor at gaming my cpu's at that resolution doesn't hold gpu at all, but i am not only gaming. I am also editing photos and videos from my fuji mirrorless. So yeah, i am not sure, should i wait a bit longer for upcoming 12 core 24 threads ryzen cpu which most likely will be cheaper than 9700k or should i go for current ones and buy some fast low latency ram ? what do you think guys? i am not in rush.
  9. Tadziunia

    Why new metro is so demanding ?

    I am not going to upgrade my 1080 TI any time soon, going to wait for next nvidia or maybe AMD cards. Can you tell me which settings are best for 1080 TI to get 60fps on 4k in metro exodus ? i saw on youtube that at max settings it gets like 36-40fps at most with extreme preset. What about ULTRA preset and with DX11 ?
  10. Tadziunia

    Why new metro is so demanding ?

    I will upgrade my cpu this year, and i am excited about upcoming ryzen cpu's. But for now only at 4K 2600k is fine, ofc it's nothing special. But still cpu is more than capable to give me 60fps+. i don't aim for 144hz You know well, 2600k isn't bad cpu
  11. Tadziunia

    Why new metro is so demanding ?

    My cpu is fine, i am gaming at 4k there is no bottleneck and never was. My i7 2600k is clocked at 4.8ghz, get's 170 points in cinebench single core test, which is higher than Ryzen and is more on par with i7 6700k stock. So no, I WAS ASKING WHY metro exodus doesn't look any better than previous, but are extremely demanding on gpu.
  12. Tadziunia

    Why new metro is so demanding ?

    My cpu is fine, it never was a cpu problem. IT'S 4K not FHD. I am getting 140-200fps in fortnite at 4k with tweaked streaming settings. Getting 104fps average on ultra in far cry 5 at 1440p and 62fps at 4k.
  13. Tadziunia

    Why new metro is so demanding ?

    Hey guys, ive been wondering. I had GTX 770 back in day and it could run Metro last light redux no problem at very high settings FHD wtih 60fps in most cases, Game still looks amazing and well optimized. Now i have GTX 1080 TI and i saw guru3d performance review on metro EXODUS. Chart shows that 1080 TI gets 71fps average and 2080 TI gets 95fps AT FHD. What the hell?? from what i saw, game doesn't look any better than prievious , but why it's so taxing ? on the bottom of the chart i see GTX 780 TI with 25fps average, also what the hell... My main concern is, why games doesn't really look any better each year, but they are more and more taxing...
  14. Tadziunia

    What tv to choose?

    Hello guys, it's 2019 and i am still not sure what kind of TV should i get. Does it really worth it, going with expensive OLED or QLED Tv's? Is it really that good ? I don't really watch TV and personally don't have any tv, my parents still have 32 inch 1366X768 resoliution LG TV from 2011, It's really bad, so pixelated. So yeah, thinking about getting TV for myself, I would use it mainly for some movies or maybe some tv series, but i would be connecting my pc to that TV. I have 4k 27inch IPS monitor with 1080 TI though. And 27inches isn't enough for me. Looking at some 65 inch 4k TV's for 700-900eur's, that size seems appealing, but won't I regret not spending a bit more and getting something like cheapest LG Oled or Samsung QLED 55 inch TV for 1200eur+? Give me your opinions, thank you
  15. Tadziunia

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Not really tech quickie, but i would like to see Titan V overclocked versus RTX 2080 TI overclocked, because there is no legit comparison on internet. I mean before 2000series in that promo video, somebody mentioned that Titan V users will be mad.