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    Intel core i7 2600k @4.6ghz
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    Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty professional M
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    2x8GB Kingston hyper x fury black 1866mhz
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    PNY GTX 1080 TI Blower edition
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    Fractal design Define R6
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    Sandisk z410 480gb SSD
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    Corsair RM850x 80plus GOLD
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    LG 27UD58-B 4k IPS
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    VTG 5
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    MSI B1 gaming
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    windows 10 home

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  1. Hey guys been using 4k 27inch ips monitor for 4 years, it's LG 27UD58-b, 4k is great, no regrets, i like sharp image. But after seeing my friend dell 1440p 144hz screen, i want that smoothness, however 1440p TN isn't for me, i want good image quality and smoothness. Been thinking about 3440x1440p 100hz, that resolution is not so far from 4k and 100fps is more achievable on 1080 TI . But i have no idea what the best value, also my local shop might not have it. Budget can be up to 1k eur. Give me your thoughts.
  2. do you think ryzen 4000 will work on current x570 ? Also even though i am using r5 3600 for almost half a year, i can return it i have friends at that shop where i bought it, so i have option to return it and take another cpu.
  3. Hey people, need an advice. Got r5 3600 since launch, i wanted r9 3900x but it was out of stock for quite some time. Been using i7 2600k at 4.8ghz with asrock z77 fatality pro-m + 2x8gb kingston ddr3 1866mhz ram kit and 1080TI on 4k screen. Currently i have gigabyte x570 aorus elite, ryzen 5 3600 and gskill 3600mhz CL14 2X8gb ram kit and Same GPU. So at last there is r9 3950x in stock in my country, but it's quite expensive 790Euros... Ive been wondering, Should i really upgrade, i mostly edit photos and sometimes videos, games i play are not bound by current cpu. Also, knowing that AMD drop prices, i am afraid that is if take that cpu, after one year it will drop in price a lot. So what should i do ? I can buy it now and i probably won't upgrade it for atleast 5 years, or should i wait for price drop ? it may happen or may not.. Considering AMD almost closed gap in gaming, and is more faster in render applications i am afraid that it also won't drop in price at all. What would you do in my place ? Maybe i won't benefit at all ? I edit photos with lightroom and videos with premerie pro. Thanks for any feedback
  4. Hey guys, friend asked me to build him upgradable pc for 900eur. Can you help me to choose decent B450 with good memory support and which will handle r7 3700x in the future. For now we are going for R5 2600, yeah yeah i know r5 3600 would be better, but it also cost twice as much in my country and it isn't twice faster. So it should be enough considering we are going to pair it with RX 5700. So tell me your opinion guys. Maybe you are user of some b450 boards, tell me your feedback. Thanks!
  5. Shop i bought my cpu has no problem with it,once i return it, they will put that cpu in all in one build with some b350 or b450 board. They don't keep box or anything else, and that all in one pc has their warranty itself. So they don't really lose money.
  6. In reality don't really, r5 3600 undervolted with fast ram and tight timings, i am getting most in gaming, compared some results to i7 8700k 5ghz, there are some games, ryzen is a bit faster. So no complains about gaming, even though i don't play much. Mostly editing.
  7. What about r9 3950x ? if am not wrong it should be released in next month or two. And i still can return my r5 3600 if i want and pay a difference.
  8. Hey people, it's month since i upgrade my i7 2600k to R5 3600, so far very satisfied, got pretty much maximum from it. I mean i am using it with Trident Z 3600mhz ram kit with CL14 tweaked timings. And CPU is clocked to 4.25ghz 1.34v . Can't get it stable at 4.3ghz with voltage 1.4v+ even on my gigabyte X570 aorus elite, it's strange that with lower clocks and lower voltage i get better performance but difference is minimal. Getting 1707 multi core score in cinebench R15. So this is my feedback. Cpu is definitely worth it, but i wanted R9 3900X, but it was out of stock and i didn't want to wait. So now it's available, and i have option to return my current cpu with full money back and take a better one. Should i do it ? I am photographer, editing a lot of photos and some videos. Going from 2600k gave me huge boost, but i want to have future proof build. So give me your opinions ? maybe i shoud wait for r9 3950x ?
  9. Recently upgraded to R5 3600(4.25ghz only, my cpu isn't lucky to get more without going extreme with voltage) + Trident Z 3400mhz CL16(overclocked to 3600mhz with CL14 timings 1.44v) + Gigabyte x570 aorus elite . Here is my score on R15
  10. Hey guys i am searching for heatsink for my blower edition 1080 Ti which has founders edition pcb. So far i know i can pair accelero III and IV and morpheus II. But is there any other heatsink that would fit ?? Found one seller from aliexpress sells zotac 1080 ti amp heatsinks. Price is around the same if compared to morpheus or accelero but main question would it fit on reference pcb?? Any ideas?
  11. Testing how far i can go with my Trident Z 3400mhz CL16 memory kit. Used memory timings calculator. And tried settings. Overclocked to 3600mhz CL14 timings with 1.44volts i would say it's to high, but system booted and i managed to do gaming benchmarks. Here is my Far cry 5 results comparing default bios with everything default even ram 2133mhz and my overclocked results. CPU is clocked to 4.2ghz at 1.304volts . Using GTX 1080 TI blower . 2133mhz DEFAULT SETTINGS 3600mhz CL14 1.44V settings
  12. Hello guys, wanted to share some results. It will be week since i upgraded my old I7 2600K @4.8GHZ to R5 3600 (going to get r9 3950x later this year) So yeah, been watching some performance in gaming reviews from some youtubers. And some of them included FAR CRY 5 , and their scores were quite low. Like 110fps average and 85-90fps minimum FPS. I also have Far cry 5 here is my results. ULTRA preset FHD on my blower style GTX 1080 TI. I was amazed by score, i am using Gigabyte X570 aorus elite, i would say that this boost is related to Bios updates. With first bios release Far cry 5 gave me 120fps Which already were good score, and now 131fps!! By the way My r5 3600 is clocked to 4.2ghz at 1.3Volts.
  13. Ill probably keep it, on intel platform were was no problem installing older bios, I am not sure about AMD still waiting for update considering booting times. On old intel system even with basic Sata SSD it took 15seconds. Now it seems like minute. Still waiting for my Nvme ssd to arrive, but still there is something not right with bios
  14. Hey guys, today is week since i bought ryzen 3000series platform. Been using i7 2600k + asrock z77 fatality pro-m for like 5years. On 4.8ghz still very capable cpu, if you pair it with something like GTX 1070 TI or RTX 2060/2070 and planning to play at 1440p ultra. It's still would give you good performance. I have 1080 ti on 4k screen so no problems at all. So , after long research, decided to take Gigabyte X570 aorus elite, buildzoid convinced me, that it would be best value x570 which would handle r9 3950x no problem in the future. Ram was whole another story, Wanted G.skill trident Z neo 3600mhz cl16, But it's quite expensive and it wasn't available at store. So went with G skill trident Z 3400mhz CL16 memory kit, which was around 50eur cheaper, and with one click it overclock to 3600mhz so i didn't loose any performance. And cpu.. i really want r9 3900x but in my country no tech shop has it and noone knows when it will be available, so decided to take R5 3600 with option to return it even after couple months of use and replace it with r9 3900x or R9 3950X. So after assemble, everything booted right away, auto overclock gave me 4.3ghz and ram worked perfectly. I heard that with first bios, a lot of boards had trouble with ryzen boost frequencies. Mine didn't had it at stock it boosted to advertised 4.2ghz. But i still updated bios and i regret. Now my overclock isn't stable at 4.3ghz. Auto overclock set new stable frequency 4.266ghz. I am a bit mad about that. Tried setting 4.3ghz ant 1.4-1.425volts in bios, cinebench r15 would pass and score 1692ponts but only if cinebench is only program opened, tried to run it while running hwmonitor resulted in pc Crash. I didn't increase voltage because temperature was around 85C, not much but still not perfect. And it's running two 120mm fan + 6 heat pipe cooler. So decided to stick with 4.2ghz and undervolt it, resulted 1.28volts stable and ryzen master didn't show temperature above 65C. Ran Cinebench again, scored 1683 ponts, decent result. But considering single core score, On first bios while running 4.3ghz score was 206 , but running at 4.2 got 197. Decent, but i hope overclocking improves after some new bios updates. So yeah. So far system seems to be much snapper. Much more stable, because my old i7 gave me BSOD often even at stock clocks, even after windows reinstall, something related to my old kingston ram memory. So my conclusion: AMD did amazing Job, and R5 3600 is indeed amazing value cpu. But you don't need X570 for It, if budget is tight A320 would be fine, but you probably won't be able to upgrade to something like r7 3700x, B350 would be better option. Also, you don't need expensive cooler for ryzen, thats really good, i remember when i tried to run i7 2600k stock with intel stock cooler, on average load it would go up to 95C... So overall i am really satisfied with r5 3600, you are getting i7 8700k like performance for 199$. Steel deal!