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  1. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Wafer scale chip has 1.2 trillion transistors

    I was thinking of dipping it in one of those mineral oil baths and a good amount of metal should do just fine.
  2. Jack_of_all_Trades

    foxconn forced schoolchildren to work overtime/overnight illegally

    Seen it spammed too much to find it funny in any way. The aristocrats.
  3. Jack_of_all_Trades

    foxconn forced schoolchildren to work overtime/overnight illegally

    You must've been spending too much time on reddit to resort to such a 3rd rate pasta-comment. Or did you feel the need to comment something because foxconn does a lot of the apple crap too ? Or are you saying that we should stop caring, go full apathy about everything fucked up in the world ? I am sorry, I am expecting this kind of crap from reddit for the hive-mind upvote farm. Lets not go full-reddit. We are better than that .. most of the time.
  4. So before you commented on the thread you had not even read what it is about, interesting, at least watch the video to understand a possible mind game that is in the works here, if you look at it from the perspective of the people that dont bother with keeping up do date with tech and tech news. If it was that insignificant and without expected result Apple would not have bothered with it.
  5. Shitting on apple is a waste of energy, literally every month they do this kind of shit in one form or another, so I'll just say that its quite hilarious how /r/apple is ignoring this like it means nothing cause they have no way of justifying it.
  6. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Windows Defender rated top AV by AV-Test

    How about a little above common sense, common sense nowadays is not exactly enough ...
  7. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Google has just ruined Google Images.

    So is there a functionality change cause I do not see it ? This feels like that "debate" on where the taskbar should be (bottom,right,top and those crazy people on the left).
  8. Jack_of_all_Trades

    GTA V: Real money for fake gambling

    There's a fucking R-18+ on the bloody box, they have no excuse if they are buying it for their children to play or if they dont care enough that their children are playing it. Care damn it ! And honestly this is not crossing the line, the line has been long crossed with all the loot box and """"surprise mechanics""" bullshit. This is not really that different.
  9. Jack_of_all_Trades

    AdoredTV will no longer do analysis videos for free.

    Anybody want to start a betting pool how long this lasts until he backtracks on this lulshit ? My bet is 2 months.
  10. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread

    Under full load ? If so, quite impressive.
  11. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread

    Quite whelming, is there any review that focuses on power consumption while comparing amd and intel ?
  12. Jack_of_all_Trades

    [ended] Apple WWDC 2019 Livethread?

    This has so much potential as a meme, stolen from /r/sffpc
  13. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Apple accused of selling user data

    Yea pretty much expected, all those fanboy claims that apple doesn't sell data or does not provide data to let say the American or Chinese government when requested are a pure pipe-dream. Now its just about going through all the denial stages and somehow in the end apple will be better than the rest ... somehow.
  14. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Megathread: a noncomprehensive list of Computex 2019

    Yea I've seen the front setup , but deemed it ... disappointing, but I just had an idea, back intake, bottom intake(remove gpu fans and slap some Noctua A12x25) and front exhaust , it might work
  15. Jack_of_all_Trades

    Megathread: a noncomprehensive list of Computex 2019

    ^ So what do you think about the airflow of the TU150 ? If this case front panel was mesh for more airflow I would've bought it without a second thought, but as it goes I don't believe bottom and back are enough for cooling more than a medium system.