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  1. Idk, just find this kind of annoying maybe even insulting, its the whole pretty girls and cars shtick, but just does not work for this kind of tech unlike with a car, what, you gonna bring a girl home and b-line her straight to the pc, slap the box and go "This bad boy can push so much fps" and the rgb turns on in all the colours of the rainbow. Nah man, the moment tech jesus came out and he came out with info from waay back, this is pretty solid and it seems something they regularly do. MSI is caught with shit on their hands and nobody should be licking it off for them. But I am gonna say that I find the whole hate bandwagon completely hilarious, pretty much all manufacturers have bad products and have at some point clogged the shitter. This is just MSI time in the oven and they deserve it.
  2. Eh, its just logos, at some point you just get use to it and don't care. I am no marketing major, but shouldn't this kind of stunt be saved for, lets say you introduce your next gen success products and not in the time where you are associated with that company that failed to deliver ? To kind of avoid the "Eh, not sure if care" reaction.
  3. For that price better by literal holy water blessed by the pope himself or something. Does Konami have those diehard fans that will buy something this ridiculously overpriced ?
  4. ah shit, never realized that TSMC is in a way a bottleneck if AMD actually catches up with Intel(or surpasses) in terms of sales.
  5. Feels a bit like karma for milking it all those years and being smug about it, but they probably still have at least 50%+ share of the server market so they have that going.
  6. My memory might be wrong but I remember a few years back when one+ had a similar "budget" option and people were later complaining about a only 1 year software support. It was probably this one, not like oneplus has that many phones anyway - https://www.gsmarena.com/oneplus_x-7630.php
  7. Aren't you part of the problem in that cycle tho, since you are buying apple and in that way voting with your wallet for support of their decisions ?
  8. Not the point, the point is the non XT variants are less money for the 99% equivalent performance, thus it literally does not make sense to buy these when its the same hardware from a year ago for the same price as a year ago. Maybe a little boost at the 3600 but its still behind the 3700x.
  9. This kind of looks neat for sff too, even the price is sff style.
  10. Hopefully its not correct cause considering the prices for the 2080/90 which are most likely $700+ nvidia sure is stingy with the ram.
  11. Nah, the ass-assin is just late cause he has an iphone and is using apple maps, they do this to give you a chance.
  12. I guess they are official now ? https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/matthew-wilson/amd-officially-announces-ryzen-9-3900xt-ryzen-7-3800xt-and-ryzen-5-3600xt/ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-9-3900xt-and-ryzen-7-3800xt-will-likely-arrive-without-stock-coolers no coolers tho, weird
  13. Holy crap, the apple overlords allow you to upgrade the hardware you have bought, what a heavenly gift.