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  1. zacic

    Computer turning on but no display

    I have. Before buying this new motherboard I purchased a new PSU and it didn't change anything. So I figured the PSU was fine. Update, I tested new RAM and got no results.
  2. zacic

    Computer turning on but no display

    Thank you for replying! I have ordered some new Ram to test if that’s the problem. After the ram is tested my last component I have not tested would be my CPU, although like you I highly doubt it is my CPU. I might bring it in to my local computer repair shop and see what their opinion is.
  3. zacic

    Computer turning on but no display

    Alright, so I bought a new motherboard put everything back together and now it turns on for a split second and turns off. What do I do?
  4. zacic

    Computer turning on but no display

    It's an old build about two years. One day it froze while using. After I forced restarted it, it stopped displaying.
  5. My computer does not display. I have tried using my intergrated graphics but it didn’t do anything. I then tested my GPU and my SSD in my brother’s computer and they bothed worked fine. Should I buy a new motherboard? Tested: PSU GPU MOBO RAM SSD
  6. zacic

    No POST/ EZ Debug Help

    Alright so my computer stopped displaying when I was booting. ie: fans and leds on but no action on the displays. However something quite odd would happen. About 2 out of my tens of attempts to force reboot, my display would work but the screen would freeze on the windows logo (not looping, but no movement.). I have an MSI board, I verified the Debug LEDs and found when I booted, my CPU and DRAM LEDs would flicker on and off (indicating they are recognized and working) but my VGA and my BOOT LEDs would not flicker at all (not turn on) which means there’s a problem with my GPU and my boot devices. At at the time writing I have only confirmed that my GPU is working by testing it with my brother’s computer. I have yet to test my boot SSD on another computer. Believe that possibly PCie slot is broken or my board in all is broken but it keeps me confused as to why everything seems to work. Any help would be greatly apreaciated.
  7. Alright I have a lot of back story, but the current problem is this; When I turn my computer on the LED and fans turn on (everything is normal), but none of my 2 displays recognize the computer. Even without the GPU it gives me the same result. On my motherboard when I boot, my debug LEDs react as following (CPU LED lights on and turn off, DRAM LED lights on and turn off, the VGA and BOOT LEDs do not react, with or without my GPU installed. To try and fix this I reset the CMOS, the method I used was to remove the CMOS battery and leave it out for about 5-10 minutes. When I booted after performing the CMOS reset the result I got from a boot without my GPU was the same as the former. However, when I re-installed my GPU after resetting the CMOS my boot was as follows, my computer posted and a message telling me my BIOS settings were reset. I ran the setup to enable the XMP profile for my RAM. Once I left the BIOS it began the "Automatic Repair" (Because I did a lot of force shutdowns because my computer wouldn't POST. It started the "Automatic Repair" but it froze on "Preparing Automatic Repair" (It was not a "loop", the dots that are supposed to be turning weren't there). I left it on that screen for about 5-10 minutes, nothing happened. After waiting, I force shutdown and that's where I am today. It's very random when it decides to POST then freeze or to simply not POST. Time for everything that led to that situation because I believe it will help a lot with answers to my problem. To begin, my case has an exposed top (like it has holes for air circulation), and about a week ago I dropped about 50ml (1.7 oz) in my computer through the top. When this happened I was in the middle of a game, my computer instantly blue screened (I am sorry I didn't take a pic or read the error message) and it took about 10-15 seconds for me to react and remove the power from the computer. I proceeded to try and dry my GPU the most I could. The PCB seemed to have caught most of it, but it was dripping a bit when I turned over. That night I laid it on a towel and let it dry overnight. Because of how the computer was orientated the water touched the CPU heatsink/fan, the GPU and the PSU. I figured that the water wouldn't affect the PSU nor the CPU because it didn't get in anywhere important (ie: On the unexposed part of the PSU and the fan blades of the CPU fan). The next morning I didn't put my GPU back in right away I was waiting for my friend to give me a second opinion on what to do next (I wanted to try and clean it). Now my memory is a bit hazy but I am 90% sure that the morning after the incident the computer was working normally without the GPU (I was using integrated graphics and it was working). My friend agreed and recommend I should remove the PCB and try to clean it with q-tips and 70% isopropyl alcohol. I did and let it dry for about an hour or two before putting it back in. Once putting the GPU back in after cleaning it started to work. About 30 minutes after the computer running the computer froze, no error message or nothing. Nothing was responding, my screens were just frozen. After about two minutes I forced shutdown and was no longer POST with or without my GPU. I let it dry overnight once more and the next morning I decide to try again. It booted properly with my GPU and my computer was working fine. I had about 3-4 days where it worked perfectly. On the fifth night about the same freeze as happened prior occurred and when I went to re-boot my computer, it no longer POST. The day before resetting the CMOS I ordered and received a new PSU that I tested and nothing change. Specs: GPU: GTX 980 Ti EVGA CPU: i7 7700k RAM: DDR4 Corsair 8GB x2 MOBO: Z270-A Pro MSI PSU: 650W Corsair Storage: 1 SSD (OS Only) 3 HDD (Games, Programs and Storage) Things I tried: 1: Cleaning GPU with alcohol 2: Remove GPU (Integrated Graphics) 3: Re-seating RAM 4: New PSU (Same Wattage) 5: Resetting CMOS 6: Booting only with my SSD 7: Booting with a USB (Windows Media Creation Tool) TL;DR Spilled water on GPU while playing a game, blue screen and quickly unplugged computer. Next day I cleaned the GPU with isopropyl alcohol and later worked for about 30 minutes before my computer froze (Had to force shutdown). The next day I tried again and it worked perfectly for about 3-4 days then it froze again. After that point I've not been able to POST or if I do manage to POST it freezes (Not a loading loop). Any suggestion or help would very much be appreciated. (I am prepared for the worst )
  8. So I recently realized that my SSD has been getting full so now I want to start moving my programs to my 2 TB HDD. So I started searching for solutions but most of them are messing with the registry, wich I heard is not recommended. I then found this program Symmover wich tricks windows about the file location. I just want to know what is the best and safest option to doing this.
  9. zacic

    Headset Mic not picking up.

    It has USB and also 2 jack for audio and microphoone
  10. zacic

    Headset Mic not picking up.

    On the top of my computer there is only one place for both of my, mic jack and audio jack
  11. zacic

    Headset Mic not picking up.

    I did that with nothing.
  12. zacic

    Headset Mic not picking up.

    I use Turtle Beach Z22. Before I got my new computer it had separate places for audio, and microphone and it worked fine! Now with my new computer I have 1 slot for both audio and microphone, so I bought a Headset Spliter, however it is still not working. Only my audio works. I've updated my drivers but with no avail. Any help would be amazing.
  13. zacic

    SSL_CONNECTION_ERROR with Dropbox.

    My time is fine but, would you mind telling me how to delete my chrome cache?
  14. Hello so usually when I go to download something its usually on dropbox, but recently this error has been popping up [http://imgur.com/QNGc2Dm] and I tried a bunch of stuff, but it dosent work. Any help would be great!
  15. I have no idea what a qcode readout i