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  • CPU
    Phenom II x4 965 BE
  • Motherboard
    MSI 970A-G46
  • RAM
    8gigs DDR3 1600 Kingston Hyper X Blu Red Series
  • GPU
    HIS HD 7770 Ghz
  • Case
    Rosewill Thor V2
  • Storage
    500Gb Main + 250Gb for vids
  • PSU
    Corsair CX500
  • Cooling
    Xigmatek Dark Knight II SD Night Hawk Edition
  • Keyboard
    DuckyShine3 Browns w/ Blue LEDS
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
  1. also maybe. guess i have some research to do. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  2. maybe that ROG laptop...still looking for something a little more lightweight
  3. eh. looking for something a little more high quality than that...decent laptop for sure, but there's a reason it's under $600...seems like (from the reviews) that it's more of a decent enough laptop to give your teen so he can game/use it for school.
  4. Gaming will be done on Steam Streaming. Don't need a dedicated GPU seeing as my Desktop will be doing all the work and the laptop will just be decoding the video.
  5. no for work i just need something for browsing, microsoft office work, and light programs. And gaming will be done at home over Steam In-Home Streaming. So I don't need something with a dedicated gaming GPU.
  6. "price isn't really an issue as long as it's not something ridiculous like $3k+ for something that doesn't even have a discrete GPU..." none.
  7. What's up guy? Sooo I'm not much of a laptop guy. The little I do know of them mainly stays in the insane gaming laptop scene. But that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something that is about: -15" max. - 4-5+ hours battery life. -Decent looking. (I don't want something that looks cheap. I'm ok with plastic as long as it looks good) -Good performance. Again it's a laptop that I'll use for work. But when I come home and maybe want to sit in front of the TV and do some casual gaming(Steam Streaming), I don't want it to be sluggish. Can you guys think of anything that would fit my needs? price isn't really an issue as long as it's not something ridiculous like $3k+ for something that doesn't even have a discrete GPU...
  8. Here are some videos by Linus and Logan that should give you a good idea of the mic quality. (Logan) (Linus)
  9. Should be plenty sufficient. It's not gonna sound absolutely amazing or anything, but it'll sound better than any stock console mic
  10. Maybe try the G230s? http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g230-stereo-gaming-headset relatively cheap, good sound, and it looks and feels great.
  11. As large as you can. Usually the larger the capacity the longer it should last. Minimum should be a 120GB. Good for the OS, some import/always running programs, and a few of the games you play frequently. a 250+ is good, anything higher is great.
  12. Personally I like the G600 better than the Naga due to the comfort you get from the ring click, but to each their own. The M65 is a good mouse, would suggest. If you want a headset and only game, then look into some of Logitechs or Corsairs stuff. Great headsets there. But if you want to have a headset that's also good for music, then I suggest you look into some $100-$300 headphones + a mod mic.
  13. What about a mouse and keyboard? Try and do some research on the most popular gaming mice and keyboards. Maybe a nice mouse mat as well. Also try to find some nice speakers. You just have to do some digging around, read some reviews, draw some conclusions. We can all suggest stuff that WE like, but you might not like it. If i were to suggest a KB/M I would say try to get a G600 (amazing mouse) and some sort of Mechanical keyboard. Like a Corsair K70 or a Ducky shine 3. Otherwise it looks like you have a VERY solid build. Only suggestions I'd make in terms of your build is try to go Intel. I personally love AMD CPUs for the money, but if you go Intel with that $70 CPU and a Z97 board you have a much longer upgrade path.
  14. Lol I like my 1200W Seasonic PSU. It matches my build really well. And technically it would produce right about the same amount. It's still two 290xs just now in a smaller form factor. Plus I REALLY like the look of those Sapphire cards O_O Remember, looks are a big deal for me thanks to the 760T. Again, I could always sell whatever cards I decide to buy down the road and get, even if it's less than what I paid for them, a decent amount of money back for them. Making my upgrade to the 800 series cards much easier. (Or maybe give em to my cousin and lil bro for their rigs idk.)
  15. Thanks for all the help guys. Been great getting some advice.