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    Crying over C Code
  • Birthday 2000-03-06

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    Satan's Ass Crack/ASU
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    3D printing, Drones, 3D Printing Drones, Drones 3D printing, and why my i5 is running so hot
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    Professional Electrical Engineering Student, Literally paid to play with electronics


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    4670k 4.4ghz
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    Gigabyte z87x-oc
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    16gb Vengance something
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    Windforce gtx 970 g1 1513mhz
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    Phantom 410
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    San disk ultra 2 120gb, Hyperx 3k 120gb Segate baracuda 1tb, WD Green 1tb
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    CX600m that's about to explode
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    LG 29WL500-B, Zalman 23" Piece o' crap
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    Quickfire Rapid (MX Blue)
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    Kraken pro/Momentum IEM avec a blue snowball
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    Windows 10

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  1. How is search in Windows so bad? Both searching for programs in the start menu, and in file explorer. I remember I could find files almost instantly on my mac (RIP) and on Windows, it takes several minutes to pull up search results. Like, what the hell. How is it so bad? It's not like the hardware is a bottle neck, the SSD in my laptop reads at over 2GB/s, it's all just poorly optimized software. It's unacceptable. Let's not even forget that half the time it just doesn't find what you're looking for and suggest searching on edge, then you back space, search for the same thing again and fucking finds it. This is absolutely unacceptable performance from a company worth as much as MicroCock.

    1. Slottr


      Try using "Everything"


      Its much better than windows search, I was getting fed up too

    2. CircleTech


      well it is microsoft, what did you expect?


      Windows 10 these days is also basically free*.


      *You can run windows unactivated and if you want to activate it, keys can be found on the grey market