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    Intel Core i5 2400
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB Black 1600Mhz + Corsair XMS3 2GB Black Low Profile 1600Mhz (10GB)
  • GPU
    Palit GeForce GTX970 Jetstream
  • Case
    Corsair SPEC-01
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    2 HDD Seagate 580GB
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    Corsair CX500
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    Samsung 19" 1366x768 SyncMaster E1920
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    Fan system
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    REXUS gaming LED backlit BLUE K1 series
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    Logitech Wireless M235
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    Simbadda Sound system
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. i did, removed the internal battery for a 1 day, then plugged the battery back, still blinking....
  2. Hi, first of all, i'm sorry for my bad english. So, i have Lenovo Ideapad Z410, owned since 2013. And recently i got a weird problem, once i pressed Power button, it doesn't show up LENOVO logo, but instead blinking blank, but the backlit lights doesnt turned on, just the LCD. i had to wait, and it will suddenly popup Lenovo screen and booted. And this waiting time so vary, even worse, been 1 Hour blinking then i had to force shutdown and tried again to power on, and waited around 15 mins, the screen went on displaying LENOVO and booted. Then i tried pressing NoVo Button (the button near power outlet port, a button to jump to BIOS), i pressed that (from powered off state) it behaves like normal power button, blinking again. Once waiting several times LENOVO will popup and booted. This is wrong because normally it should popup BIOS. so my guess, BIOS damaged? BIOS chip errors? or something? I tried to open up the laptop insides, and everything looks normal. no blown off caps, no burning marks, no corrosive etc. Here is the video of blinking : lenovohb.mp4
  3. First....Sorry for my bad english! So i have a 3TB recertified WDC WD30EZRZ, (the original one returned to wd in warranty, because it became very slow and slow then poof, gone from windows explorer, rip my data) And, a 5 month ago, this recertified hdd suddenly acting up. First, like unresponsive, but it resolves after restart. But, if i did exact same activities (accessing same data) to that drive, it will froze my computer again. So i immediately move that data to another, it was a success, after a long slow copy transfer. Checked the SMART data, shows current sector count : yellow (warning), done some research, internet says "dont worry, it will marked bad sector, so drive controller wont try to fill that again" And somehow, after a long chkdsk /f /r , some months passed currentpending sector count back to normal. i immediately copy my worthy data to another drive. then i use K drive for games only and some random non important data stuff. And a week ago, suddenly my paladins game sometimes froze. Checked the task manager, the K: drive is 100% load but without any activity. had to force close and then relaunching. Then i tried to use steam Integrity data check, after 20% checking, suddenly steam not responding, and task manager K drive dissapearing from task manager. I had to restart, then K: drive will appear again. (Steam data is on K: drive) then i tried to move Paladins game data to another drive, and when it's on 20% copy, it get stuck again, 100% load with no activity. I suspect, same sector spots are problematic. So i assume : the first sectors that problematic 5 months ago was problematic. Then, it got filled by paladins game data. And causes paladins stuck. So what to do? Is there a software than can resolve this problem?
  4. Ohhh!!!! thank you very much. I'm Getting Gammaxx now.
  5. So in Corsair's website, maximum cooler height is 150mm, and gammaxx 400 is 154.5mm from their website. So, extra 4.5mm, will it fit in my case?
  6. but in corsair website they said max 150mm, and gammaxx 400 is 154mm, just 4mm, does it really fit?
  7. So, i have a deepcool Maelstrom 120T. And it leaked today-but i acted fast because that leaked a bit when im investigating why my cpu runs at 100C. So i unplugged GPU (and its dry, phew), and found some liquid on my PSU and PCIE Slot number 2. My question is : Do that liquid evaporate? or they remain liquid? Do i need to dry it? i think some liquid managed to get in PCIE's gap. I did wipe the outside (the photo), but maybe there's some inside the pci slot? Until now i still havent turned on the PC, and i also unplugged the coin cell from motherboard.
  8. My girlfriend works at a restaurant from morning until night and thus the only time she can go out is past 10pm, my mom sets a curfew at 11pm after which she will start nagging me asking where i am and why i am not home yet. My girlfriend, due to being used to her work schedule, is a night owl and likes to stay out late past 12pm and go home at 2am or sometimes more. she is getting frustrated due to me not being able to stay out with her and our relationship is falling apart, breakup is just right around the corner. Tried talking and reasoning to my mom but it resulted in a huge fight and she forced me to choose between her or my gf, i ran away for a couple of days before returning home. Moving out is not an option due to financial and ethical reasons (live in an asian country where moving out before marriage at such a young age is uncommon and seen as "disowning your parents", even if you are financially capable). Don't get me wrong i love my mom and respect her and all as a responsible adult parent and i am pretty sure she is just trying to keep me out of harm's way. But i am an adult and i am not stupid enough to get myself into trouble when staying out late and i expect her to treat me as such. I am no longer a teenager. I don't smoke do drugs, drink, or anything like that. I don't want my mom ruining and meddling with my relationship. What would you guys do if you were me ? I know ltt isn't exactly the right place to ask this kind of question....but i just wanna get your opinion on this cliffs : -gf works from day until night, can only go out at night -i have a curfew at 11, can't go out with her -she's getting tired of my curfew, wants a breakup for it -can't move out due to financial and ethical reason
  9. looking to build a new gaming pc, can't decide whether i should go with ryzen 5 2600/b450 or i3 8350k/z370 or z390, or should i save some more and get an i5 9600k if i were to go with intel, i'd need to spend 50 dollars more since z motherboards are freaking expensive in my country, even more so if i opted for the i5 but seeing the benchmark results make me cringe, the ryzen has 6 cores 12 threads and can't barely keep up with the 4-core i3,
  10. i'm currently in the market for a gpu, in where i live a brand new rtx 2060 is around $425 and puts it right up there with a used gtx 1080/1070 ti. Is ray-tracing really that game changing or is it just a fade that will go away ? given that the 2060 is currently, the lowest-end touring gpu available and the 1080 is a high-end card
  11. is it really a 2 pack ? i thought 25 dollars is just for one piece.
  12. omg you're the best thank you sir i scoured the web for hours and couldn't find one thanks a lot !! gonna buy it instantly
  13. i don't think they have one for my gpu, it's a custom pcb did you not read the full post ? " so i went ahead and search for replacement fan, but to no avail...the gpu fan is made by Apistek and the model number is uncommon, i couldn't find a single listing for it so i guess replacing the fan is out of the question " i don't wanna sell it as i still wanna use it, their website doesn't have any contact info, i don't know how to reach out to them
  14. I got a deal on a gtx 1060 6gb on craigslist for a mere 140 bucks, it was a shady back-alley transaction but nonetheless it's a legit gtx 1060 and i tested playing games and running stress test on it and everything works perfecty fine with no abnormalities whatsoever but.... one of the gpu fans (it has 2 fans) has called it quits so the card runs on a single fan, thought it'd run just fine as there are many gtx 1060 single fan models but boy was i wrong, at idle the gpu temp is 102f and under load it reaches a toasty 185f, it throttles real hard.. i can crank up the fan manually to 100% but it sounds like a jet engine so i went ahead and search for replacement fan, but to no avail...the gpu fan is made by Apistek and the model number is uncommon, i couldn't find a single listing for it so i guess replacing the fan is out of the question i am thinking of buying an AIO cooler and mount it on the gpu using nzxt g12 but it's too expensive for the price i paid my gpu for so maybe i'll go the ghetto way with some zipties, but i don't know how to go about cooling the VRM and memory chips since they need cooling too tried using pc case fans with ducktape but it didn't work since the gpu heatsink is poorly made.