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  1. Better bass for me is more powerful. Thanks for your suggestion. It doesn't need an amp does it?
  2. Oh also I want them to last more than a year.
  3. Hi. A year ago I purchased the Monster Turbines for $150. I liked them. I thought that they sounded good and had good bass. Thy recently broke. I'm looking for a new pair for under $150 with good sound and great bass response. They have to be as good or better than the monster turbines. My main genres are electronic dubstep and rap. My phone is an HTC one m8. I will be getting the galaxy s7 next spring. I would like to spend under $100 on the iem's if possible. Thanks in advance!!
  4. I've had my m8 for almost 2 years. No dust issues. Still the same loudness.
  5. Do you guys like my profile pic?
  6. smeek14

    Change my IP?

    Hey thanks all for the help. Much appreciated.
  7. smeek14

    Change my IP?

    How can I find out if I have static or dynamic? I would like to know how to change both my routers ip and my computers ip.
  8. smeek14

    Change my IP?

    Hi all. I was wondering what would be a way to change my iPod address without the use of a vpn.
  9. HTC evo 4g. Got it when I was 12. I'm 18 now. Still works although bit slow. I'm getting the galaxy s7 when it comes out next spring.
  10. how????? Ios7 made their crappy os much better.
  11. 2 girls 1 cup is a heartfelt story of 2 ladies sharing a delicious snack.
  12. Lol sorry didn't mean to go aff topic. Disregard my post.
  13. Cool I'm also an Eagle Scout. But I don't like the bsas new policy on gays.
  14. A used laptop can be a good bet..
  15. There's a guy in the stall next to me with diareah and I can hear the squirts and it smells really bad.
  16. I would say 970 for your uses. I have one and it works great. Maxes just about everything at 1080p 60 fps.
  17. I love my old but good HTC one x. Been running strong for 3 and a half years.