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Everything posted by smeek14

  2. I DONT WANT TO BE A MOD I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Some are. They don't like my profile pics Next one will be great!!!
  4. Lol? I really don't want to be one.
  5. I don't want to be a mod. I w as just curious.
  6. I was just wondering how one can become a mod.
  7. Even with the brightness very low I still get less than 5 hours of battery life. Reviews say that I should be getting well over 5 hours.
  8. So I purchased the Samsung galaxy tab s2. I only get about 3.5 hours of battery life. Can anyone help me?
  9. Which one will be available in the US?
  10. Which cpu is better? I hear that the Galaxy s7 will have 2 versions with both cpu's.
  11. I have an m8. Its almost 2 years old but it's still really fast and the battery lasts a full day. Its not even much slower than the iPhone 6s at all.
  12. iphones are gay get a gaxy s7 when it comes out
  13. Upgrade in 2 months when the galaxy s7 comes out.
  14. I personally love it. It is very repetitive but that's what I like. It runs over 60 fps on my gtx 970 all the time maxed out. It has never dropped below 60 at all. No glitches either.
  15. Get a MacBook pro 15 inch. You will look really cool with a apple logo.
  16. Why do so many people (especially companies? Still use it? I mean it's 14 years old and unsupported.