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  1. I have heard a myth that by keeping something plugged in all the time, it will ruin the battery, it's this true?
  2. Hi all, I am looking at purchasing a battery case for my galaxy s7 edge. I was wondering if they can damage my internal battery?
  3. I hate One Plus. I bought an iPhone 4 from ebay for $20 and it works great!!!
  4. No boomsound speakers? That would have been to only reason for me to consider it...
  5. Is that good? How much does the iPhone 6s get?
  6. Hi I was curious of about how many hours of screen on time I can get from the galaxy s7 edge.
  7. Can I get a link to the code of conduct? I couldn't find one anywhere.
  8. NICE!!! I am planning on getting the Galaxy s7 edge. Battery looks amazing!! 9 hours of screen on time. My Htc One M8 gets maybe 3
  9. Which one of these phones will have the better performance.
  10. Hey, so I hear that the Galaxy s7 is waterproof. But will the speaker be damaged by water? Also will pool chemicals and dirt from lakes/oceans damage it?
  11. Looks like trump and Hillary are dominating...
  12. Get a Samsung galaxy tab s2. Incredible performance. I have one.
  13. Who are you voting for and why? I'm voting for Marco Rubio because we need a strong Republican candidate to get us out of the hole obummer got us into. This country was formed on the Constitution and the Bible and we are straying away from it and it needs to stop!!!
  14. Whats your Skype?

  15. From what I heard there aren't many differences between the performanceof the two.
  16. The only reason I'm getting the s7 is because I hate the onscreen buttons on every other android phone.
  17. Hey all, so now that it has been revealed, are any of you going to get it? I am.
  18. Tab s2 has better display and performance but also worst battery life. (About 6 hours vs at least 10) But for 500 dallar the tab s2 is worth is because it has better performance that any other tablet on the market right now.
  19. Htc one m8 is great but it's almost 2 years old. Get a nexus 5x.