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    wargame series
    world of tanks (na server: ridfer_brony)
    armored warfare
    battlefield 4
    mount & blade


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    Intel Core i5 2550K
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    Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB 1866MHz CL9
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    MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC
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    Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 Ghost White
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    Samsung 840 series Pro 256GB + Western Digital Black WD5002AALX, 500GB
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    Corsair Professional Gold AX750
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    AOC E2795VH + AOC N950Sw
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    Scythe Mugen 2 + Enermax Cluster Advance 120
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK White (red)
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    Roccat Tyon white
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    Dali Zensor 3 white
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    win 10

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  1. ah, okey. i didnt read to much into it. just thought it'd be interesting to share it here.
  2. hey, a friend of me linked me this because i bought 2 cans of g-fuel once. i bought them mainly cuz of the positive words linus said about it during one wan show. http://www.vpesports.com/breaking-news/gamma-labs-makers-g-fuel-face-lawsuit-lead-energy-supplements/ now i wonder since ltt office seems to be addicted to it what their response is? would love to see a reaction on wan show maybe?
  3. Hello, I am an aspiring furniture designer/carpenter. I've followed a study for this for 3 years but i dropped out cuz of personal problems. In this time though i designed and built the desk below, which i will use as an example. Now i'm just wondering what kinda work i should do for the rest of my life, looking like i'm going into the pc service business. However every time i show a picture of my desk/setup to people they all say i should do that for a job. So i was thinking i could check here if there is any interest in it. Now i would have no idea how expensive a desk like this is gonna be but you can expect above €2500 - 3000. the price really depends on the furniture maker who builds it. if i'm gonna do this i won't be making them, mainly because of transport reasons. Instead i will search for a furniture maker in the area of the customer and let it be build there. (if i where to do all myself i would ask around 2000 for it) It would be really awesome if i could make a living designing premium custom gaming desks (so this means every desk will be customly designed and custom made) And with all the cheap ikea desks i see with the 8000 dollar systems on top of it ... i feel like there is a market for it. i kinda find it suprising how it is not yet a thing?
  4. well i thought it was a hardware issue to first, but since when it actually starts it works. if it was a hardware shouldn't post let it know?
  5. well i don't exactly remember when i updated my pc, but it worked just fine about 2 days agoo yes.
  6. when i start my pc it will pass the post, and boot up. then when windows is supposed to start it just shuts down (sometimes a windows logo is still visible for a second). this will happen for about 90% of the time when powering on my pc, until one point when it will just start fine after a lot of starting up and down without changing anything. troubleshooting i did: checking cables (i actually replaced a sata cable) checking bios settings (tried to change a few settings, nothing worked out) and when windows actually works my pc just works fine, in fact i am typing this on my pc. i suspect it might actually have something to do with the anniversary update. so i actually recorded it, but i do talk in dutch in the video. but i basically say in the vid what i just said in this text here. my pc specs can be found on my account page.
  7. why do these giveaway's always require fckn twitter? with that out the way, i would realy like one of these to replace my könig mini projector. would be awesome to watch movies on.
  8. ridfer

    40mm fans

    so i found the Cooltek Silent Fan 4020 this seems like a pretty good alternative
  9. ridfer

    40mm fans

    please read earlier replies, noctua's wont do it.
  10. ridfer

    40mm fans

    i am looking at the Spire SP04020S1M3 40mm atm, still trying to find better solutions but it seems pretty good, only it is still 26 db wich is still quite loud i think.
  11. ridfer

    40mm fans

    nope, the noctua only does around 4,8 also nuctua i think is way to hyped and overprised so would rather go with a something like scythe. but that's a whole other discussion.
  12. ridfer

    40mm fans

    i'm afraid both of these just won't give enough airflow, sindse the beamer realy gets quite hot fast and even with this fan it gets decently hot so i think i need at least a 6cfm fan
  13. ridfer

    40mm fans

    hey, i'm looking for a fan to replace in my beamer. http://www.konigelectronic.com/nl_nl/55888637 (for some reason i couldn't find the product on the international site ) the front broke so i can now modify it to fit a 2cm deep fan. the fan its using right now is a SUNON KD0504PFB2-8. this one makes way to much noice to enjoy movies with so i want to replace it. it has a airflow volume of 6.5 cfm at a fan speed of 6500 rpm. and it uses 2 pin conector. i thought i replaced the fan at some point but i realy don't remember >.< so i don't realy know for sure if it actualy needs this much airflow volume. so my question is what would be good options cuz realy i cant find a lot most of the fans i run into have around 4 cfm airflow and i'm afraid thats realy to little, or they use a 3 pin conector. if anyone knows if it is possible to run a 3 pin fan on only 2 pins that would be cool aswell. would be awesome if some of you had some sugestions. picture's of the beamer/situation bellow.
  14. Rig name: personal rig Cpu: i5 2550K 3,8Ghz Gpu: msi r6950 twin frozr iii 2gb power edition Ram: 16 gb ddr3 vengeance Score