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  1. I received my Dell U2417H yesterday and it's fantastic, however I have noticed something that is really putting me off. Around the bezels there seems to be a faint dark blur, (especially the bottom and left bezel) this is most obvious when a white page is flush against the bezel, there is a very faint blur and the colors are noticeably darker around the bezels than they are in the middle of the panel, (white notepad page looks kind of grey instead of pure white at the edge of the display compared to the middle). Is my product defective or is this a normal thing with IPS displays? Perhaps it's a feature of the very thin fake bezel on the u2417h? Other than that the display is amazing, I cant notice any overshoot or lag during gaming and IPS glow is to a minimum, but are the colors not meant to be 100% same across the whole display? This is my first IPS panel so I'm not quite sure what to make of it....
  2. Yeah I did consider getting a 1440p/144hz but my rig simply cannot handle it, I do plan on building a new rig in the future and getting a 1440p 144hz gsync ips panel (going to be expensive i know), and using the one 1080p as secondary. Pretty funny you mention it, I'm using a asus pb287q ATM (got it as a gift, plan on selling it) and the reason I'm actually looking to go back down to 1080p is because 1080p on a 28 inch is absolutely horrendous imo, and obviously I cant game at 4k so I'm forced to do downscale in game. Although I must say this monitor does have good scaling.
  3. I currently have a Asus pb287q I got as a gift, I'm looking to sell it and buy an IPS/PLS panel with good colors and viewing angles as my computer cannot handle gaming in 4k or 1440p, (i5 2500k, gtx 970). I usually downscale to 1080p in games and even though the scaling on this monitor is decent 1080p on a 28 inch monitor imo is horrible. So I will be using this monitor mostly for gaming, (nothing seriously competitive and some media and web browsing). I'm not sure if there is a difference between 246E7QDSW/00 and the 246E7QDSW but the 246E7QDSW/00 is the only model available in my country (UK). Currently I'm leaning more towards the Acer RT240Ybmid since it's more widely available here and the Philips is harder to find, is there any significant difference between the two? Also how is the input lag on these monitors? Appreciate all the help guys, thanks in advance.
  4. After reading some reviews on the u214h I think I'm going to bite the bullet, the combination of extremely low input lag (albeit okay-ish response times), a complete USB hub, adjustable stand and sexy dell ergonomics I think I'll sacrifice the 10% or something worse display quality than the newer panels. Any opinions on this matter? Also, how likely am I to get terrible backlight bleed or a dead pixel, I never really purchased a Dell monitor before.
  5. My budget is pretty high, $400-$500, and no these are not my only options however from what i gather they seem to be the best in regards to what I'm looking for. I was able to find this information about the Dell monitor you suggested, (context Here)... ''Dell U2414H Overpriced 2014 monitor with inferior performance compared to quite a few newer monitors. The U2417HA uses a newer and higher quality panel, but it offers no advantages over quite a few significantly cheaper monitors aside from the Dell warranty, height adjustable stand and USB ports. The 25" 1080p IPS/PLS panels (HP 25er/es, Philips 257E7QDSB which is usually one of the cheapest 24-25") offer better image quality than the 23" panels and older 24", as do some of the newer 24" panels (Asus VZ249H, 75hz Free-Sync LG 24MP68VQ-P, Dell U2417HA, Philips 245C5QHAB and Philips 246E7QDSW) which can cover 94-99% of the sRGB color space which allows them to display colors more vibrantly and accurately than the older panels (<90% sRGB coverage) and current 23" panels. The 25" HP monitors are not widely available in Europe, but I think the 27 versions (2015 27CW & superior 27XW which overclock to 75hz and 2016 27er/es with slightly better image quality but no overclocking) are.''
  6. Ok, so I by mistake disabled my Razer Naga in device manager, I know I'm stupid. The mouse works when I put it into any other USB port but when I place it in that specific USB port that I disabled it on it wont work. Does anyone know how to actually fix this? I feel so stupid
  7. Ok, finally sorted out. Thanks everybody for helping me, I'm the dumbest person over case closed.
  8. Ok, I figured out that 5 works for left click, but NEW problem. My mouse disappears whenever I plug it into that USB port now.....FFFFFSSSSSSSS
  9. Thanks, i FINALLY figured it out. Now I just have to find out what the left click is ...
  10. Well I can manage to get through the menus with alt tab + arrow keys but I cannot actually scroll down to the ENABLE button, ARRRRRHHH. I think I will try that accessibility option though
  11. I actually dont have another mouse, I think I might have to reinstall the driver for it maybe. Well this is dumb...
  12. Perhaps by reinstalling the driver I can fix it
  13. When I plug it into another USB port it re-enables automatically, but when I plug it into that specific USB port it disables itself in the device manager.
  14. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    Hey there, I purchased a brand new pair of DT 990 Premium's a few days ago and I love them! I'm completely new to this high end(?) audiophile stuff but they have an amazing soundstaage, mids are clear and crisp and treble is a little harsh on the ears but i've gotten mostly used to it. Anyway, point of this thread is I received the headphones with a cable that has curves and bends (Image here http://imgur.com/a/Ea3rZ) not completely straight but it's bugging my OCD. I do not know what caused the cable to be slightly malformed like this but I'm wondering if it is something I should worry about, particularly if it effects the sound quality or the such? Also, how can I prevent this from happening any further? I use these while gaming so the cable is a bit longer than ideal but I do not think that's the problem. I was debating whether or not I should return them but I don't know if it's worth returning over just a bendy cable, thoughts? http://imgur.com/a/Ea3rZ
  15. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    I think I will do just that...I just wanted to make sure they are supposed to do that.
  16. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    I guess I can pay a professional to do it for me, giving that will decrease the chance of the headphones getting fucked
  17. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    True, I think it's just an OCD thing that's bugging me
  18. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    I'd rather not have to do anything with soldering lol
  19. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    Do your 990's have bends in the cable like that?
  20. Are my DT 990's screwed?

    Maybe I'm crazy, but dont you think that's an extreme bend? I've tried straightening it but it just keeps forming back
  21. Hey guys! I'm shopping for a good audio setup and so far I have a DT 990 Premium edition (250 OHM) in mind, with a FiiO E10K Olympus Dac/Amp. Not quite sure what to go with Microphone yet but I'm thinking a Modmic 4.0, here's my question though, does the Modmic need a Amp/Dac? And if so, can I use the one listed above or does that only have 1 3.5mm jack? ( and yes BTW my motherboard has a SHITE onboard soundcard) THANKS!
  22. Thanks! A quick question about the snowball, is the thing big in comparison to the yeti? I plan on putting it on my desk but I may have to use it without the stand if it's as big as the yeti