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  1. I own an Audio-Technica ATR2500 and am currently using the cheap desk mount it comes with, which picks up all the clicks and clacks of my keyboard. I would like to get a c-clamp scissor arm type stand with a shock mount but I'm worried that My Desk is too thick since it is about 2.3" due to a large metal bar that runs underneath. The largest clamp I've been able to find has been 2.15" I believe and that's just a little too small. Is it feasible to get a c-clamp mount? or will I have to look into independent stands/drill a few holes in my desk? Thanks in advance
  2. I'm pretty content at 60hz for the time being but I could never turn down a competitively priced 144hz monitor. I'm not positive how much of a performance impact V-Sync has on my computer since it's hard to adequately measure it. It really all comes down to what I'm willing to spend on my display huh?
  3. I use V-sync on the games that I have trouble with screen tearing and I haven't had many issues with latency as of now. Is G-Sync worth the high price tag?
  4. So is there little risk in getting the cheaper monitors? Do you think that the build quality will still be decent?
  5. I'm currently looking at the $290 Philips 276E8FJAB and the $258 ASUS PB277Q that are both 1440p, 27", and no G-Sync/Freesync. The Asus is 75hz while the Phillips is 60hz. Besides the obvious higher refresh rates, cooler designs, and G-Sync/Freesync; What am I missing out on with monitors like the Acer Predator XB271HU? What makes a monitor like that worth so much? I have a GTX 1070 so G-Sync would be nice but not necessary. And what about 4k? I would like a monitor that is 27"-~30" so is it better to invest in a 4k monitor since I'm looking to upgrade anyways? As a side note in the future I'd like to have a dual monitor setup when I get more desk space and I also need both a DisplayPort and HDMI out.
  6. Sounds good to me, there's plenty of space in the housing of the controller and the controller itself could also use a little weight added to it so it doesn't feel as cheap. Thanks!
  7. Is this something I could accomplish with one usb cable? I have a 512mb flashdrive that I'd like to put a few Super Nintendo roms onto and instead of carrying it around, how cool would it be if it were part of the controller?? I don't know if any of this sounds crazy or stupid because i woke up half an hour ago
  8. I live upstairs and the main AP is on the main floor. Thank you for taking the time out of your day, I'll have to find another use for this thing then. Problem solved then
  9. Well on the top of the back it says DIR-655 but I'm not sure if that's the model #
  10. I think I'm trying to make a repeater function, I'm using the router to replace the PS4s built in WiFi
  11. So I have a D-Link router and I wish to connect it to my PS4 wired, and then to my router through wireless. I have done this with an older router but it had a setup utility for it. I had to connect to my existing WiFi so it was pre-configured for the PS4
  12. You may want to use the grounding wire and you will definently need a screwdriver, that is all.
  13. Well what do you mean by that? (also i forgot to mention this before but the numbers on the battery HKX-S1)