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  1. Any ideas? I might message Asus support soon about this and see what what they have to say.
  2. This is disappointing to see. I changed my background to default Windows 10 and I can see the black bar....I hope my screen didn't get faulty the moment it fell out of warranty :(
  3. I should add that I was playing Stick of Truth (lots of colours making the bar easier to see) but it's capped at 30fps. Could that be causing this? Cause the games I mostly see this is before playing this has been the older Assassins Creed games which are often capped at around 60
  4. I have been using the PG279Q for well over 2 years and recently I noticed there is a dark (gray or black) bar at the top of the screen that I only really see when I'm gaming with G-Sync on in some games. It flickers when I move the mouse or move in the game. I've not managed to see this happen during other regular Windows use. I think I can still see the black bar in game when I disable G sync but that might be my eyes tricking me lol. Has anyone ever seen this before and has any solutions? I'm attaching a video of the issue from in game. My specs: R9 3900x x370 C6H (x570 upgrade pending) Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti 20200216_233148.mp4
  5. I have the S10+ which is overkill for my needs and should last me for few more years. Honestly, I probably wont buy another flagship phone again, it really isn't worth it and pretty much a waste of money.
  6. Ahhh....gotcha. ?They have the right to be a bit obnxious with years of AMD being derided haha
  7. Good good, that high pitched noise is exactly what I'm worried about cause oh I remember the days when tiny little noisy as all hell fans where pretty common on motherboards. Good thing we're not quite back to those times
  8. So it shouldn't be running loud or at all during gaming for instance with a 1080Ti or 2080Ti ? Or at the very least be drowned out by the other fans in the system.
  9. I have the same concerns. Really want the C8H but wonder if the fan will be audible over my 4 rad fans and one exhaust
  10. Ahhh I want a new motherboard for my 3900x soon! My C6H has started to show it's age a little bit. The latest BIOSes are a bit wonky at times and my local store just got the C8H in stock, very pricey though and I have concerns about the chipset fan. Any advice? Is x570 worth the upgrade from x370?
  11. So, I have a general contractor doing some work for me around the house who knows I work with computers. He is looking into the possibilty of getting into CAD, in particular MagiCad for Piping and sprinkler systems. There seems to be two versions of it, one is MagiCad for AutoCad and the other for something called Revit, not sure what that is. Anyway, he's looking at getting a PC for this and I offered to look into this since I have leftover parts and can get deals for retail part and I could build a powerful PC for less than retail and that would be in lieu of some payments for his work. I am a little unsure of the system requirements or what is enough for a smooth experience. The little documentation he could give me only really mentioned GPU, either GeForce or a Quadro. 2070 for the absolute best performance but that is out of budget. One of the cards specified for regular use is the 1660, basically any card with 4gigs and more vram so I'm thinking any variant of the 1660 will be good enough. So, here is how it's looking parts wise in my head: CPU: 2700x with stock cooler [pre owned] MB: Some B450 Atx [bought new] RAM: 16 gig and around 3000Mhz [bought new] GPU: GeForce 1660 [bought new] PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W [pre owned] SSD: Some Samsung or Crucial SSD Case: Some Corsair ATX case from few years ago [pre owned] What do you guys think? Should I go for something more powerful for someone who uses this fairly intermittently.
  12. Just 3200 CL14 I wonder if I should wait until PCIE 4 becomes more common and then upgrade to x570 or the next generation after that depending on socket.
  13. So my x370 C6H is starting to age a bit. Fewer and fewer BIOS updates and having recently installed the 3900x in it I wonder if I could squeeze out some more juice from the CPU if I went with an x570 motherboard. However, I am a little concerned with the chipset fan on the x570 motherboards for noise and an extra point of possible failure. How bad is the fan noise of the chipset fan? Is it noticable through the sounds of other fans in the case spinning during gaming? I'm assuming I can change the fan profile on it and it doesn't spin during normal useage, correct?
  14. Well shit....I wonder if getting another 1080Ti will help otherwise I'll have to shell out for the 2080T ?
  15. I did play around with the voltages a bit and it appears that it hasn't had any significant impact on performance, at least not according to a few CB runs. But OK then. Lets talk about a manual OC. Now I am planning on getting a new board soon, maybe adding an extra Strix 1080Ti (although it'll be a tight fit on the C6H at least), but if I should manage to get around 4.3 on this board on all cores then I should be getting some epic performance over stock boost since AFAIK it's only boosting on few cores now and with newer games becoming more multi core friendly an all core OC is probably worth it. So I'll ask again, but this time if anyone with the same setup is willing to share his or her settings as a good starting point, knowing that no two CPUs are the same when it comes to manual OC
  16. This says those voltages are indeed normal. But are they necessary to be this high to reach the boost clock speeds. I wonder if it's possible to have them lower and still have the same performance.
  17. in BIOS the default vcore voltage is going between 1.460 and 1.482. When I was doing my OCing on my 1800x few years back 1.35 was the absolute limit
  18. C6H I'm not really gonna undervolt since I'm just planning on running on stock speeds and from what I can see the stock voltages are just way to high for stock.
  19. Just installed my 3900x into my old x370 motherboard and it's working fine. Not sure if I'll do any OC, if I do it'll be on a newer board. I'm cooling it with the Kraken x62 in push/pull configuration with the silent fan mode isntalled as intake on the front of my Phanteks Enthoo M Pro TG. Temps are fine, somewhere around 45 during basic workloads. However just a simple benchmark or something that makes it flex it muscles the fans ramp up to 100% and temps can reach 70. I wonder if the stock voltages are way to high, I diidn't do any overclocking on my previous CPU (2700x) so I'm still just running stock voltages. So I'm thinking about lowering the voltages but of course I worry about stabilitiy. Anyone here with the same cpu and willing to share his or her voltages? How low can I go?
  20. I just got the 3900x that I will be pairing for the time being with my x370 C6H until I decide on which x570 board to get. However, I see that the "sweet spot" for memory speeds and the Zen 2 CPUs is 3600 and I currently have the insanely stable G.Skill FlareX at "only" 3200Mhz timed at 14-14-14-36. Would there by ANY sense in aiming for higher clocks and sacrificing the lower timings ? Is there any significant gain? I've checked a few videos around Youtube and the difference is negligble but how is the experience (if any) here in lets say the "real world".
  21. Is it easy to set that up in FreeNAS? I doubt I'll have that though since I don't really want to spend money on another motherboard if the pretty basic one I plan on using ends up working just fine for this purpose and it'll only be me accessing the NAS but a few more the Plex server itself, which will be on a seperate Windows machine which is also a gaming rig. I wonder if it's possible to have the Plex traffic go through one port and regular internet and gaming traffic to go through the other.
  22. When I was doing my media pc for the living room I got an ITX board with two ethernet jacks, wanted to see if I could make some sort of a link aggregation work since my unmanaged switch does support that in theory but I never did get it to work. Would link aggregation be any good for a NAS build?