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  1. Scythe1

    looking for a 1440p monitor

    I just got my acer g257hu from Amazon a few days ago and I love it 1440p IPS at 279.99 pre tax. My only gripe is it has a silver border on the bottom instead of being all black and the stand is so so. Personally I can prefer the book aesthetic for a stand anyway though.
  2. Scythe1

    Acer XB270HU Updates?

  3. Scythe1

    2560x1440p Monitor

    well i guess it's technically out since tft reviewed it. maybe just not to the public but it's only like a month away or so
  4. Scythe1

    2560x1440p Monitor

    The defacto best atm is the acer xb27 something something tftcentral did a review on it. basically said it dethroned the asus rog swift
  5. Scythe1

    Moniter choice?

    define overly expensive without a budget we can't really give you options I myself just ordered the acer g257hu from amazon and I also have a gtx 970 with a single 970 you are basically making the decision between 1080 144hz or 1440p 60hz
  6. Scythe1

    Thoughts on 25" 1440p?

    I just ordered mine. Was thinking about gettin the Qnix 1440p monitor for overclocking but since I only have a single gtx 970 I wouldnt be able to push past 60fps anyway really.
  7. Hey guys. So I'm about to make the final purchase on my system and it has come down to two monitors. http://www.amazon.com/Acer-G257HU-smidpx-25-Inch-Widescreen/dp/B00QS0AKVK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426809999&sr=8-1&keywords=acer+g257hu or http://www.amazon.com/QNIX-QX2710-Evolution-LED-Monitor/dp/B00BUI44US/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426810034&sr=8-1&keywords=qnix+evolution+2 the main difference being the Acer at 25inch and 60hz while the Qnix is 27inch and 120hz overclock Now if I got the Qnix I would probably have it set at the 96hz stable overclock that is stated and backed up by many reviewers. The main question I have is if the 96hz overclock is actually noticeable. TFTcentral has stated in their monitor review that the overclock essentially does nothing. Is this really the case? The difference in price is only 50 bucks. My graphics card is a asus gtx970 strix Thanks in advance. Excited to finally complete my system.
  8. I like it but the price is steep for me. I'm planning on getting the acer g257hu - 279.99 but it is taking forever to come out
  9. Scythe1

    BenQ 1440p 350$ US

    This is correct
  10. Scythe1

    Best Monitor for GTX 970?

  11. Scythe1

    Is My Old Monitor Useful?

    I would use it. I'm using like a 10 year old hp vp17 720i monitor before I get my new monitor next month.
  12. Scythe1

    Thoughts on smaller 1440p monitors

    Personally I think the size difference between a 24inch and 27inch is pretty big. I would really recommend anyone thinking about purchasing a new monitor to at least go into a Fry's or Best Buy or something just for size reference. I'm settling on the new 25inch Acer though
  13. Scythe1

    Acer XB270H or Asus VG248QE

    That's true but you are doing your 970s a disservice by settling for 1080p. You basically aren't utilizing the sli setup at all.
  14. Scythe1

    Acer XB270H or Asus VG248QE

    I'd wait for the new Acer and Asus 27 inch screens. I'm personally going to grab the Acer g257hu which outclasses the Asus vg248qe in almost every way except refresh rate/latency (and the margin ain't that big either if you are comfortable overclocking a monitor)
  15. Scythe1

    Advice on a monitor

    This or the new Asus RoG swift at 4k - 60hz - Gsync - and IPS I believe (or whatever asus version is) You are pretty much bottlenecking your dual 980s by not getting on of these monitors