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  • CPU
    Intel Core™ i7-4790K
  • Motherboard
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    16GB DDR3-2400 Corsair Vengeance Pro
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Superclocked
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 450D window
  • Storage
    Corsair 240GB SSD + 3TB HDD
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    Corsair AX860
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    BenQ 24" Gaming Monitor XL2420G + BenQ 21.5" Gaming Monitor GL2250
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    Corsair Hydro H110
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    Ducky Shine 4 Mx Brown US-layout
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Sensei
  • Sound
    Logitech G430
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1
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  1. Greetings from Belgium, I'm on the lookout for a home theater / server combo. Basically what I want is a 24/7 running server that can handle all my media (through plex, for example) and that is also capable of running some servers, such as teamspeak and CS:GO. It preferably would make as little noise as possible. The problem is, while I have a decent idea how to built a gaming rig, I have no clue on what to be on the lookout for in this regard. How do I know which things are good at transcoding without being overkill etc.. The budget doesn't matter that much as long as it works decently, although it does not need to be overkill. Any tips/builds? Thanks in advance.
  2. Phizzix

    Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    Rig name : Hank, from accounting Cpu I7-4790K @ 4 GHz Gpu GTX 980 EVGA Ram 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1199MHz (11-13-13-31)
  3. Hi, I appreciate your efforts, but the goal of this project is to get a desktop and a laptop combined with that total budget of € 1800,-
  4. I could've sworn I included it in there but I must've edited that out on accident. The desktop would be used to play current generation games (Far Cry 4,Shadow of Mordor, etc) comfortably (That is, not everything at max settings necessarily, but it has to run it on somewhat decent settings 60fps).
  5. I have experience in building pcs, but I usually have all the budget I want to go for really high end solutions and thus tend to not know much about how to work around a budget. I'm also not familiar with the AMD side of things of which I hear that they usually give more bang for your buck. We're located in Belgium, and the main website for us to get parts is Alternate.be (just mentioning this for price/availabilty). For about € 1800,- I'd like to get a laptop that runs the basic free 2 play games such as League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 and for the rest will be used in university, and then a gaming desktop that's somewhat portable. We need a windows license but we already have all the peripherals. Getting it all built is no problem. Any suggestions? HUUGE thanks in advance, Phizzix